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The Brownle poems and pictures, by Palmer Cox, wbich llave become so familiar to readers of St. Nicholas magazine, are being collected into a book to be published 8OOH by The Century Co. The Quiver for September presente the ntu il nraount of Sunday reading. Ie opens witli ui account of "Fiilneck and the Moravians," which is very prettily illustrated. Then comea the continuation of that attractive serial, "My Brother Basil." This followed by a patheticlittle pocm, " A (Jhild's Tear." The Dean of Canterbury tells "How God Preserved the l├╝ble," arnl Sopbia M. Palmer describes "Jerusalem as it Is." Cassel & Co., $ 1.50 a year. The September Century will contain & n amber of timely papera in counection with the one hundredth annlversary of the completion of the work of the convention which formed the Constitution of the United States. John Bach McMastcr writes of "The Framers and the Framing of the Constitution," and there are short Communications on "Government by the People" and "The Federal Balance." The frontispiece of the ininiber is a portrait of Tliomas Jefferson, accompanying illustrated papers on "Thomas Jeflerson's Home," by G. J. Nicolay, and "The Later Years of Monticello," by Frank R. Stockton, who has spent a number of summers near the home of Jeflerson. Casscl's Family Magazine this inonth opens with a new serial, "A Treacherous Culm," by Thomas Keyworth, which begins attractively. This Is followed by a practical paper cilled, "For a Ralny Day," which shows how one may save if he tries. Romance follows close upon the heelsof tliis bit of reality, and then more reality in the prize paper on "The Iinprovement of Domestio Service In America," by Sarah II. Goodtme. This writer urges every wotnan to do her best toward the cultivation of better servante and to the elevation of their condition. A interesting paper is an interview with Miss Rye on "The Emicration ofYoung Girls," which is quite apropos of the Domestlc Service paper, as Miss Itye's ifirla are larirely in demand for servante in Canada. Indeed the woman question in one way or another soems to be uppermost in this number. Cassel & Co., $1.50 a year.


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