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Ilcnri Wntterson's paper, the LouUville Journal, of the date of July 20th has Iliis to say of the Q. A. It. Read it: 'It Is i-iif it Inl to no more consideration than Herr Most's club of anarchista or ( urn ui ii n uts. One, Ilke tlie olher, is denianding a distribution of propertj and the sentiment back of each is that of comuiunlsn. ir that be treason make the most of it ! " The Midland Sun does not bellere in civil service reform to any great exlent, as the following p&ngraph wil] show : The civil service law Is contrary to the theory of our Kvernnicnt. It retalns persom In ottlce for life and bullds up a Ufe ten are It Is BOthlng more nor less tlian an Kiigllsh law linportvil to thls country by persons who ape hiiBilsh customs, bellevlng laws enacted under amonarchy tolie better tlinn ft plaln Deniocrallc-Uepuulican system of government. The law rules out every penon who happens lo have pased the age of 43. from competí tlve examlnatlons. Xow when it is everywhere arknow. ldred that the mugwump vote elected Cleveland, isn't the above encouragiiif; to the reformers? And talking about iinporting English law. The Sun is a rampant English free trader. Absentee landlordism is not a thing unknown In America, and every ycar makes it greater. The few absorb tlic wealth the masses carn and live nbroad or in great splendor at home. This is so true of our railroad and telpgraph Systems that at no dirtant day the demand for the government to assuuie control of these two important branches of intercourse and commerce will be sucli that a deaf ear will not be turned to the appeal. The people, when they become in earnest, move with a mjgbty forcé, and the gnnding of the corporations that control these two great arteries of trade will react with telling efloct. Therc are portentous clouds already in the skies. i During July it took 38,000,000 gallons of water daily to supply Detroit citizens wkb water. Ann Arbor should certaiuly be allowed 1,000,000 gallons daily at thftt rate tor Detroit is not 38 times as l'irge as Ann Arbor by any means. A gang of toughs took posseesion of the excursión steamer Alaska laat week Thursday on its trip from Put-in-Bay to Detroit, and pounded and robbcd the passengere on board as tliey saw fit. T. J. Pennell the nlght operator at tlie M. C. R. H. office In tuis city was a passenger, together with bis wife and a lady friend. They report the scène as bad as one's taaglnation could possibly picture it. Mr. Pennel was struck twice, once lo the eye and once across the face, but being quite agüe lie luckily escapee] robbery. He tells m that he saw a man lying on a lounge evidently sick, when two men approached hira, one struck liiiu and the other pulled a reyolver and covered liis hcad wliile the other took lils watch and pocket book. This was only onc of nunierous scènes, some niuch worse. The captain of the boat managed to have a gang of pólice at the doek when the boat lunded and most of the thieves were gecured. It is a questiou what court has mlsdiction in their case, but if the l'. S. courts get liold of thein they wil] have to swing for the crime. Kvery passenger on board hopes the U. S. courts will have jnrisdiction. Such liiwlessnesis should be pniiished promtly, and the most severe penalty the law allowx lofllcted. "Bniffing is none too good."


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