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WEI OïïTs L_ P.URE - CREAM aking Used by the United States govermmnt. Endorsed by the heads of the Grent Unlvorsltles as the Strongest, Purest.and must Heullliful Dr. Prlce's theouly IlakinK Powder thnt doei nut contaln Amnionla, Linie or Alom. Sold only In cans. PRrCE BAKIN'ti POWDER CO., KEW ÏO1I. CHICAGO. 8T. LOUIS. IQ Vjlie Best and Purest MedicineS L EVER MADE. TXjJtwillilrlvethelIumorfromvmirl I „ JLsysU'iu, aiiJ vour hkiulll % -tOXÍclvnn mul amooth. Tlm.l I % 2Vl'inlle BIltl Q%jOj , 5Wwlik"h miir !"r,1!i"'!H a'() V'cWanWIUW l.y InipureM I %,¦,. f t, 'xLblood, and can IF1 Kil L Tho Pose iX.-Vi X,0 S 1 1 mful. It Is theV % "íí : ¦ B II bost nd choanestV o S VHI VM cm u of y.ur DnifCllt %. , != ö noN'TWAIT. GETITATONCEk ïg If vou are sufforine from Kiclk II in v bisease. and wlsh to live tok r,,Vía u-.' SlI.lMHli BlITEltSI III ï bey ucver fall to cure. III s.'inl 3 2 cent stamps to A. 1'. Oniway Co., Bobluu.Mase., for best medical wolk publlshci.li1 MAX Y r,ArP CHIMXEYS AUB oirTcl for sale representad is rinl is the Famoos PEARL TOP BIT THE Y ARE NOT! And likc nll Counterfeits lai-k tho licmarkablo I.ASTIXi Qualitics of tuk GEnraOh ASK FOR THE PEARLTOP Aml Insist jTXTTX T H I S npon fEÊg&jif&Bsh Exiut them f& 5oáff Yv on Each PatOct. 30 , 1SS3. The PEARL TOP is nairUfbctured 0HL.Y by GtO. A. MACBTH & G0„ P1TTSBUBGH, PA. FOR DYSPËPSIA. MENTAL AND PHYSICAL EXHAUSTION, NERVOUSNESS, WEAKENED ENERGY, INDICESTION, ETC, ETC. f m tlorstördb ACID PHOSPHATE. A llquld preparation of itbe phosphates and phosphorlc acid. Recommended by Phyblclan. It niakps a dellclons drink. Invlgoratlng and strengthenint;. Pamphlet free. FOR SALE BY ALL DEALERS. Rumford Chemical Works, I 'Hl! illcllcr. - - KllOdO Nlilllll. BKWAEK OF IMITATIONÖ. All f Cll I I dCnd thu paper, or oblam estímate on dvertising paco when in Chicago, will find it on file at th.Adv.lUingAg.ncyof LORD ttTHOMASl MACKINAC. Summer Tours. Palace Steamers. Low Rates. Tour Trips per Wook Betweon DETROIT, MACKINAC ISLAND At. Irnaoe, Chborean, Alpina, üarriBviiie. OsoodA, Band Beach, Port Huron, fit. Clir, Ofckiand Uousa, Manue City. Svery Week Uay Between DETROIT AND CLEVELAND Hpecial 8iuidy Trip during July and Auj;ut. OUR ILLUSTRATED PAMPHLCTS Ht4 and Szourvion Tlejcets will bo f urnlihüd by your Ticket Afant, or ddru E. B. WHITCOMB, Gtn'l Pau. Agant, Detroit & Cleveland Steam Nav. Co. DETROIT, MICM. Mmore money than at anythln)? elsc bjr tak inij au tk'iMicy for tbe best nvlllng book out. Beginners euccccd Kiandly. None fall. Term free. Uallktt Book Co., I'ortland, Malne. ifniTTITT to bemade. Cut thls out and reI II y turn to ue, and wc wlll usendyoa I j r I free, HomethitiK of Rreatvalue I and Importancc to yon, tht will Ktnrtyouin buBlne whlch will bring yon Id more uioney rij; t away than anytiiiut: elseln thls worla. Anyone "can do the work and live at home. Kiiht-r %ex ; all acew. Somethin new, that just coíhh money for all workerp. W will tart you ; capital notneeded. Thliisoneof the genuiiie.importiiiit cluun '¦- of a 'ífetime. TIiomo win are ambltluun mul enterprlslng wlll not delajr.s Addrese Tain L Co., Anguntn, Malne.


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