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Tjtf's Pilis Mlmnlntvv the torpid livor. Ntrnir lirilhitir diTCNt ív orí; a II.. retf Ulttl e tllQ lioncU, ttuil are unequaled us un ANTI-BILIOUS MEDICINE, I ii -,rlcts thplr virtnea r w itfcly icruiiixrll. ut lliey possfss po ¦Uarproprtiea in iiiii ilieNyNtem from ihni poison. I huituiii mirar coulll!. IXinc sni.ill. I"ri ., 25cls. Sold Every where. Office, 44 Murray St., New York BE AL JE62A1B AND INSURANGB AGENGY. OP J. A. SESSIONS, 1TTORNBY A-M NoTAKY PUISLIC Real Estnte oíd or rcnled and renta collectod 011 rcnsouiiblt' terins. None hut oíd and tlrst-class Insurance OompanJea rrpivseuteil- wlth Insurance capital of $10, ont),iHi. linteH as low as any other losaran tmpan; and Iokkps prOBOBUjr pnld. Ollice over American Kxpress ofllce, Main itreet, nu Arbor. Miel). 'l'T can líveat home. and make more money at lili w 'rk '"r ""' ll:'"' ¦'" ln} "lil1" '''"' '" "''" I III world. Capital not nooded ; yoa are m v -" starled Cree. Biith seifí ; all aires. Any one can do the work. Lari:e eArutue gure from Irst start. Oostly oiittlt imd tertns free. Bi'tter notdclMy. Costa you nolbing to send u your ad!roiB nud flr.d uui; lf yon are wfsc you w'ill do bo at once. 11. Hai-lktt Jt Co.. Portland, Mtiine. TRAVEL VIA IrVTWH il Tf:tou9h Train wlth Dining II 'n lllll a5' PuHwQn Palace Sleep[ll JIL411 II '" ars Modern Coaches. nwMLjM ¦¦ Sure connections in Union ¦ 'jinisBll depots at its terminal po hits, Hit' II rSII It''"ï trains from and to thm BMhBbEII Last' West' "orth and South. VSVrRHI Cheapest, Best and Quickest yffli II Route from Chicago, Peoría OENVER, ST. PAUL, SAN FRANCISCO, (HINNEAPOLIS, OMAHA, PORTLAND, ORE. KANSAS CITY, ST. JOSEPH, CITY OF MEXICO, ATCHISON. For Tickets, Rates, Maps, &c, apply to Ticket AgentS of connecting Unes, or adrlress T. J. POTTEN, H. B. STONE, PAUL MORTON. Ist V. P. O. M. G. P. A T. A. For liandvome llluatrnntl Burlington Kout., (lulde Book Kiid ie. iutw to the O. 1'. &. T. A., Chicago. HL THE auporiorlty or Coralina over horn or whalebone has now been demonstratecl by over elx yBars experlence- It is more durable, inoro pliable. more comiörtable, and NEVER BREAKS. The lmmenso salo of thsse Corsets lL now over 7OOO dally. Beware of worthless lmitatlons bonec wlth varioua kinds of cord. Nono are genuino unlos9 " Dr. Warner's Coralino" isprinted on lnsldeot the stoel cover. TOH SALE BY ALL LKADINO MEROHAHTS.


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