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Bitter Words

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Ah, me! these terrible tonpues of ours, Are we half aware of thelr muglc powers? Do we ever tronĂ³le our hcuds at all Where the lest may strike or the hint mny fa II T The lntest cliirp of that "Illtle blril," Thut sptcy story 'y(u must have heard" - Welerk thein away In ourgosslp rash, And s 'inrtioily's glass, of course, smash, hut lunus have heen blastod And broken, Wliat pestlleul slnks have been itlrred, lly a word In lightness spoken, By ouly au ldie word. A sneer -a shrug- a whtsper low- They are polsoued shafts from un ambushed bow. Shot by thecoward, the fooi, theknavo, They pleree the mail of the greatnnd brave ; Valn is the bucklerof wisdom and pride To turn the pitlless polnt nslde; The lip may curl with a careless smile, Bilt ttie heart dlps blood- dips blood the whlle, Ah, me ! what hearts have been broken, What nvi-t'-. of blood have been stlrred, By a word In mal ice (.poken, Hy ouly a bitter word. A klndly word and a tender tone- Toonly Qod is their vlrtne known ! They can lift trom the dnst the aliject head, They can turn a foe to a frlend lnstfiul ; The heart close-barred with passlou and prlde W1I1 flliiK at thelr knook lts portal wlde, And iheTiate tluit bllghts and the scoru that scars. Wlll melt In the fountaln of chlldllke teara. W hut lee-bound grlefs have been brokeu, What rlvers of love have been stlrred, By a word In kindness spoken, By ouly a genlle word.


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