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A poem by Maurice Thompson, presenting an address by an ex-Rebel to the Gruuii Anuí of tho Hopublio, w-ill hiu um# of the features of the American Magazine. Mr. Frank R. Stockton'3 sequel to Mrs. Lecks and Mrs. Aleshine" wlll be ciilled " The Dusantes," and it is authorilatively annoiinced tliat the new story will thoroughly and satisfactorily dispose of Mrs. Lecks, Mrs. Aleshine, and other oíd friends, and will, moreover, teil all about the famous, but so far invisible, family whose uame lt bears. The "Dusantes" will begin in the December Century, and will be concluded u three nuiubers. Mrs. Francés Hodgson Uuinett will contiihute a short serial to the coming volume of St. Nicholas, which Is said to be a worthy successor of that author's fainous " Littlo Lord Fauntlcroy," which appeared in St. Nicholas a year ago. Joel Chandler Harris,John Burroughs, Frank R. Stockton, H. H. lioyeseD, J. T. Trowbridge, Col. Richard M. Johnstone, and Louisa M. Alcott are aruong the many distinguished writcrs who will contribute serial and short stories to St. Nicholas for 1888. An unusually important work is announced by Cassell & Conipauy. It is "Martin Luther; The Man and His Work," by Peter Bayne, LL. D. Dr. Hayne's sympathy is a8 great ns hls literary skill. The men anti women of whom he writts are alive. The reader will not only be made acquainted with the facts of Luther's life, but he will follow tbe events of li is career with the vivid realization of a spectator of a powerf ul drama. One whom has 6een the early pages, says of Uiis remarkable work thatit: "isundoubtedly one of the mostcomprehensive and accurate personal histories of that great promoter of the general democratie movement of modern time?, and also a capital record of the notable chap er in spiritual evolution. Early in October Messrs. 8. C. Griggs % Co. will publish the sixth volumne in heir series of "Germán Phtloaophlcal ülassics," edited by Professor George 8. Horrls, Ph. D. This volume, prepared by tbe editor, and beaiïiiir the title, " Hetel's Philosophy of the State and of Ilisry," will contain an expository resumé of two of Hegel's most popular and Imortant master-pieces. To the great numerof those interested in the thoughtful discussion of questlons relating to the foundations, the nature and the law of all social relations - domestic, civil, political. and rtlisious- the appearance of this work must be peculiarly timely and welcome. It will attract and repay the atntion of the teacher and the student, of statesman and eltizen, of Iaw3rer and reacher, for whoso benefit the author las sought to present in a small compasf, attractively and intelligibly, the essentlal thought of Ilogel on the topics mentioned. The September Wide A wake haa a vivid, valuable, timely article for which t is sure to be treasured, and for which tshould be taken into every sehoolroom n America and into every home: we refer to "The Centennial of the Constiution of the United States, by Mrs. Annie Sawyer Downs, describlng graphically the making of the Constitution one modrad years ago (Sept. 7, 1787), and irolusely illustrated froru photographs of original )ortraits and statues and relies n Independcnce Hall, views of the Hall, and fac-similes of tlie opening, and the bignatures appended to the great document, f rom photographs of the original jarchments furnlshed to the maguzine Torn the State department at Washingon. Another paper of Interest comes p Mrs. Bolton's series "Some Successful Women," which narates the noble Bed ross work of Clara Barton. In "The jost Medicine of the Utes" Howllng Wolfdespairingly shoots au arrowat the camp of "the bruss-button ineu" and goes )tf to Gerónimo. The number contains, eside8 countless pictures, poeins, jingles, 'tangles'' and bits of wisdom. Ouly S2.40 a year. 1). Lothrop & Company, Boston, Mass.


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