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unugewaier ñas a fine quantity of Chis season. Where it is dry enough tlie farmers are busy sowing wheat. The Saline schools open with niuch larer attendance tlia usual. There will be a school picnic at FourMile Lake on Saturday the 17th. At Manchester the enrollment of students ia greater than ever before. The best base ball paper in the county now is the Manchester Enterprise. The Chelsea people will have an auction sale on the last day oí its fair. The Saline township board will meet on Saturday next to adjust account?. Rev. D. J. Odell preached his farewcll sermón at Milan last Sunday evening. Dr. A. F. Barr, for 30 years a resident of Ypsllanti, died recently aged ü5 years. Farmers in some sections of thecounty will have to buy their potatoes tliis year. Miss Sarah Leonard, (ormerly of Ypsilanti, has taken the veil at Indianapolis. John Tate of Pittsfiekl, sheared 170 sheep this year that veraged 1H lbs each. Allen Seney formerly of Lima, was married at Jackson recently to Miss Anes Kiddell. Wm. H. Morris dled at the home of his sister, Mrs. Freer, of Chelsea, on the 6th inst., aged MJf years. The Ypsilantian proprietors will issue a daily during the tour days of their fair - a commendable enterprise. Hev. Pr. Considine married Hugh McKone, of Lyndon, and Mary Ellen Fur ■"}]. nf Ohelsea. on thp firh nst. The Paulist Fathers of New York, will open a llission in St. Mary's Church, Chelsea, next Sunday, at High Mass. The dry-goods stores in Ypsilanti will close at 6 o'clock p. m., except Baturday evenings, until next spring. Quite right. Saline's township clerk has paid the iounty on 019 woodchuck scalps and 153 crow's heads this season, aineunting to $154.40. R. W. Mills bas sold and ghipped to his )rother-in-law, Ed. Weinett, ot Abilenc, Texas, seven thouroughbred merino rams.- Saline Observer. The ('liintve lantern parade by the bieyclists, Saturday, was an interesting aiiair and drew out a large concourse of eople. - Saline Observer. The sky-blae-pink green and yaller aper which the Chelsea Herald used ast week knocks a fellow's eyes out to read it any length of time. Rev. Father Savage, recently promoted o the pastorate of Holy Trinity Church, Detroit, is a nativo of Sylvan, and his mother still lives in Chelsea. Premiums will be offered by R. W. Hills of Saline, for colts from hls Hatniletonian stalllon, exhibited at the county air at Ann Arbor on Oct. 4, 5, 6, and 7. E. D. Stair, well known here, has writen a tive-aet comedy which the Jessie Jonesteele troupe is now playing through few York and Pennsylvania.- Saline Jbserver. John Kniglit wishes threshers to piek he sweet meat out of this. Inside of even hours he threshed 47 bushels and 40 pounds of clean clover seeds. - Stockbridge Sun. Howell will not have a county fair tliis year, but Fowlerville and Brighton will Ie with each other for a big show. The Washtenaw county fair oceurs at Ann Arbor Oct. 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th. Just as we predicted the Manchester ieans mopped the earth wiih. the Manhester Fats last Wednesday. We will et on the Leans every time. We "stick up for our own relations," you see. Chas. Howlett, of Ypsilanti town north f Stony Creek, bad a barn struck on the !tb inst., and four horses killed, but the arn did not burn. His loss figures up t $580, insured In the Washtenaw Muual. Grant Van Buren returned from Dacota last Saturday abundantlysatisfled to ettle down in Michigan. - Milan Leader, 'bat's the way niany of them return - and inany more floubtless wlsh they could e turn. Oscar Chew, a brakeman of the T., & A. A. R. it was found dead on top of lis train last Wednesday a. m. at Hamurg. It is thought he was struck by he bridge of the Detroit, Lanslnir A Northern II. R. at Howell. The stone station house being built at Grass Lake by the M. C. R. It. is of peuliar design. The stonos are lald traight, crooked, anglingand every w.iy, making a peculiar but not bad appearnce. It is something entirely new. School begins next Monday, with Prof. V. A. Hearn as principal, Miss Cora lanson In the grammar department, Ilss Cora Hltchcock In the intermidmtu epartment, and Miss Anna Delaforco iu hc priniary department. - Milan Leader. The council held a short session last Monday niglit, for the inevitable orderiiur f the pnyment of bilis. The making and aying of bilis is mostly what the counil is for.- Sentinel. What a happy ouncll that must be If tlmt is all It ha's 0 do. The great chlmncy at the Peninsular paper mili continúes to rise, and will reach an altitude of 115 feet before it tops. The purpose is to créate a strong raft to carry off the smoke and vapor of lie furnaces, and onsure better combusion of the coal.- Ypsi. Sentlnel. A man named Gilmore, from Ypsianti, dld the papering of the Baptist hurch, for whtch he was to receive $95, but he did such a poor job that the mittee oflered him only f65, and he took 1t rather tban be obliged to run tbc risk of getting Ies8.- Saline Observer. Ann Arbor won the vote by a handsome majority to invest f5,000 as a "booming fund." Now the next move will be to flnd sonie place to conceal the croakers who kick againstevery advaneement started.- So. Lyon Excelsior. They are buried in public estimation already. Some person or persons with no respect for age, cm a large limb filled with nice peaches belonging to Mr. and Mr, (eorge Lathrop, who are both over 80 years old. The rest of the tree was dead and all the peaches they had were on tue limb which was ent off- Stockbridge Sun. 6 Lightning took possession of the various electnc wires Tuesday aiternoon, and people having telephones or iigots enjoyed a few hours of mortal terror In many caws the instrumenta were destroyed. The Lowell paper mili hands were almost frightened out by the constant flashing of electrlc sparks among the machinery. Lightning is getting to be alraost too familiar.- Ypsilanti Sentlnel. The following names have been announced by Ex-president Win. Ball, as the committee on organization and Incorporation of the Farmers Picnic of Washtenaw, Wayne, Oakland and Livingston counties: Hon. C. II. Richmond Ann Arbor; E. E. Leeland, Emery; J. Thayer, Plymouth ; E. SI. Wood, Auderson E. I. Arms, South Lyon. With a little effort and encouragement from our citizens South Lyon will be the locatlon tor the next social gathering of this association.- So. Lyon Excelsior. At the icceut school meeting in Saline thp tnlot rooipt-o foi tho yonr u'oro rO ported at $3,074.53, while the expenses were f300 in excess of the above figure, which the board had to borrow. Teacher's salaries amounted to f2,580, and f 13.G0 were expended for new books for the library. The sum of $2,000 was voted for school expenses the coming year and and $500 to lürntsh the schools with modern furniture. H. W. Bassett and A. C. Clarke were chosen trustees. Mr. Bassett has served as trustee 31 years. Mrs. J. J. Ilause was 80 years of age last Friday ar.d her children remenibered it. A large gathering of them, including sons and daughters, grandchildren and great-grand-children, with other friends, convened at her home and celebrated the occasion. They left many tokens of respect, besides affording the aged lady the pleasure of seeing so many her posterity around one table and In the full enjoyment of life. She has six children, twenty-one grand-children and Iwenty-seven greatgrand-children now living. Not all were present, however. Mr. and Mrs. Hause were married on February 2, 1827.- Pinckney Dispatch. Únele Jacob Teeple has in his possession the cane that beats the record in age. U has descended to him from aneestors a long way back. In 1816 when some of .he family started for Indiana, Uien the "howling west," the cane was present at a family gathtring and its age discussed. The opinión prevailed that it was then 200 years old, making it now about 270. It Is an old English lady's cane and peculiarly constructed, principally from African bainboo, having a head made from the hom of some small animal and containing a whistle. The entire crook s driven full of small sllver nails by way of ornament. It was the property of grandmothers, away back. - Pinckney Dispatch. Edward Gorton of Ypsilanti town about six miles east of the city, who was struck by lightning at the time his baru was burned on the (th inst., is in a fair way to recover. He was standing agalnst a post of the barn which the lluid struck and coming to him took a strip four nche8 wide down hij back, down both egs and tearing the soles of his boots off o jfet out. He came near being burned il before he could be rescued. There wore six men In the barn at the time and all were more orless shocked. Mr. Goron lost his barn and all tlils year's crops. Mr. Comstock, who had driven in to escape the storm had his horse killed. The oss will amount to upwards of $1,500 for the Washtenaw Mutual. The Rev. Mr. Springer will conclude lis ministerial labors here next Sunday eveuing, after a service of three years as astor of the Methodist church- a pastorate that has never been surpassed in earnest, successful effort by any fonner pasor of that church, if indeed it has been equaled. It would be giving more credit ;o Mr. Springer than Is justly due him, ïowever, to leave unmentioned one secret of his strength and influence- aside from the Divine forcé- the possesof an earnest Christiau wife. Not a ittle of the grand work that has been done by the Ypsilanti Methodist church during Mr. Springer'? service here is directly or indirectly due to the faithful, nutte Christian assistanoe rendered by Mis. Springer, and by none will that assistance bc more prouiptly and proudly acknowledgod than by her husband. It ïas taken nothing from the credit due ïim as a faithful minister and successful worker for bis Master, it has added much to the results attained in tempering and loftenlng the influence of his energy and orce and in practlcally illustrating the Chiistian ideal he so earnestly sourht to