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Tlie presidential political pot Legins to send up bubbles from the bottom. The Buckeye folks are getting hot over politics as cold weithcr approaches. The man who can not patronize hls own county fair is not, a very fair sort of a man is he ? Gov. Luce will give the people an agricultural talk during the coming county fair, on Oct. 7th. Oen. Sheruian and Mrs. John A. Logan are the lions of the Army of the Tenncssce reunión at Detroit this week. Therc is one great lesson that the workingmen have yet lo learn In this nation: In united action alone lies success. _ " Na wonder," says G. Wiliiam Curtís and other niugwumps, "thatour doll was a big fat one; it was stuffed with saw dust." Poor niugwumps, what will they do? Plans for a new Catholic university at Washington D. C, have been adopted, whieli will cost $7,000,000 when completod. There is a fund of $700,000 to start with. A BrazIllM doctor thinks he can vaccinate and prevent yellow fever. If lic cun he is worth a cool niillion to start with, and has cracked a scientific uut harde titan any Brazil nut ever before cracked. The government will not redeem the 'trado dollar" any louger. The coin is only worth its bullion weight now. The -number of them redeemed at the subtreasury in New York city was about $3,500,000. Ex-Gov. and Ex Senator II. P. Buldwin, is to leave hts home In Detroit the lirstofnext month, accompanied by his family, and will spend several years in travel in foreign lands. Everybody will wish him God-speed. The democratie papers. iusist that the G. A. E. boys all love Mr. Cleveland, and yet constant fancies of studied sühts of him by them are continually being paruded in their columns. The old, old story of a guilty conscience. A Xational luriiiátriul F.xhiliilion w!ll be held at Atlanta, Ga., commencing in November and continuingthree months, by the "Colored World's Fair Association1' of that city. Everything to be exhibited to be made, raised, produced or owned by colored people of the U. S. Bay county residents are leading tlieir fellow citizens in all other counties by paying attention to their wagon roads. It is the best paying investment that money has ever been put into. To have a niacadamized road, good at all times of the ycar, is a thing that is above price, almost, to the farmers and others living along its line. The Lansing Journal thinks that next winter a democratie congress will take action in regard to the tariff and make substantial and radical reductionstherein. If there is any one thing the republicana would like to have them do it is that very thing of tlnkering with the tariff. The tariff platform of the Pennsylvania democracy is a wonderfully constructed document. Free trade papers say it favors protection, and protection papers are ugly in the assertion that it favors free trade. The fact is It is one of the democratie party's peculiarly constructed declaration of principies ( ? ) viz: "Any thing to catch votes." That is all the principie (?) to be found in the democracy just now. Principies be huDged - it's votes they want. Our esleemed eontemporary, the Anti Arbor Coukikk, says, "The Adrián Times, for someuuexplalned reason.contiuues towhack away at the university." The Coukikk la mistaken.' We are endeavorlng to Klit the graln of truth from the quantlty of fietton Ihrown uround the relations of Michigan' (jovernor to her ïmlvcrsity and lts president. W8 have only respect and good words lor the great iijstilultou ltself.- Adrián Times. It is ceitainly plcasing to hear the Times speak in this manner, but some way :m impression still clings that it takes a heap of sifting for a small grain, and the process Injures the university while it cannot help the governor very mach. The Electric Light Co. at Flint proposes to try lighting residences by means oí storage batteries. Uniting a number of houses in a cluster on one circuit, and supplying the electric current direct from the dynamo up to half past ten, and then swltebing the house light wires onto the hi.ltcrit's la which has been stored electricity suffleieut to supply the lights the baliince oï the nigbt. This is a step forward, and a good one. It is only a quesüon of time, and a short time at that, until our residences will be llghted by electricity. All hail the day. Speaker Carllsle, in all decency should not come before the nnxt National House of Representativos as a candidato for speaker. Mr. Tlioebe, the republican and labor candidate against Mr. Carlisle in the last election, has prepared his papers for contesting Carlislc's seat, and has undisputable evidence that he waselected by over 7, 000 majority, but was counted out. Any man occupying the spcaker's ■halt ihould bonésUy be a niember of the body he presides over. The "countlug in" proces?, so familiar in the Soutli and in New York City, is n standing menace to tlie llberties of the country, and had Mr. CailiMe. a nicc seiifie of honor ho would nevcr al low his face to be seen in CotigrieM wlien anotlicr man hnd been fairly elected in liis place. Wc are all going down to Detroit to help the base buil boys raise that pciiïuint. The club shoulil nrrnngc for a big crowil to see tliat strip of bunting go up, anü fly to the breezos of tbecityol' the straits for the lirst time.


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