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There are some changos and additions very mucli necdrd in the HomOBOpathio Hospital," said Dr. McLachlmi to u Courier represen tative yesterday. "In the first place we need a ncw ward devoted exclustvely to obstétrica; then we want a ladies' ward where their discases in general miy receive treatment. " It would cost about $4,000 to build what we need. If the city would help, I thlffk the Ilegents would readily grant the necessary funds to maintain these wards. "Last year the students brought patients here and maintained tliem at tlielr own expense, whlch isn't just the thing; and then, too, there are no facilities or convenlences for taking care of tliem. "If $2,000 could bc r.iised the Horaopopatliic departraent could be placed in a comfortable situation for the present. AN AUBOR'S CITY HALL. This building, which stands at the cor ner of Fourlh and Huron streets, is a neat structure, erected iu 1882, and well adaptcd to its wants. On the iirst floor ,s kept tlie lire'engines and hook and ladder truck belonginiï to the city, and all "I believe," said the Doctor contlnuiní, " that the citizens of Ann Arbor gave the Uuiversity Hospital 4,000. ' They have liever givcn ours any assistance. "VVoulil it not be a legitímate subject for the Business SlenV Association to liaCU38 ? " Would it not also be a good, practical, sensible way to boom Aun Arboi ? " Of conree these are only crude 8ULgestions, but I do wlsh something could be done to help the department Ín its needs. AU of the ranch talked of lyingin cases that can be used by the students can be procured if we can obtain the room and facilities to care for them. "If the Courier can help along this cause any it will be doing a good deed, and one that will help the city, for as its schools prosper it prospere." The Doctor s quite earnest in hia desire to help his department, whlcli is building up rapidly now, and will soon completely outsrrow all of its present fncilitles. needed nre apparatus. Ou the second floor is an assembly room, capable oí holding about 500 persons, and offices for the city mnrshal. The structure cost $10,000 and is an ornament to the city.


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