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Gen. Clark Passes Away

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Last night Gen. Edward Clark, oí tliis city, died at bis home in the 2d ward, fioni ol(J age and general debllily, havpassed hi 80th blrthda y. Gen. Clark was one of the oldest and most respected pioneers of the county, removed to tliis place froui New York in 1S27. The title of General by whicli he was usually addressed, cnme to hira from bein comiuissioned General of militia by Oov. Masón, and he did active service during the Black Hawk war. In 1835 lie wns appointed Register ot Deeda of this county by Gov. Mason, and was elected to the same office the next year, serving for two tcrms, and as principal and deputy he was connected with that office 13 years. When he flrst took the office there wasbut a single index made of fools cap paper sewed in pasteboard covers, and to him is credited the introductiou of tlie doublé Index systein now in use. Tlie deceased had been engaged in iiicrcnntile pursuita of various kinds :iiid wns always honorable and correct in all of his transaetions. He had held the ollice of justice of the peace for the past flfteen years or more, and at one time was the agent of the M. C. R. K. at this place. In 1841 the General was married to Miss Julia A. HIckoxof this city, who survivcs him, together with one child Bdwwrd H. Clark of this city. Funeral services will be held on Fridny p. m. at 2 o'clock, at St. Andrew's church. All members of the Pioneer Society and pioncers in general are requested to be in attendance.