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A Fine Chance To Do Good

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For ve rul jreUl the StndeBU' Clirltiim Attoótoüon :it the unhrertlty bas beeu strugjiling t,' aceoniniodate itself to quartere fr hno Miiall for its munbers. The flrst college society was starled in 1S.V.), na an undenominiitloual organizatioD, to promoie the c m-e of Uhrlitlanlly among tlic nvmbeis of the university. Wlieu the door of tiic university were thrown oi)cn to woincn, they wc-rc also admittcd to the society, and have ever since been among its most earnest workers. Froin the beginning to tlie present the associution bas met in college rooms, and now it is occupying a room 22 x 44 feet in the soulh wing of the main building This room has been used for prayer meetings, for the library and for other purposes of the association. The need of an assoclation building has long been appare nt. and for some time work in this Uirection has been in progress. The university ia peihaps the most effettive field for missionary effort that can be found. Here gather students from all over the world, and on tlieir return to their homes they carry the impress of university life, not alone in their mental training, but on tlieir moral nature as well. Christianity being pre sented to young men and women at a time when they are formlng their characters, the gooïl elVects are life long. Such being the reasoning of the friendi of the association, a lot now wortu $3,0(K was bought and payed for. It is situatct on State street, opposite the maln build ing, and is in every way well adapted as a site for the proposed building. Four years ago the plan was for a building to cost, when furnislied, $15,000. The unexpectedly rapid growth of the assoclation, however, makes it necessary to eniarge this plan so aa to provide for a structure to cost, when completed, about $35,000. Towards this sum a generous friend o the university, wnose name is to be with held for the present, has promised to give $15,000. With this very liberal sub scription as a beginning, work bas be:un to secure the other $20,000 needed. The project is to secure a building which shall contain an assembly hall to seat 500 persons. Opening from this are to be tbrce rooms to be used by the several departments for their prayer meetings; a library and such office rooms as may be neceseary. The project bas the hearty co-operatioi and approval of President Angelí anc the uuiversity faculty. The pastors ot the Anu Arbor and Detroit eliurches have unquliliediy indorsed the woik and Mr. A. E. Jenningo, a student at the university has taken the matter in hand The Journal, anxious to encourage a work at once so beneficent in its nature, and so wide reaching in its influente, wil receive, acknowledge and turn over to the authori.ed persons, all subscriptious that may be sent in. Every gradúate of the uuiversity is iuterested iu this work. Every friend ot soumi moráis, as well as sound learning should coatribute to po good a cause II is not s ïiVuh a question of the si.c iri the .-uli-ci lpiions. In thuse iluys, when nmny can give a little, large sums can be raised easily, provided thoee wlio cun give will give. Allremittancesshould be markeJ "Foi the Students' Christiau Association Building," and be sent to the Evening Journal They will be promptly ackoowledffec from time to time. The sum needed i $20,000. The railroads of tliis state are increasing their earnings lnrgely iinder tlie inter-state commerce law. It proves a good tliing inBtead of a detriment as tliey prophesied.


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