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"Waita moment, whatadoubt I AU my nose Is luside out- All my thrilllng, tlckllng oaustlc Fyrumleal rhluoceroetic. Wants to sneeze and canuot dolt! How lt yearns me, thrllls me, stlngs me, How with rapturous torment fllls me ! ïJow says 'Sueeze, you fooi, gel through with Shee-Shee- oh ! 'tl most del- IshlIsul- Ishi- most dellsbl- Hang lt, I shall sneeze tlll spring, Hay fever's an luiernal thlng." Wheat brlngs 72 cents for red 74 cents white. Oats are worth 28 @ 30 cents and corn 25 cents. lt takes a whole street full of men to settle a sidewalk grade now. Another runaway on the elevated canal last night, of a delivery wagon. A new tone walk is going down in front of Fantle's stores on S. Main st. One more Sundiy in the basement of the M. E. church is what we are told now. New carpets and furniture is belng fitted up for the stage at the opera house. The home of Ed. J. Miller was made happy on the 2flth uit., by the arrival of a baby girl. Peaches of fair quality- white- have been selling at 50 and 60 cents per bushei on the streets. Mayor Sraith has stopped the cashing of all warrants on tlie contingent fund untilfurtliernotice. Barclay & Rceves now employ nine men in thcir boller works where but three were employed at first. lt isgrowing. The Odd Fellow's Hall over J. T. Jacob's store has been elesantly fltted up, Wines & Worden furnishlng the carpets. Jas. Van Orden of Chelsea, has commenced suit against the M. C. R. R. lt is iinderstood to be for property destroyed by flre. Alexander Schloupe paid a portion of costs on a charle of an assault upon John Seiilenspinner, before Justlce Frueauff Monday. Joseph Ilopkins, ot Sylvan had a cow killed by liglitmng on the Cth inst., wbich he valued at $50 to the Washtenaw Mutual. Uev. Benj. Day wlll occupy the pulpit of the M. K. clinrcli mxt Snnday mornnL in the ftbflence of Hvv. Dr. Ramsayat the conference. PadMUteiU 11 rejolce over the new stone walks in front of the stores of D. F. Schairer and EL f; Brown being put down by Philllp Bach. The way to m:ike the county fair a siiccess it to take hold and help the officers boom it. Why not everybody help this year? Is tliere any good reason? Walter S. Hicks of this city ligures n a sale of a tract of 270,000 acres of land In New Mexico, to an KnglUb synrticate, through the Cunard Steamship Co., of New York. The men employed In any of the departments of building in this city are just more tian busy. Vou can't gel a ObSwt, or a painter, or#a lather, or a plasterer to hardly look at you. Frank Peter Hensen of Sylvan arraigned for larceny from dwelliug. Plead guilty and sentenceil to Ionia for 15 inontli?, last Saturday. Stole clotliing from Henry Lehman of Chelsea. The Manchester Enterprise commences its 21st yenr this week. Rlght in the prime of life, it is brlght, wideawake, and an honor to the people of Manchester and of Washtenaw county as well. Last Saturdny John Conners and Edward VVebb were arraigued iu the circuit court for kreeny from persons at Ypsilanti. Plead not guilty and were required to give bonds for #500 each, and went back to jail on fallure to do so. The Carpenter's Union wlll have an open meeting at their hall over Fred. T. Stimson's 6tore ou N. Main st., on Wednesday evening of next week. Contractorsand citizens are especially nvited to attend. Good speakers from abroad ate expected. HadtheArgus localizer been familiar with the local events of the city ha would liave known that the B. & O. Company had only recently opened thelr office in this city and consequently had not helloed to any great extent through thelr own or any other telephone. We would say to the members of the Southeastern Soldiere' and Sailors' Association that Ann Arbor has one of the flnest camp grounds in the state with a beautiful grove adjoining that has no superior in the U. S. We should all like to liave you come and see us next year. Theladies of the M. E. Church of this city have in process of publication a book that will be much sought after by the public. It is a receipt book, containlng only recipes used by theladiesthemeelves and prononneed good. Such a book will mostcertainly meet with a ready sale, and the ladies ought to make some money out of it. The 8team machinery for the new laundry is being rapidly put in place In the Wilsey block. It costs about $2,500 to fit up one of these 1 aun dries, some of the machinery of which is quite ingenious and intricate. Mr. Costello, the proprletor, expects to keep the laundry trade at home that has been done lieretofore at Detroit, Toledo and elsewhere, and he undoubtedly will. Monday morning a you ng tuan workIng for Celina Bunting, about 25 years of age living near Scio church, about 8 miles from the city, was found dead in bed. Tuesday Coroner Jenkins went out and lield an inqiiest, the jury (inding that dcath resul ted from a blood clot in the heart. The deceased was a single man, had no relatives hereabouts, and bis effects wcre turned over to the proper authorities. A runaway accident occurred on the elevated canal leading to the 5th ward last Monday ntght by which Mr. Thos OBrien of Nortlifleld, was seriously if not fHtally injured, hls vehlcle badly wrecked, and things smashed up genera"y- The horsc became frightened at UW rallroad bridge and ran to the river brdge where the vehicle ran against the 8'de railing, throwlng Mr. O'Brien out . hi8 head striking against one of the iron Who weeps wlth yon when you are ad, And laughs wlth you when you are Klad, And miles al you when you uro mad T The Editor. Who has to be holh kind and wlse, And nev- well. hardly ever He, And when he uoes excites surprise? Tl ie Editor. Who owns a hoart as well as cheele, I'osseHsed of spirit proud, yet raeek, Whone teased and teased eucli day mitl week For local puffs to ears so sweet, Uut Is ezpected prompt hi hllls to meet 1 TheEdltor. Remembor the county fair. At Jnckson only 05 votes were pollcd at the anuuul school meeting. The boy8 and girls can help make the county fair a success by making somethlng to exhibit. The way to be happy is to bring in all of the uice things you raised this year to the county fair. Among the pensioners the past weck have been Catharine, mother of Clarkson Pack, and Christian F. Hidloff. Qeo. W. Millen says it is not so. Tliat he has no intention of leaving the bachelor's ranks for lo, these many years. " Don 't publlsh " is of ten found on docuraents in the county offices. And yet sume men inaist that advertising doesn't pay. A dry house of Orinan Clark in Lyndon, was burned on the 8th, and the Washtenaw Mutual will have to pay $30 for it. Half fare rates today to the reunión of the Army of the Tennessee at Detroit, have taken many of uur citizens to the st.-ito metropolis. The county fair at Ann Arbor thisyear will be a big success if such a thing is among the possibilities - and it is. The fair officials are puehing things. The opera house is to re-open for the season on Thursday evening Sept. 22d, with Hi Henry's Minstrels. On the 24th Edward Hanford's company will play "Partners in Crime." The Ann Arbor fellow who wanted to bet $25 that the Detroit club wouldn't tuke tirst place this season left for Chicago shortly after Sept. lOtli, and has not been heird from since. The Ypsilanti papers regret that one of their enterprising busiuess men, (Mr. C. H. Cady) shoukl come to Ann Arbor to go into business. But soine way business men will go where business is. The Courier' s statement that E. S. Crawford had sold out his interest in the Saginaw Telegram to his partner wa9 incorrect. He bought out his partner and is now running the paper alone. At Ypsilanti for the expenses of the schools for the coming year $18,450 was voted, while Ann Arbor raised but $19,500. Which speaks well for the excel icttt Mnanciul management of our sclinol board. The YpsiUntian suggests that f Ann Arbor loses anythlDg by the racet) ( dcfalcation "thcre's that $ö,000 boom fund to fall back upon.1' That fund sceins to worry our downstream ncighbor?, considerably. Ann Arbor ministers as a general thing do not agree with Hev. Mr. Dawe, of Detroit, that base ball is a sinful sport. Some of tliein htve even expressed an earnest desire that Detroit should win the [lennant this season. Niles II. Winans has gone to Battle Creek where he will open a store in the merchant tailoring business. Mr. Winans is thoroughly familiar with the business he goes into, and has been one of the most successful merchants in that line ever in Ann Arbor. Success to him. The Manchester Enterprise is building very probable air castles: " Prof. Steere, of the university, who has traveled mucli and collected valuablc relies, etc., for the museum, has been doing Japan and will io tu China. When he returns we should like to henr him talk about his trip and perhaps he can be inducod to come here." Secretary Child is very busy now getting orT the animal assessment of the Washtenaw Mutual. Wlieu one considers that 2,400 letters have to be sent to the members of the company the extent of the job can be estimated. This is the first time, we believe, that a secretary bas ever attempted to do this work without assistance and Mr. Childs thinks he will have it completed ahead of time, Oct. lst. The International Medical Congress at Washington last week, had eight representatives of the uuiversity of Michigan in attendance, six of whom, at least, read papers. Those present were: Drs. Frothngham, Vaughan, Palmer, Herdman, Maclean, Taft, Dorrance and Hendricks. Which added to the unlversity's fame nbroad, as delegates were present from every civilized nation on earth. Papers were read in elther English, French, or Qerraan. The Turkish representatives spoke English. The School of Pedagogy at Ann Arbor was not largely attended, but good work was done. Professor Payne's careful work (i 1 led his pupils with a larger respect for his manliness, and his scholarBliip than even his most enthusiastic admlrrrs had before. His purpose is to avoid the discussion of methods and to lead his pupils hlgher, to a study of philosophical principies. We see no reason why a school of this kind may not be held ench summer at Ann Arbor, and we believe that next year's meeting will be a very lar ge one.- School Moderator. Mr. A. J. Paisley is the new freight and ticket agent of the Toledo, A. A. & X. M. K'y Co at this station, having taken the positiou Monday. Mr. O. G. Wales, wiio came here about seven month8 slnce to temporarily lili the position until a permanent appointment coiild be made, will return to Toledo with his family until he is ordered to relieve some other station. Mr. Wales is so well llketl that the people of Ann Arbor had begun to hope that he would remain here permanently. About the best wish we can make his succeasor, Mr. Paisley, is that he will flll the bill as well. The salarien of Jaokson officials and teacher amount to $77,592 per annum, enough to secure the Clnclnnatl, Jacksou Mucklnac. - Dully paper Item. Jackson, in round numbers has 20,000 populados, Ann Arbor has 10,000. The salaries of our oilleials amounts to 127,480, which multlplied by 2 inukes$54,000, a diflerence of $22,032 in favor oí Ann Arbor, and our schools are famoiiü tlie state and country over. We have the very best talent procurable as teachers, and yet our schools are so [economically managed that the expenses do not exceed, and in most instances equal our ncighbors. Our cltizens are to be congratulated upon this tact. Taken as a whole, there is not a more economically managed city in all departments in the stato, tlinu is Ann Arbor. Tbc ml na trol show's on deck agaln And the end men are a chaffing And thejokes that ttckled old Adam and Evo Agaln set tho audtenoelaughlng. The mustangs have been takir.g up the time of horse-buyers tliis week. Dessie Goodwill diyorced froin J:iincs E. Goodwin Saturday. Lyndon partles. The late plentiful rains have been a blessing to the tillers of the soil and everybody else. The animal gession of the Board of Supervisors eommences on the second Monday of October- the lOth. Augusta Whitlark was granted freedom frora the marriage relations with Win. N. Whitlark last Saturday. Kberbach & Co., have taken the contract to put a new iron roof on the M. E. churcli, and to secure a better ventilation of the church. Mrs. Gustav Roehm, of the 4th ward, died this morning of inflamation of the bowels. She leaves a family of five children, nearly all grown. John Schiappacasse asks to have the marriage relation between himself and Hosa Villa dissolved, because of the latter's imbecile and unsound inind. One of our young gentlemen must be terribly mashed. He walked way up to Scio village Sunday, and liis inamorata brought him home Monday a. m. One of our prominent mcrchants has witnessed several games of the Detroit club, and lias never yet seen them defeated. He claims to be a mascott. Miss Abbie A. Pond, for so many years principal of the grammar school, will enter the schools again as recitation teacher, being employed two hours each afternoon. Expert mathematicians figure that the new marriage license law will bring to the county clerks of the state not less than 5,000 additional fee., and the affldavlts will foot up another $5,000. The "sportsman" who wantonly kills our song birds ought to be prosecuted. Kill the sparrows, if you must kill sonicthing. Spairows, though little fellows. are said to make excellent eating in pies. The courts have decided that tbe baking powder lottery business Is as much of a lottery as anything else, and that dea'ers who dispose of it in that way are liable to prosecution and a heavy fine. Most mimufacturers have recalled their shipments. Here is a trueism: "A little item in a newspaper will sometimes make a man an enemy to that paper for life, but it won't stop him trom reading it. It merely changes him f rom a subscriber to a borrower. Every publisher can recall the nnincs of citizens who come iinder tui head." County Clerk Howlett says that the new marriiiirc license law is one of the grandest laws ever enacted - 75 cents for eiich inarringe, you know - and the newspaper men sort o' feel thatthey will have a new source of "looiil'' Information In ils workings. The new llquor law goes into effect two weeks froni to lay, and under its provisions thereafter, at all times when by law the doors should be closed, all bllnds, curtains, screens or other obstructions before the bar must be removed, so so that the bar is plainly visible from front, rear, or siile door or window. A. M. Thomas, a colored student who worked his way through the law department, graduating last June, and who studied with Judge Clieevcr for some time, has settled in Topeka, Kansas, and writes the Judge that he is doing well, having been successful in several juetice cases to start with. The school board met last night and organized by electing the following officers and committees : President- W. r. Harrlman. Secretary- W. W. Whedon. Treasurer- L. Grnner. Committee on Teachers and Text liooks- Messrs. Harrlman, Maok and Smlth. Flnances- Messrs. Bach, Beul nnd Whedon. Buildings and Oronnds- Messrs. Gruner, Doty anl Jacobs. Ltbrary- Messrs. Wliedou, Mack and Harrlman. E. C Warner resigned as a member of the County Board of School Examiners, last Saturday, and Judge Harriman appointed Prof. August Lodeman, of Ypsilanti, to fill the position. The speculation is that Mr. Warner will be the euccesgful candidate for Secretary of the County Board, to be elected the last of the n mui li. It may bother the heads of officials to keep track of the new laws that go luto effect Sept. 26th. Here is another good one : " Notarles and otliers making ïnortgages should bear in mind that the new law requires the ful] address, township, county and state, of mortgagees to be mentioned in the instrument, and unless this is done the register cannot receive such instrument for record." The High School classes elected the following offleers last evening: SENIOR OFFICEUS. President- David Hyde. V. Llzzle Bailey. Secretary- Virginia Law. Treas.- Lulu Southmayd. Marshal- Howard Waterman. JÜNIOK OFFICERS. President- Harry Randall. V. President- Alioe Oramiir. Miss McMalion. Treas.- Wra. 8. Cheever. Marshal- Henry H. Walker. Upon estimate8 all ready rcccivcd, the Secretary of State places the total yield of wheat in Michigan this year at 22,0(12,628 bushels. The estimated yield of oats to the acre in the southern counties is 28.38 bushels to the acre. Potatrap yield 29 per cent, of an average erop In the southern counties, 42 per cent. in the central and 45 in the northern counties. Bailey averages 19.47 bushels to the acre. Milo Pulcipher bas been trying the climate of the west and soutli, and evidently has not fallen In love therewith, for he writes from Texarkana, these lines to us: " Home attractions too strong. No place like Michigan, especially Ann Arbor. The south caunot hold me. Too much heat, and too many skeeters and nlgs for me. Will be home in a day or so to stay, tliank the Lord." Well, we shall all be glad to keep Milo with us. He is one of the kind we do not like to lose. As ii special attraction at the county fair we would suggest to the management that they arrange a game of base ball betweeu a nine from the board of supervisors and a nine composcd of county officials. Another attraction has been suggested, which has proved in othor citles to be a good drawlng card, is a "children's day," a prlze being ofïered for the largest School In attendanee from any place in the county, and a prize for the one coming tho longest distance.- Manchester Knterprise. fïow would it do for our county fair ofliclals to offer a prize to the coupie who will have the marriage ceremony performed on the grounds during one day of the fair ? It would be a drawing card. The fair occurs Oct. 4th, 6th, Oth and 7tli.