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Tliis evening at 8t. Andrew s Churcli at half past seycn o'clock, the ceremony will be performcd that will unite tlie Uves of Miss Anna Evans Miner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John R. Miner, ol thiscity, and Mr. Louis AddisonRIioade?, also of this city, one of tlie teachers in the high school. The ceremony is to be performed by Rev. S. Earp, and Clarence J. Miner, brother of the bride, ofllciates as best man. The ushers are Karl R. Miner, and Ed. D. Trowbridge of Ann Arbor; Kendall W. Hess, of Grand Rapids; Ebenezer F. Walbridgc, Toledo; and Fred S. Ilollcnbeck, of Perrysburg, Ohio. Iloss G. Colé has composed a wedding march for the occasion, and will preside at the organ during the ceremony. A reception froni 8 until 10 o'clock al at the residence of the bride's parents, at No. 42 E. Liberty street is to be given the friends of the couple, this evening. To-day, Wedncsday, Sept. 14tli, Miss Josie L. VVatson, is to be married at the home of lier grandfather, Hon. S. G. Ives, of Chelsea, to Cluire S. Uurand one of the pleasant, gentlemanly and efllcient mt-mbers of the American Express Co. 's force in this city. The ceremony will be pcrforincd by Rev. B. I. Ives, of Albany, N. Y., a grand unele of the bride. The couple have apartments furnished in the 4th ward, and will commence housekceping at once. This marriage seems to be a peculiarly liappy one, both bride and groom ranking high in the estlmation of thcir many friends in Chelsea and Ann Arbor; and if good wishes will briiit; people the good lliings of this world this yountr couple will live a life of unalloyéd happinesa and prosperity. Cards are out announcing the marriage of Will Graves, of this city, to Miss Anna Danner, on Sept. 20th, at the residence of the bride's parents, in Northfleld. A great deal is said about tUe wickedness of turning the grand army into a partisan organizution. "Politics must be kept out of it !" exclaims the democratie press. Very well ; keep politics out. Don't hang out catnpaign banners of the next democratie candidate for the presidency whenever the boys in blue march by. Keep politics out of the way of veterans. - New York Tribune. Thecounty treasurer will not recognize the right of township and city clcrks to draw orders against the county funds for the killing of sparrows, according to the law passed last winter. Now we wonder f another new law, passed at the lastsession of the legislature, justiees of the peace to draw ordors for witness fces directly on the county trensurer, thus ivoiding (Itliiy of waiting for the board of supervisors to pass on tlic :icoonnt as roquired by the old law - will be reen gn zeil as legal f The following rclativc to tlie new marriare license Imw is going the ronnda ol the press: "For au illhlavit for liccnsc to marry, tlip bride and groom must iinswer the following questlons before a peñón propcily autliorized to adiiiinistcr an oath: 1, Full name; 2, age at last birthday; 3, white, black, mulatto, or Indian; 4, resideuce; 5, birthplace; 6, occupation ; 7, father's name ; 8, mother's maiden name; 9, number of times previously mnrried; 10, ( to the lady) malden name if a widow. Th is law goes into effect Sept. 2G. After that date tliis licenRe must be taken out to make the ceremony legal."