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WEI Gtn PJÜ R E ___t pRpmcrs CREAM fr PERFECT MAPg Used by the United States government. Endursed by the hends r urc:it Unlversltles lis the Strongest, Purest.aiul most Heallhful. Dr. Prloe'l 1 1 it1 tui ly lijikiiii: Powdertbal does not contaln AmmoQlm Linie or Alaiu. Sold only In cans. PRICE BAK[N( POWDER CO., NEW YORK. CBK V(. (i. ST. I.OL'IS. ITHE CREAT Germán RemedyJ Ia TBUTHS FOB THE SICK. RlüoufiSui'llsiU'peiKl fnraciiscwliorehi 111 onSoLriiritliiTTEBí i-mu BllTBxa wilil It wlll cure yon. ot aselrt or cure. 1 III n i) ■,,;,iU„iIi, '"'v"r f!1"3pi Ithntüredandallgone Clejuisethe TltltedB feelinj;; if R", se l.lood when you se. 1 1 SüLPHÜB Bittebs ; lt8 impurilies lunst II It will cure yon. ngthrongh the skinll Oi.eralivi'swii..Bn: '" l'i"'l'l''S Ülut, l,es.l I conflned in :llul '"■''■ I!l'!y onU □ thn milla n I wnrk Si 1.1HI It Bil U.US.pj inc un i ih nuil , , . , ,. , , t3 ■ahopa;olerk8,whodo ;inf be:llül wil lol g III not procure Rufliclcnt ,,,111 Hltixerctsc, a nel alhvho ... I ItoMifrèr'froi'! H' 1llil11 J'" P ani' I I latism, se ■ bottle of "i-'ke jou BtrougandBI llsri.raru liiTTKKS ; lo;ilthy. III III It liever fallsto ■■ure. SULPUÜK BITTERS ■ rn Don'tl tliout a wlllmakeyoiirbloodjB Hbottle. Try it: you imre.rtehandstrong.M n wlll lint ramt It. nul vrnir llesh hard. Hl Ijl Latlies in delicate1 Ti-y si k I!iï II Illhealth, wbo nre all ikks to-ulght, andl II Illrundown, shout'i llsi' vnu wil! sleep welllll Ul 1 I IN ;: Ml I i } l;. ni. . ■ ! '■.■il. ■ l... m III Do you want the Ie8t Medical Work published? Senil 3 2-cent etamps to A. P. Okdwat & Co Boston, Mass., and rccclve a copy, tree. MAyr LAMP CHIMÏfiEYS A UB ofiteretl ('dr sale reprcsetitecl as good as tho I'aiuous PEARL TOP BIT TtIEV ARE NOT! And like all Countcrfeits lark tlio Rciuarkablo I.ASTIXi tualities OF THE GEXH9ÍE. ASKFORTHE PEARLTOP And Iusist rryv TH IS wiih xJJHJ CM1MNE1 atj0ct.3O,lS83. The PEAHiTto? is itlunufarliirpd OLï foy GO. A, MAC0LTH & CO,, PITTSBUltOH. P- Tutt's Pilis Mlmnlnt,, the torpi.l llver. rengtti. ANTI-BILIOUS MEDICINE. In maiarinl .Ilslri, is thcir virtnes are iflel, rv.-oKI,Uvl.stli, y powSwM ullur propt rü. s in ri-ciiiK t svsloin Sold Everywhere. Office, 44= aianay St., New York TRAVEL VIA IfmtTSm 11 ThrouHh Train uith Dinlng I TT i IMII lll ar Pullman Palace Sleep mi [I '"? Oars, Modern Coaches. WftÊÊhéÊa W8ur' connecthns In Union M 'lïm rHI DePts t lts terminal points, I I rMI "" traint from and to the ■ I fast, tfert, ori antf SouiA. KV?V?VKWHI Cheapest, Best and Quichest 2idkMUiSI '?0"'e '" Chicago, Peoría ' iSSi or 6'í. oíu to DENVER, ST PAUL SAN FRANCISCO, MINNEAPOLIS, g"AcH.A' -__, PORTLAND, ORE. KANSAS CITY, ST. JOSEPH CITY OF MEXICO, ATCHISON ' CfZlntctti ÍES! orTdd%%'"""y ' TkM AgntS pTpTt70a"KJjflE ONLY TROE ÖTIRON BTONIC B H 1 purifr the BLOOO reüiiiM,. B OH of YOUTK. Dn.pei.ulH.W.nt H Btrenirth and Tlred Feeling ab H solutlT cured: BonM, mus. B k c an nerToe receive nt-w ■ force. Knlivenu mni.l and nnpplies Braln Power. ■ ia ■■■Mtfx öiifferina from complaintH{xK-ii I Al bH )inrt,.thi.rM-iwilfflnil in DU """ HARTEK8 IRON TONIC ■ ■f, peodjcum. Givennrldnr, henllhi comiileiion. A II Attem ptK nt counterfelting only edds to it ipopu laritj. Do not experiment - Bet Original AND Best i Dr. HARTER'S LIVER PILLS . ■ Cure Conatlpatlon. Llver Complaint and Slckl ■ Headaofae. Sample Done and Drum Bookl malled on reoelpt of two ccnta In poataze. f THE DR. HARTER MEDICINE CO.. 8T. LOUIS, MO. MACKINAC. Summer Tours. Palace Steamera. Lq-w Rates. Foor Trip per Week fietwevn DETROIT, MACKINAC ISLAND Bt. Iirnace, Cheboy ean. Alpen, HarrisvUIe. Ocod, Hand üeach. Port Huron. fit. CUir, O&kJand Hoiua, Marine City, ïtvery Week Vy Botweon DETROIT AND CLEVELAND Special Sunday TripB during July and Auffuat. OUR ILLU8TRATED PAMPHLETS Bau and Bxouralon Ttoketo wül be fnmlahed by your Ticket Agant, or addraa E. 9. WHITCOMB, Gn'l Pmi. Ag.nt, Detroit & Cleveland Steam Nav. Co. DETROIT, MICH. '


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