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Delicate Cliildron, Xnrslng Kfotbora Ovcrworked Men, and for all diseases where the tissucn ire watting uway trom the mibilily to tlitrest ordinaty food, or from overwork of tb e bruin or body, all kiicIi iboulii Mke Scoit's Kmulsinn of Pure ('od Li ver Oll with Hypophosphitr.x. "I OMd the Kumlsinci on a lady wlio wlio was delicate, and threatened witb lironcliitls. It put her in fiicli good liealth and flstb, tlmt I DMM4 sap it is the best Emulsión I ever used '' - L. P. Waddell, M. D., Hugh's Mills, o. Ci Itusuully liappeus tliat tlie man wbo is Incápábie of traoaactins bisown business thlnks liimself sufflciently (rlfted to be Seerctiiry of tlic Treasury. - licnj. F Tayior, To be Absolutely Certain of most thisgi is diiliult, bot if the unlted te8timony of people in evory vvulk of Ufe, tot more than a mirtT of a oentnry, bc good evidi'ncc. then dytpepdft, loss ot'appellte, headaohe, rakefolneM and l;ti ) iliiiiini fnmi whateyer cause, may becured by Dr. Harter'g Iron Ton ie. LKe for delaya aml dnubu no time does ttlve, None ever yet made haute onougli to live. - Cowley. -- HALE'S H01EY h the best Cough Cure, M, 60c., fL GLENN'S SULPHUR SOAP heals and beautifics, Mc. GERMÁN CORN REMOVER kills Corn & Buniom, 25c. HILL'S HAIR A WHISKER DYE-Rlack & Drown, 60c PIKE'S TOOTHACHE DROPS cure in 1 Minule, 25c DEAN'S RHEUMAT1C PILU are ■ sun cure, 60c.


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