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A tornado struck tho Nor tb western ín sano Asylum, four miles from Tolo lo, O., on tho 6th, eausmg a damago of 81,000. By the explosión of a thrashor ongine on tho 6th at Gardon Springs, 111 , WiUiam Bumphus, a farmer, and two othor porbous were fatally Injtred. An assay or Dubols County (Ind.) orí producod on the 6th $59 in sllvcr and $4 in gold to the ton. At Corodo, W. V4, on tho 6th A. E. Bush, agoi oighty-two years, and his wlfo, aged seventy-oight yoars, wore shot and fatally wounded by burglars who had entorod thoir homo. ís a quarrol on tho 6th noar Shelby villa, Ind., Bylvester Bassett ítubbeJ Uls brother Albort to dcath. A iiBAvr wind-storm on tho 6th unroofod several buildings at Kochoslor, Minn., and two porsons woro killed. A riiEioiiT train was wrockod on tho 6th ncar Seyinour, Mo., fatally injuring üve men and causing a loss of $50,000 in property. Rawsos, O., with fiftoon hundred inhabitants, was tho scène of a groat conflagratlon on tho 6th. Half of tho town was destroycd, and the loss was estimated at $100,000. At Evansvillo, Ind., on the Oth Dr. George B. Walker diod from the effect of a surgical operation. He was eighty years old, and had been a practitioner for over half acentury. Bkntos J. Hall, the Commissioner of Patcnts, in his synopsis of his annual report furnlshod on the 6th says that at the close of U10 fiscal yoar ended Juno 30, 21,m patents wero issued, tho rocoipts amounting to $1,159,040; exponditures, 1681,644 The Charles Stowart Paper Company of Cineiniiati failod on tho öth for $100,000. Gekekal Chook telegraphed from Rawlins, Wy. T., to the War Department on the 6th that all unauthorizod persons had been expelled from thi Uifltah and Ouray reservations, and that tho Utcs woro all at home and quii-t. At its meeting in Cincinnati on tho 6th tho American Phurmncruticnl Association elected J. W. I.loy.i, of Cincinnati, President; 8. A. D. Shephcrd, of Boston, Troasuror; and John M. Maish, of Phlladelphia, Secreta ry. Os the tith two valuable rini?s, one of them a present from the Pope, were stolen from tho ros d 'nee of Cardinal Uibbons in Baltimore. Mus. J. N. G11.LETT was fatally burned in Milwaukee on the 6th by fat wh.vh became igmt ■(! on a kitctun stove. KoMALiSKiand Katherino Hoiiidlki were boating on tho Öth near English I,ake, Ind., when the boat was accidentally upset and both girls were drowned. Their ages were niueteen and eighteen years respoctivoly. Tuk Lodge of Wisconsin Good Templars bagan its secon 1 annual session at Mudison on the 6th. 1 he reports of offlcers showed tho oi-dor was in good condiI1011 tinanoally. On" the afternoon of the 7th a cyclone at Findlay, O., blew down soveral buildings and iid otlier damage. Five men lost thoir livoi on ths 7th by the burning of tho Maverick oil-works in Kast Boston, Mass. RiciiAitn Hex-sleu was burnol to doath on tho 7th in a hoU'l building at Tonawania, N. Y., and tho structuro wus doitroyed. The Chicago, Milwaukea and St. Louis industrial rxpositions were oponed on tho ívening of the 7th. Iv the United States Court at Jofferson L'ity, Mo., on tho 7th two of the "BaldKnob" gang were convieted under the Cuklux law for beating, intimidating and Inving away homestead settlors. The Lang had been torrorizinjf half a dozen :ounties in Southern Missouri. Others of t members were to bo tried. The Michigan M. E. Conforonce bogan ts fifty-second session at Bay View on the 'th. A watehspout burst on Caroless creek, Meagher County, M. T., on the 7th, and twelvo hundred sneep were drowned. Jackson's Bilk mili and tho Grant locomotive works at Paterson, N. J., were destroyed by üre on the 7th. Loss, 150,000. Hix hundred persons were thrown out of employment. A fike on the 7th destroyed tho costly machinery of the Barren Fork Coal Company, near Somersot, Ky., causing a loss of $100,000. At New Harcpton, Ia., two boys under ten yearsof age were arrosted on tho 7th, chargod with attempting to wreek a train. The exarnples of youthful depravity said their intention was to rob the dead and Injured passengers, and admitted they read with avülty "yellow back" literature. At a meeting of Roman Catholic Prelates at Baltimore on the7th thj plans for a new university at Washington were adorad and a builiing comtnittae appomted. The building is to cost $S, 000,000 A spark from an engino on tho 7th ignited the bed lm of a car-loai of flne catr tle en route from Clinton, 111., to the Atlanta fair. Most of the animáis were roasted to death, and tho others were frightfully burned and had to be put to death. Nbak Afton, Ii., on the 7th the Crestón express train on tho Kansas City, St. Joseph & Couniial Bluff-s road ran into a local passenger train, and one person was killed and ten others wcrowoun led. At the Ro''k County (Wis.) fairat Janesville on Ihe 7th Miss Abbie Ferris and Mr. G. A. Crossman wero nmrrijd in the presence of five thousanJ persons. The youni? people roccivod very many presentí. Wind and rain-storms of cxtraordlnary violence swept portions of York and Massachusetts on the 7th,destroyingcrops and trees, unrooflng houses and' blowing down bariü, etc. A man at Worcester was duslied against a bnrrel aml killed, and sevurul persons were pai-tially paralyz 'd by li, -timing. ■iitK Uvarjr stable of William Heffron, at Cincinnati, was claatroyad lyflreon the ":h, and thirty-eiht horsas and twelve Biuli-s were burneJ to d atli. The Btaaraer Wisconsic landed 415 Mormoa immiffrants at New York on tho 8th, the entire pariy leaving for Utah ia the eveninLT. A VEix of aatt 1D6 feet thick was found at a depth of 7:10 fuet in Ellsworth, Kan ., on tho 8th. It is pure rock salt, very strong, and pronouneed by exparts superior to any other discovered. Tire Arlington Hotel at Saogortown, Pa., was burned early on the morning of the 8th, causing a loss of about 135,000. The guests, who narrowly escaped, lost all tlieir property. Ín a fit of jLMlousy at Omaha on the 8th Jacob Aibiec íatally lnjnrad his wife and then killed liimself. Tne North Mar Mutual Firo Insurance Company of Kt. Paul ileui lod ou the 8th to wind up its business, uwiug to heavy losses rcc'ntly. Deeii, Hanxa & Co.'s woolen milis, eighte.m milos west of Crawfordsville, Ind., togethor with a lrge pristmül adjoining, wero burned on the 8th. Loss. tBQ,000 DritiNd n tornado on tho 8th in tho Moliawk (N. Y ) valley soveral porsons wero in jured, hop yards wcre devastated, crops wero ruined and stock klllod. Kifty barns wero unroofol and Altre, 1 W. Gilford'3 house wiis domolishad. DtSASTBOtn forojt lira worc ragln on tlio Nth abotit üftoon miles from Louisvillo, Ky. Tuis American riiarnuicoutical Association, in sossion on the Sth at Cincinnati, voted U) meuioralizo Congres for a repeal or the luw imposiii a special tax on drugjjists who soü akvholio liquors. Mr. QtiADSTOXH having beon invitad to atteud the constltutional centennial at Philu Iclphiu replied that lie would have as niucb to do in engineering tho Irish questlon as h!s "residuo of activity " could accompliBh, and ho wat tbnrofore compoUod to "docline tlio most fiattering proposal ho had ever reooived. " Amono the businoss failurcs on the Stli woro the folio wing: Chipman & Holt, ol Philadclpluu, ooal dealers, for f217,000; F. C. Davonport, of Botton, metal dealer, for 1100,000; Colby, Duncao & Co., of New York, piano manufacturera, for $175,000 ; Kohoe & lljittliuws, of AJinnoapolis, Mum., cigar dealers, for f 100,000; and Thomas Flourney, Jr., of Richmond, Va., tobacconist, for Í50.000. A flow of natural Las was struck on the 8th at Amboy, Ind., at a depth of nlno hundred fooU A jurv was seoured in Bioux City, Ia., on lbo 8th to try Munchrath for tho raurder of Rev. Georgo C. Haddock. Boven oí them aro farmers. A LiGliT frost foll at Madison, Wis., on tho 8th, butdid 110 damage to tho tobáceo erop. It was foliowad by rain. Representatives of ninoty browing ürms met at Harrisburg, Pa., on the 8th and effectod a Btato organization. Thoy adopted a resolution denouncing the High License law ;is a blow at personal liberty. Jaoob Ci.AKK.of Louisville.scventy yoars old, was nearly burnod to daath on the 9th by his wife Mary, aed twonty-eight years, who poux'üd coal-oil on him and set it ou flre. mmTnE estimated yiold of wheat in Michigan this Masón is 009,049 bushels. Colonei. Thomas ü. 8llly, aged seventy years, drowned himsolf on the 9th at New Orleans. He had been clnof cotton Inspector for nmny year. .loiix Thomas Rosa (colored), who killed Ennly Brown, an aged white woman, and sold her body to a medical college for flfteen dollars, was hanged at Baltimore, Mil., on the U1I1. Phtlip Halfbb, a wealthy carpenter, of Springtlold, 111. , shotbimsolf dead on the 9th. A lew days ago he was arrested for wife-beating, and became very des pondent over the matter. Halfer, a short time before shooting himself, said his real name was Philin Hooman. A FiRB on tho uth at l'ierson, Mich., de9troyed the post-offloe anl hall a dozen stores. As asstgnment was made in Louisville, Ky., on tho 9th by Lapp, Goldsmlth & Co., liquor and tobáceo merchante. Iiabilities, $100, OOJ. The family of Captain Clemens, of the schooner Niágara, reoently lost with a crewof ten men uft Whlteüsh point, Mich., were not on the vassol as at tirt reported. They were at homo ín Cleveland. The poanut barrast íil Virginia for this jvar was on the Ota estimated at ],6X),000 bushels. Nine peanut faetones clean and sort the nuts for tbo market Cai.ifohnh colobrütJd on the 9th the thirty-sevoulh imuiversary of her admission to the Unicn. Tha day was kopt as hüliilay in all parta of the State. The estimated number of acres icstored to tiie public doniam il uring August is 21,:i'J.!.(KK), exclusivo of l,513,UuU acres within the limüs of tho indi, in resorvations. Quitb a heavy frost f.11 on tho night of theSth in Minncsoti, and simo corn would bc nipped, but the major crops were all safe. Duhing a heavy thunder-storm on the ath liehining struck Martin Pinninp, of Milford, Minn., as he was plowing on his farm, killing him and lus horses. The bauks of tlie ncw aqueduet at North .Yonkers, N. Y., cavcd in on the 9th and bur.od throe men under 130 feet of earth. The boAies had not been dug out. TiiEiiE wero 152 business failures in the United States during the seven days ended on the 9th, against 175 the previous Beven days. Advices of the 9th from Montpelier, Ind., say the Bullskin prairie and the Lob Lolly were on flre. It was not only the grass, bnt tho turf, a black, loamy soil that was on flre, and the dense black smoke could be seen for milos. Uispatciies on the9th say that in the recont storm in Lenaweo County, Mich., thirteen farm-houses were wrecked or wholly demolishod, and the road from Ofden to Riga was washed out Outbuildings, orchards, woods, fences and flelds also suffered sevorely, and several persons ware badly injured. PERSONAL AND POLITICAL. Samuel T. Williams, of Maryland, was on the 6th appointud Secretary of tho American lcgation in Brazil. At BelvUere, 111., on ttie 6th Deacon and Mrs. Ifidney Avery celebrated the sixtyfourth anniversary of their wedding. The Union Labor and Greenback party of Pennaylvania held their State eonvention at Williamsport on the 7th and nominated Charlea s. Keyser, of Philadelphia, for Suprem:' Court JuJge, and H. D. Bunker, of Hollidaysburg, íor State Treasurer. 1t was reported on the 7th that Assistant Secretary of lítate Porter had resigned onü would return to his homo in Tennessee. Mr. Porter said he resigned on account of his wife'a ill-health and for other personal and private reasons. William Aikes, who was tíovernor of South Carolina in 1844, and served three terms in Congress prior to 1S57, died on the 7th at Flat Rock, aged eighty-one years. Ho owned moro alavés than any other man in tho State bofore the war, but opposed secesslon. Keven out of nine Missouri counties on the 7th votei in favor of local option. Thore are now thirty pronounced prohibition counties in the State. Kev. Joiix Ai.abastbk, died on tha 7th at Canar.daigua, N. Y., aged üfty-one years. He was a leading divine of the Methodist ihurch, and pastor of the Trinity Church at Chicago. Goverxou O0LE9BT on tho 7th appolnted Judgo Jameson, of Chicago, and Lieutenant-Governor Smith to represent Illinois at the Philadelphia Constitutloual centennial. Tiie Prohibitionista of Siassachusetts met In State coavention at Worcester on the 7th and nominated a full ticket, with W. H. Earle for Oovernor. The platform declaros asainst Uconso; demanda the immediate repeal of all license laws and the submlssion of a constitutional amendment to the people, and domand thiit the question of woman suffnigo be submitted to the Legislatura. Colonel Newton G. Scott, a veteran of the Mexican war, died at Logansnort, Ind oft the 7ih. '' Dïlkoates from about sixty labor and political orgimizations of socialistic tendencies mot in New York on tho Sth and íormed a new politicnl party in onposition to Honry Oporgo. It s to bc. knuwn us thf) Frogrestlve Labor party. Ex-COMQHIMMAM WlI.I.lAM ifUNOSB, wlio reprotonted the Findlay { .1 isi riet la tlio Fortiüthnnct Korty-first CongrasiM, diod vory KU'ldcMily on tlie Dth'nt Kin Hay. Elijaii Haïkh and lus wife, of Warsaw, I., r 1 1 the '.mi 'l Ie i property v.iIumI at 1189,000 to Mia Board "f (Osaloni of tlio Methodist B isi-i'i:il church. Ai.nEitT (■ Hh.i.uin, of Kentucky, a iiienibor of OongreM frota ls" to 18511, dud on the i)i li la Phlladelphlk FOREIGN. Over two huadred houses at Vssiprem, Hungary, wuro dostroyod by flro uu tlio 5Ui. A firk broke out on tho nisht of the 5th In the Theater Royal at Exiéter, íog., during a prrroritianco, and in tho rush to escape ácoros wura crushod to dcutli mui many othors vvoro suffocated. Ono hundred and thirty bodios hal boon rocovorcd, butit was feared tho moitulity woulil roaoh 175. An enormous Run, In process of casting in tba VicKi-rs loun.lry at Shiftlold, Eng., explodedon the (ith, five mon aud injuringa largo numbor of ochara. Anvu BS of tho 6 h say that violent rain and hail-storms In Ih3 northern part of England and in Scotland had in many sootionsentirolviiostroyc.l thostan üng crops. Flktiier advicos of the Oth say that 180 bodies had boon taken froin tho ruina of tho Theater Royal at Exotor, Eng., niany of them so much burnod as to be beyond recognition. In addition, tvventy deaths of persons injuroü woro reporteü, and it was belie vod that other bodies weroyet ia tho ruins. In sevoral cases or.tiro families lost their lives in tho llamos. Grbbnway, Bmitii & Gkeen'way'3 bank at Warwick, Eng., failed on the Cth. The bank was established a century ago and had the hihot reputation for soundnoss. It was foared tlio failure would cause many othors. Hansos & WoiiMALn'3 woolon-mills ia Dewsbury, Enjj., were destroyod by fire on theöth, causin? a loss of ÍJÜÜ.OUO. Cholera appearod in Rome on the 6th, flve casos and two deaths boing roportod. At Palcrmo nino cases an 1 four deaths woro repoited; at Tiapams, twolve new cases and eight doaths, and at Cataniu thri'e now aes and ono deutli. TiniiTKKN husinoss houses, thirty residencos, the Napaneo & Qucbec railway station and tho Mcchanic's Instituto at Newburi?, Ont., wore burncd on tho 7th. Loss, HJh.dmi John Wolls was burned to dcath. A co.s'oukss of trades-unions in London resolved on th ) Sth to agítate for a full holiday on Satunliy and ei'ht hours of work on o'.h )r days of thu wivk. A tkue bill was found on the Sth by the Montroal grand jury against William J. McGari'lo, William AHon Pinkerton and Michael Hkky, who, on four counts, are charged with conspiracy agaiust James Baxter. AuvicEsof tho Sth say that in the roceut storms in Canada many livjs werelostand vessels wrecked. The English Government will, it was said on tho 8th, improve and strengtben the fortiflcations of Halifux, N. S., by building now batteries, vvhich will be furnlshod with eighty-ton guns. The cost of these works will be fl.OÜO.OOO. It was pfticially announced in the English Parliamonton the Sth that the Kind of Samou had boen deposed by the Gor mans, the English and American Consuls protest i ii te. Tuk Spanish Government on the 9th ordered the release of Mr. Doano, the American missionary at tho Caroline Islands, who was lately arrosted by the Spanish authoritles there and imprisoned at Manila. Editok ü'Biuen, not appoaring atMitcholtown, Ireland, on the 9th, for trial under tho Coerción act, mado himself liable to arrest, and a warrant was issued for him. An indignation moeting was held, and a conflict took ilacc between tho pólice and soldicrs anl the populace, during which two of the latter were instantly killed and others worefatally and seriously wounded. Tin: Austrian Consul at Bombay reported on the 9th that thore wore 81,328 dcaths from cholera in India during tha inon th of May. LATER NEWS. The record of tho base-ball clubs In ths National League for tho week endoJ on the lOth as follows: Detroit (amo won), 88; Chicago, 57; Philadelptiia, 69; New York, 57; Boston, 52; Pittsburgh, 43; Washington, :'.); Iiulianapolis. 30. The Oh;o RapublU-ans oponed thoir carapaifjn on theeveninj? of tho lOth at Cal 1woll, Governor Forakor beiug the principal speaker. A dispateh of tho lOth reports the loss of a vesscl with flfty hands in the English clianneL At Uventy-six leadtng clearinghouse In the United States the exchanges during the week endod on the lOth aggregated 71,468,776, against W4r,44,78lJ tho provious week. As comparecí with the correspondin? weak of 1SSÖ, tho incroasa amouiiu to 9 0 per cent. Twextï THOD8AHD iiail-malters of Worccster and Stafford, Ens;., struck on the lOth for an ailvunou oí twenty to thirty por ■ Dt In waees. In Montrealon the lOth Porter's tannery and bnot factory and an adjmning tenement-house wera barned. Loss, iatti.üOO. The grand jury at Morris, Jll., refused on the lOth by a vote of 18 to 5 to return an indictment agalnst Miss Sarah Dodge, charged with the murder oí Walter 8. Babcock, the Chungo lumber dealer. Disi'ati in:s ui ih U)th frora Tucson, A. T., reported that a heavy tlood had swept away twenty miles of tho Southern Paciflo railwiiy track and dono other damage. The grand jury In Chicago on the lOth indicted Dr. Ht. John, Levi Dell, Captain John lrwin, of the srhooner K. Blake, and Captain John Freor, of the scliooner Qoorge Marih, for assisting William J. McGarigle lo esospe. Poca men were drowned on the lOth naar HallfuX, N. B., by the caps ning of a boat. advices cf the lOth say that Henry M. Stanley was heard from on July lü, a montli after his reported murder, In Needmore, Tann., on the lüth tho a revival moeting was in progres, and sixty or suventy people w tnt down twonty feet, raost of tlioin being severely injurod, one man fatal ly. A band of Cuban fll btisters woro attarked on the lüth i.ff tho Florida coast by Kpanlsh FO dier, an.i thrco of the Boldiors were killed and flve wnunded. Fivn [arge iaw-milli wera burned in Minneapolis ou tha liilh, causing an aggregaie loss of f. r i.OOü. Dr. L. E BoKOBlIM, a prominent physician of Atlanta, Ga., committed suïcide on the llth. Be h,nl b en i it-titn or i-ocaine. The Agnculturiil Department at Washington on Uu' 1 ith reported a li mvy roduo tion la tin' ooadltion of corn in the West since the last report In the teven c-ornsurplu'i status thé áraraga was ten per cont lower than last mouth. Dakota spring returns wei' ketter thun before, wblle from Ulnneaota u iaoontta, Iowa and N'ljrusku the reporta woro a shado lower.


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