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llrer and kidney. all physlcUuia wil! ad...

llrer and kidney. all physlcUuia wil! ad... image
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llrer and kidney. all physlcUuia wil! admit. It 1 a terrible dtaeate, and criea uut for relief and c ire. The remarkable cnratlve power, when all nther remedlei utterly (all, o( Naiutford't JiwJi'cul Cure, are atteeted by thouandé wbo gratefully recoramend It to fellows-uffurera. Sn gtatment la made regardlnv It tbat cannot ho eubntantlaled by tbe mout respectable and rellable referenoe. Eacb packet couUIns one bottle of tbe Ilmlv.d Care, one box of Catarrhal Solvent, and an Improvtd InhtUer, wlth treatiae and directiow, and ia old bjr all itnggUxa for SI. 00. Porren Dhi'u ano Ciihkkical Co., Boston. IT STOPS THE PAIN Ma IN ONK MISlTi:. JV -JH A hing back, hipa, and aideg, kidney ulvuit uu-rlDu palu, wiakneiw an lullamHSpmatlon, rheumatlr, nnd neuralgic, sclW mT ttlic, wuiiilt-ii , tlmri and nervouü paiun, W WÊk fcind utrain relleved in oue min ute by tbat new, elegant and antiilutito pain annd liiSamination, the ('iitliura Anti Pain Planter. Koaott; Sfor $1; at all drugl,'i"li'i r 1'oTriK Dltllli AXDÜHKBICA!. Co., boitou. Ü48OSIC iiiui.cruuv. AH S A KIKIR ('OM M ANIIKHY, NO. 13 nici'tx llrNt Tueaday of neb muntb. W. O Doty. K. C; W. A. Tolchard, Recorder. Wasiitksaw Ckaptkb, No. 6, R. A. M.- Mw-ts Hrnt Momliiy eacb inontb. Isaac Hanüy, U. P.; f. Uouth, HeoreUry. BUSINESS CARDS. DR. H. R. ARNDT, PHYSICIAN O'f ick Ove Fibst National Bank. Hoat-8 from 0 to 11 a. in., From 2 to 3:30 u in., Suiiday from 9 to 10 u. m. WIL.LIAM HERZ, Haase, Miga, Ornamental and FRESCO PAINTER! I'KiiLTlDg, GHazlng Ulldlng, and CalcImlnlDE, and work Of vrry dencrlptlun done In the beat tIe, and warrantefl to glve satiafactlon. Shop, No. 4 W. Washineton St., Arm Arbor. W. . A. C. l IIOI.V Rooms Over Ann Arbor Savlngg Hunk, Manonic Temple Block. GAS or VIT ALIZED AIR A'lmlntittjred for the palntew eztractlon of teeth. o. im:. elüthsT, JIKAI.Klt IN CLOTH CASKETS. METALIG Aai 'mi m.iti ( 'oilliiN. Calla iiticn led to lay or VlKbt. Krabalinlnic a Hn-clalty. HtorertMitii E. Waiililiigtoii atreel. K.-M.lriu'i Oor. Uberty and Flflh. Qlvo hiía a lift I don't kneel In prayer, Nor murante wlth tiin denpalr; The man Ik down, and hls vreat need Ib ready help, uot prayer and creed. Ti8 time when the wounds are waslied and heuled - Tlmt the lnwurd motive be revealed; Bul huw, wtiairt-r the Hptrlt be, Mere words are bul mocKery. One uniln of ald Jugt now Is more To htm lUan tomen of salutly lore; Pray. lf yon must in your lu-aM, Bul tve lilin a lia, glve liliu a slart. The world lg full of good advlce, OÍ pruyiT. aixl pralse, and preaculng nlce - lint the generoUH souls who uUl niuiikuul Are BOarce as gold und bard lo ílml, UlvellkeaCbrlBtlan- spoak In deeda: A noble lile1 the beBt of crectls; And he Hhall wear a noble cruwn Who nivea lUem a Uft when they are down!


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