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A County Summer Pastoral

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As written by a learned acholar of the city trom the koowledge derlved from elymologlcal deilucltons rather tbau from acliml experlenoe. Klee from the city's rule and luw, Krom lts fashion umi lm ui cul looae. And go wbere the strawberry grown on lts ■tour, And the gooseberry grows on lts goose ; Where the catnlp tree lscllinbed by Ihe cat As he crouche for ber prey- The cnilclrss imd suspect) ng rat On the raituu bush at play. I wlll watch at eaae the salfron cow And her cowlet In thelr glee, A8 tbey leap In Joy trom hough to bough On the top of the cowl i p tree ; W bere ihe musical parlridge drums on hls drum. And tbe woodchuckcbucks hls wood, And the dot devours tnedogwood plum In the prlinlMve solltude. Oh, let me drink from the moss-grown pump Thut wiu bewn from the pumpkin tree, Eat musli and mllk from a rural stump, From forra and fanhlon free ; NVw-Kiithrrrd mush from the mushroom vine, And mllk trom the mllk-weed sweet. Wit li lUHctouH plneapple from the plne - sui-li food uh the goda ralght eal ! Anil then to the whltewashed dnlry I'll turn, W'here the dalrymald hiiotenliiK hles, Her rudiïy and goUlen-rcd butler to churn Krom the mllk ol her biitterfltet; And I'll rlse at mum with tlie eurly blrd, To the frauruut farniyard pass, Wheo the fttrmer turus hls Ln-tiutlful herd Of itrasshoDDers out to urnss.


Ann Arbor Courier
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