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Shadows And Light

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Mver I lio rlver, onceno fair. My wond'ring eyt'H are set, Ti see the trees look cold ittul Imrr Whcre erst earth's glorien niel ; The greenwood sbaüe, where Bong of bird ín Joyoua noleH the bosom Bilma, Alas! by me no more Ís heard - S runa the hearl's regret. Where are the many nenutcs gone That gleamed beneath the sim, Whrro are the Joya that thru' (hem shone Wln'ii sumnier's linU were spun '.' They go lo crown auother year Wlth li'af aM green, hihI son jih clu't-r, W lili tboDgbt hs falr, and tiope un Urar As rliytlim e'erbegun. The leavex that grow on yonder troes, Oh ! whlther are they fled ? Wliose glorie kiwted October' bréese lij wanton iporl iVerbead f They llelenealh Dooember'fl Bnow, llreuthlng new to eaith heliw ; Wliosi' KM-cii irniii Ueatb dutli cvti flow - A wondrousjoy oulnprea'1. Whenct; come the snow, so pun, so f : 1 1 r , So Jih Kt'lfKS BDU iO Oolu f Wbencti comen the bitter, hliin air Tlmt doth the cryHUtls monld ! They come to vest the year In gloom : Tluy comean I)eath, to thinH tltat bloom ; They come the heraldB of I lie tomb, When Autumn spills hlH ciU. 8o fade the charms tlmt Nature yiclds. So wliln-r and decay ; Today a j.y tlmt decks the flelils Witli lints of bfHíilcoiis Muy ; To-niorrow'8 shad)wfl, drrur aiul limi-, WUU'bilarken sienes wiieresnnbeainHulion l'ntil (1m1'k inerey rolls llie si ni gloom ii nd dVuili awfty. Thus youth brlnga HK and wlntcr'.s shows, Unerrlng a llie y mm; Tlius fitll oí li-iif brlugH siiminer's rose Tliro' liowersof Aprll luars ; Thu.H Ufe must pas frora 'leath to Ufe Tbru' beams of nnslilne. eloud and strlfe, Tlll IIpuvpii lx gttlned wltli glories rife And Dod's falr ligbt appenrs.


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