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How To Get Married

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The new marriage lieeiise law, wliich goeniiitotllurt uext Wedntsiay, provides that bafora a inarrÍHLe ceremony can be lcgally performed the partics most interMted must obtain a marrliige license from the Connty Clerk of the county In which elther the mnn or woman resides, and de liver such license to the clergyman or magistrate wlui is to ofticiate, Defore tLe raarrlage can be performed. Blauks for inarriiige licenses and certlflcatei must be provided with blatlkl tot lhe following items: The full nauie, age, color, place or reatdenoe, place of birth. tx-cujüition, anti, If known, the father's mime and mothei's malden name, of the persons to be niarried; the nnmber of times either of the parties may have been ]reviously married ; the bride's malden imme in case she g a widow; the date of the givillf? of the license; the gijf nature of the coiinty clerk; tlie date and place of niarriugc, and tbe certillcation of the offlciaiin' clergyman or magistrale that the in.irrlage' contémplale! by the liccuse Ims been pertmmed by bim. Au iffljivit must be made containlng the rcqiii.-ite allejiations, under the laws of thisatatr, of the competency of tlie purties to marry, and filed with the county cl-rk as a basis for issulng the license. The afflJavlt as well as license must bo made a ina!ter of record in the clerk's oiBce, and the date and place of marriage with tlie name and resideuces of two witnesses to the niarriií;c, and the iihuic of the minister or inagiiUate offlciatlOK must also be recorded in a book of registratiou. Hia minister is to keep a duplícate of all these leiral proceedings. If any county clerk rcfuses a license to persons entltlud to the same, or .-hall viólate any provisions of the act, he is subject to a fine of not less than $25 or more tlian $100, in deiuult of which he gets 90 days in jail. If a minieter or maglstrate nhall marry any parties not produclng the required liceuse, he will be lined $100, and be ent to juli for 90 days if the line is not pald, u'"i tlie same penalty attaché if he does not make a full return as required bv law. Any person apylying for a marrlage certiücate who shall swear to a false statement thcieln shall be guilty of erjury and bc prosecutej therofor under the general laws of the state. All the record referred to In the county clerk's office shall be prima facie cvidence in the courts of the facts which they contain. ____


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