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Frcedom raiaes white eoons. Most any town haa white coonera. Frank Wighr, of Clielsea, ia clerkiug for a Búllalo, N. Y., firm. Ypailanti cxpecta to be lighted by electricity thia week aome tiiue. Miss Agnea Collins, of Lyndon, wlll attend Albion college tbia year. The eatimated yield of wlieat for tUia couiity this year ia 801,997 bushels. The pig corn is plcntiful this year Lut the piga (bat fatten on the corn are acaree. South Lyon wants its sidewalks doctored up before anow falla saya the Plcket. Thos. Vhh Oieson of Bridgewaler, has brought a Hoek 01 :'O theèp home from Veriiiont. The old homestead of Norman K. l'lielps, in Duxli-r, ia being remodeled by M. S. Oook. The Presbyterians of Milim will prob ably cali a pastQr to take charge of the chtircli there. The onion erop this scason is said to be a good one, prices ranging from 75 ets. to Í1 per busliel. The Eist Milau P. O. bas had its name chnnged offlcially to Az ilia, the name of the lï. H. station. The Stony Crcek M. E. church had ita roof taken off in a recent storm; damages placed at $100. The misslon of the Paulist Fathera, of New York, is being held at the Chelsea Cathoüc church, this week. Ypsilanti lias the sympathv of all truly sympAtbetic souls. Eliperkina wlll lecture there October Kh. - Evening Journal. The last Cltelseq Herahl contains an extended obJüiary notiee of James Frank Wood wlio (iicd n the llth uit., of eonlumptlon. Perry Mills, an old resident of Lyndon, wblle chopplng wood recently severed one of the nialn bones of bis leg below the knee. Twelvc milis and elcvatira In the county reported 87,548 hushels of wheat marketed daring September, and 104,483 during tlic year. The ministers and justicea are doing a "lamí ofllce" business la marrying couplis before the ftew law goes into effect next Wednetday. The editor of the Dexrer Leader calis tliis "an ungratoful world." Oh! no! he must bc mistaken. Are not the Anarrhists to be Innig v A school ;irl bein iiskcd by her teacher what kind of a noun "kiss" was, replied with a bliish, that it was both common and proper. The Cathollc church at Pinckney realized $12" oD' the sale of ice cream one nlght réoertly. How the thought thrills ono with avveet shiver.s. fpiUntl has oiganized a booming association. That's business. There is only one way to push And that is to go to work in a ayatematlc in inner. The prnposed ni'w village on the west sliore of Devil's lake bas been christened "Chceseekau,'1 nitor a brother of the celebrated cliitl, Tecumseh. - Observer. The Yoimi,' l'eople's entertainment will take place on Frlday i'veniug. September .iOtli, ut the rink. Do not ffill to attend. Thcy proOÜM ydu a treat. - Milan T,eader. l.i-l WVilncsilay He?. Fr. Considine, of C-'lK-lsia unitcel the llves of Ohas. 8tapish of Lyndxn and Miss Lena II la of Btockbrldge. Thcy will reside in Lyndoa, The young people of the Saline M. E. chuich are endeavoring to aell seasou tickeLs enough to insure the success of a course of üve flrat claaa lecturef. IIoic thcy will aucceed. Tbc Milan Leader niaTi cries for a reform In complinientary fair tickets, ao that he can tr.ulc; tliem for flour, garden truck, and ".-lili." We loo, say amen. - Observer. That's fair. It haa been computed that the death rate of the world is about 67 a minute, 97,790 a day, and :5,ü:!l,.s.!.- a year; while the birth rate ia 70 a minute, 100,00 a da}-, and 30,792,000 a year. Joseph Vojrle, a Swiss, working on a farm two miles trom Ypsl. dlsappeared on the 13th and was found Ón the 19th ander tlie barn, where he had cut hls throat. This was the third attempt. Fred Martty's dog that we mentioned a short time ago as havlng swallowed a ailver dollar, bas been sufTering from the effect of it for sometime and It is thought he cannot live. - Manchester Enterprise. The average per acre of the yleld of harley in this county is 19.71 busbel8. The potato erop, com pared with an average yield is only ruted at 29 per cent., apples at 35 per cent., and late peaches at 72 per cent. The whirhviud of llgures in the mouthly report of the State weather service completely befuddles the common newspaper man. and he handlea It as gingerly aa a girl does a revolver wuen she ktmws it is loaded. After working hard all summer the farmer boy feels aa though a day at the Aun Arbor fair, where he can see the big pumpkin and fast nags, would be no more than he deserves. He will go too. -Manchester Enterprise. If you have not reccived a premium list of the 89th animal fair of the Washtenaw County Agricultura! and Ilorticultural Society, to bo held at Ann Arbor on Oct. 1, 5, 0 and 7, apply to JoUn IÍ. Miner, Secntary, and get one. The So. Lyon Pickct gives us light: "Dave Havershaw and Rush Clark have been to Toledo lookiug over the natural gas question. Dave aays that when they lilil the gas, one has to eo about with a lantern to flnd an electrlc light.'1 The storm of the Cth did considerable damage in the town of Dexter, assumlng the aspect of a hurricane, blowing down trees and piostrating corn, both in the shock and in the hill, and doing serloua damagë to the fruit - Stockbridge Suu. Partlei seeking for a place in whicb to lócate and edúcate their chlldren will do wtll to remember that thia village and township is out of debt, taxeg ure not heavy, the losation Is a liealtby one and we have the best. of schools.- Manehestor EnterprUe. The September erop report credits V':ishtenaw County with havtng threshed 1 ir,, 197 biishels of wheat off of 10,84 acres, making an average of 10.74 bushels per acre; and 711,212 huahela of oatsoffof ., r.K) acres, making an average per acre of 30.00 bushels. Some of our exchangea say that editora cannot live on complimentary tickets to fairs. Perbapa not, but we'll wager a nickel that more than one-half the editora in tlie State woulil not (or could not) attend the various fairs if it were uot for the saki " comps." Farmers keep an eye open for two slick dressed agenta for the "bonded wheat conipany." When they appear present the front end of yoiir boots to the huw end of their pants. P. S- If your neighbor don't take a paper just keep quiet and let liim get swindled - So. Lyon Picket. The Wayne Co., Citizens', Soldiere' and Saílors' Memorial Service and Reunion will be held on Plyraouth fair grounds, Sept. 21, 22 and 23. The cominittee have a programme that will please all veterans as well as citizens and an enjoyable time may be expected. $200 in prizeg are oftered for drills, sports, etc. State fuir at Jackson, Sopt. 1! to 23. Washtenaw Co. fair at Ann Arbor, Oct. 4 to 7. ('helsea fair, Sept. 27 to 30. Ypsilantl fair, Sept. 27 to 30. heimwee Co. fair Adrián, Sept. 27 to 3.1. Hillsdale Co. fuir Etillsdale, ct. 1 to 7. Union fair at Brooklyn, Sept. 11 to 10. At last our new iron bridge is up, and we are glad of it. We were not made glad by having to ford the creek for over a week while uothlng was being done to the bridge, nor were we glad that the company's men put it up in part on Sunday. It cost $G50 and was bought of the Cleveland Iron Bridge Co.- Lima cor. Chelsea Herald. Married: at Dexter, Mich., Sept. 14, 1887, by Rev. C. A. Clark, William M. Ferjjueson, of Putnam, and Miss Sarah Judson, of Lyndon. Also, at samo time and place, Frank K. Fergueson, of Putnam, and Miss Ella Daily, of Unadilla. Botb are very worthy alllances, the parties meritlng and receiving many congratuhitious. - Dispatch. For scveral weeks Alfonzo Montonye has been hard at work on Dr. Sanford's place for a fountain. He had bad luck witli the fir8t attempt, bilt went down again, and this time succeeded. The well Is down 130 feet and cased with one and a half inch casino; the water flows agood stream, and rises about ten feet above the eurtace. - Milan Leader. The prospecta for a Chatauqua circle at South Lyon have been realizcd. A membership of twelve was formed at the first meeting, held Monday eve. Dnubtlcss a mnch larser and Interesting circle will be assured previous to the next meeting, Oct. 3. This s one of the bc-t and cheapest modes of education ever yet devised. - So. Lyon Excelsior. Alfred Davenport U finishing up one of the finest farm houses In the county, on hia place four milrs east of Saline, on the Manchester road. - Courier. Correct, with the exception that the house is south of town and the Manchester road is west.- Saline Observer. Only a slight discrepancv, but Uien we stole the item frora the Observer just the game. Ilurrah for the fair! Handsome posters adorn our fences and teil us of fairs at Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor, Jackson and Chelsea. "You pays your money and takes your cholee," but we take Chelsea fair for ours. - CheUea Herald. We propogc to take in the county fair at Ann Arbor and the Chelsea fair also. Why kii'i that combinaron a winning one f Rev. Benton delivercd bis farewell rem:iik-, last Sunday evening, after bis usual sermón. He has been the pastor of the M. E. church for three years, and under the rules of the conference, can reniain no longer. Mr. Benton has given complete satisfaction during hi pastorate, and leaveg many friends, whose bi'8t wishes for his welfare will go with him to hls new appolntment. - Saline Observer. Ben Joslyn will take the road next weck as a solo singer with an opera conipany organized under the auspices of the New Vork Casino. Ben was forinerly one of the best known boys in Washtenaw county. He was not built on the prosalc plan, by any mean, and spent the greater part of his time in crawling along the bottom of the river, twenty feet below the surfaee, or soaring above the clouds in a balloou. Ii id a sbamc that some men who are able to pay as they go should let their subscrlption account to their homo newspaper run from one to live or six years without even making n tender of pay. - Milan Leader. And then the chances are that with live or six years due the printer they will have the po.stmuster mark "refused" on it and send it back. Such follows need roasting, and they will get it in time- in the future world, If not in this. Monday night some villains took a buggy and barnes from the shcd of Mr. Crane, and a valuable horse from the stable of Mr. Cha9. Plerce, and nmde their escape with the property. The thieves left no clue, by whicli tliey could be followed, but searchnrs have been starled in various directions, and the roHi ia ready if the crimináis are caught. They had better seek the protectiou of the iaw bef ore justice gets hold of thein. - Ypsi. Sentinel. Farmers, just a moment please, while we talk to you a little. It you aru done using that seeder, binder, harrnw, etc, for this year, just IihuI tin m arouud to Your machine shed and them away. Ilaven't got a machine shed? Well, why haven l you. Then swearolVthusly: "I will not buy another cignr, pluu of tobucco, or glass of beer, till I have bought, paid tor and built that machine sheu." Then keep rigut on swearing off anti building machine shedi. - Kx. Blosser of the Manchester Knterprise has contracted the base hall fever in lts most violent form, and initead of spending his time studying and trying to work out that great question, "Wliat shall we do to bo gavedv" as aro the other newspaper men of the county, he burus the niidniglit oil (zuring up battery averages and playing percentages. Ii losser reas0118 in tliis wise, "What sliall lt prolit r man if lie galn tlie whole trorld it' bit home club be beaten?"- Ypsilaatian. An eastern paper claims that three of the stlngiest raen In the worlil live in its locality. One of thcin will nol drink u niucli water as he wants unless it is trom his neighbor's wcll. The secomi forblds any of his family rrttlog anythtng but a email hand, as it is a waste of ink to make large letters. The tliird stops his clock at nlght to save the wear on the machinery. They all refnse to take a newspaper, sucli men always do, on the ground that it is a terrible strain on tbeir spectacles to read newspapers even in the day time. The Michigan Parmer rhlnki that wool s golng to p:iy well for the nct few years, and that every farm In the State suitable for sheop ihonld h:ive a llock conum-iisurate wilh its sic. It is quite evident from the reportq t sales at the principal interior markets In this State that wool growen have cut down flocks very miterially. It was unfortnate that they did this, "both for themselves and the State. There is notliing on the farm paying better tlian lotop good sheep we mean- whether fine wool, middle wools or long wools. IIOW TO SAVE TUE BBB8. Owing to the extremely poor season many bees will be left to starve the coming winter. Somehow bee-keepen an] especially farmers, seeni to think that If the bees cannot gather honey enough for thcir owu support they ought to be Ie ft to starve. They do not seein to apply this rule to any otlier kind of stink. Many colonie3 could no doubt be aaved by feeding a very few pounds of boney or sugar syrup. Tlie would-he loooi ful bec-keeper will sec that the bees are supplied wlth iu Solen t stores for the winter, and September is the best time to do this. It is now late euoiigh to teil (o a certainty just what tlie bees ure able to do for theniselves, and any deflclency should be supplied. Daring the early part of the nionth each hive sliould be weighed, and the walght of hive, b and empty comb, deducted to determine the actual amount of honey in the hive, and the amount should be marked on It. The amount at this time thould nit be less than thirty pounds net, aiul fortj pounds would he better, if they are to be wintered in a cellar, and it will requlre at least ten pounds more if they are to be left on the sunnner stands. For weighIng I use a sort of tripool and Kale beam, which works very nicely, and I can welgli them very rapidly. Of course all hlves falling below the amount deteriuined on for the support must be fed up to the re(inireil weibt Oreat care must be used in doing this feeding, so as not to start the bees to robbing. 1 use a oommon fruit can as an entrtince fceder, and feed Ihein onlyat night. The can slmuld have a cover to it, or cloth may be tied over il, to keep the bees from ;cti n; nto it. When feeding I placu the front of the hive a little biglier than the rear, so that the feed will run i nto the hive. For feed I 8hould use trood honey or lagju syrup made of sugar not below "C" grade. A mixture of honey and such syrup makes a very good feed for winter stores. 1 usnally'feed abmt huif a pin t to a colony each eveuing by placing the feeders, which have a small liole punched near the bottom to allow the syrup to leak out, at the entrancc. They shmild be removed early the next mornlng to prevent robbing, as Bometimea the beea Fiave not removed it all, or enougb h ia collected under the can to attracl rob'


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