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The next reunión of the Army of the Ten...

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The next reunión of the Army of the Tennessee will be held at Toledo. Talk about "cranks," every farmer aml every Hewspapcr man should be a "cnuik" on the subject of good wagon roads. The Chicago News has dlseovered that a mugwamp Is a republlcan wlth acousclence. - Evenlng Jourual. Wrong tgain. A magwomp is a pretended republlctn wlth a democratie conscience. It is stated that Michael J. Dec Is about to step down and out of the editorial chair of the Evening News. A clearer, sharpcr, writer than Mr. Dee does not swing a pen. Our advice to Herr Most is to go to Chicago and throw a bomb, so that he can aecompany Spies, Fieldin, et al. to the happy hunting grounds next November. This country lias no use for 6uch swine. Mrs. Cleveland refused to review the G. A. H. portion of the parade at the centennial celubratlon of the adoption of the constitution at Philadelpliia, last week, Notltlng significant about it, of course. " Gov. Luce, prior to his nomiuation and election as governor, was a recognied prohibitionist," says the Center. But the Center true to its " prohibition " instliicts, did its best to defeat Gov. Luce -on principie (?) of course. It is possible that man y people may not know that on and after next Wcdnesduy the legal interest in this state will be but six per cent. The last lecislature changed the law from eeven to six, but did not give us two cents per mile on railroads. The American forestry congress, in session at Springfield, 111., has prepared a immoj'ial to congress asking that laws be passed to protect the forests, - says a dispatch In the daily papers, and it is to be hoped congre8s will iind time to respond. The Courier never bas been an advocate of capital punishment, but if it was snch an advocate it would throw up its liat and rcjoice in the decisión of the Illinois supreme court that thecondemned Chicago anarchists must be hung. One thing is certain, the law should be delaycd no longer. Owosso grows happier and happier as industry after industry is started within her precincts, through the energy of her own wide-awake people. Within the coming month the T., & A. A. H. R. shops will be startcd, which must of neoessity become verv extensive, and employ many men. Hurrah for Owosso. The man or men, judge or jury wlio can or will break the combination on the coal product of this country, will be enlitled to the everlasting gratitude of thousands of people who are already groaning over the constantly advancing jiriccs. More than one will have to go cold this winter if the present outlook continúes. II Governor Lace, who has been all over Michigan, attendlng (airs, reunlons, and nthergreat populargntherings, and ÜKtenlng to the volees of the people, favors the boom ■ if itobertT. Lincoln for President, bespeaks, llke tbo old Apostles, wlth many tongues. - Ianslng Hepubllcan. Some men, you know, could go all over creation, and listen to the visest of opin ions, and still retain their own tbongb all the world differed. But then as to Lincoln, where is there a republican, a mugwump, a democrat or any other man, who can wag liis tongue in any manner tgalltat the name of Robert T. Lincoln ? The treatinent ol the civil service in Maryland has been one of the most inexplicable points in the conduct of the adininistration. It is not explained by the remark that there is very liltle reform sentiment in the state. The fact does not justify the appointment of men who are notoriously unflt, and whose offenses are matters of judicial recordIt would be lamentable if the president should be found to the end of the contest arrayed agalnst his own declared views.- Harpcrs Weekly ( mugwump.) A recent issue of the New York Tribune has this editorial article In wbich Qot. Luce and all Michigan is interested: The Springfleld Republican thinks that the diiy may conie when Massachusetts will have to give way to Michigan in wealth, culture and political influence. " Michigan," it says, " has one source of state unification and intellecttial leadership which is lacking in Massachusetts - a single, compact, popular and wcll managed university, which ycarly trains some hundreds of men and women for the higher profrssions, and gives, them that siniilarity of culture and unity of aid which our separate and rather dlscordant unlvcrsitivs and colleges fail to ImfMUt." This is rather a significant adnii.ssion for a Massachusetts paper to make. The comments of northern papers on the proposed law tnaking it a penal offense to edúcate white and colored chlldren together, has mude the Georgia legislature recede from its coutcinptible position, and so the law did notget through. And now to make up for the lack of proper sentiment on the part of its legislators, the people of Uuthbert, Georgia, last Thursday night organizud a mob of mi-keil men and killed Adam Mollard tod his two sous, and wounded his wife, wlth bucksliot, merely because an older son of Mollard was accused by a white man named Buck Smith of stealing some eotton Medí A grave offense! About equal to stealing peach pits in Michigan! And tliia Is the "justice" of a sectlon of oountry where a man pretends to place his "honah" above 1 i fe. Oh! Georgia I you must reform or the clvilied world will spuin you.


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