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It is wel 1 knowii to our readers that the regular nnmial exhibition of the Wasliteoaw Coimty Afrrlcultiiral and HorticuHural Society occurs on the 4th, rth, (!tli and 7th of Octobcr next, and the Courier woulil again urge upon the attention of the people the iuiportance of DUklng the coming fair a grand success. As has been previously stated In these columns, the offleers of the society are dolng their part, la fitting up the grounds, putting the buildings n simpe, improving the track, etc, and If the oomlng exhibitión should not prove a succes?, it wlll be no fault of the management. That falrs are beneticial in more thau one way is a conceded fact, and especially are they beneücial to the farmer. They aflbrd an opportunity to compare notes and ascertain what your brother farmers are doing in the way of advanccinent I" agriculture. If allbrds an opportunity for the farmers to discjiss the merits of tlie different breeds of stock, and creates a friendly competition, which cannot fail to be ol advantage to all. It also furuishes you a few days rest and reercation at the close of a season of hard work, where you can talk with fiiends, compare notes, and discuss matters which are of vital interest to nll. It affords the mechanic an opportunlty to display bis skill by exhibiting articles of his manufacture. It gives the enterprising merchant a chance to advertise bis goods and it is to bis advantage to make a display at the fair. The housewife is given an opportunity to display her skill in the manufacture of household articles, and the boys and jrirls have a department where they can display the producís of their skill, whicl will beof incalculable ndvantage to tliem In future years. The facts being conceded, it only re malns for eacli to do bis or her part, anc the success of tbc coming exhibition is assured. The races this year piomise to be far better tbun at former fairs, so the lovers of horsellesh teil up. Therefore, we urge the importance o hriiigiiig somethiiifr to the fair - no matter how small the article, it will help te swoll the grand total of fwhibits and ak in mak Ing the fair a success. By their faiis are the people of a county judjred, and there is not a better county in Michigan tlian ia Washtcnaw county. Gov. Luce is a farmer, you know hc is to be here, so don't let hini go back t( Braiich county and bng over Waslitenaw, and hu lau't do it if you turn ii and help. Owlng to au error in printing thc pn-mium list for the October fair, exhiblt ors will lear in mind that in the deart ments of cattle and horses the spring f.iir premium list will be the guide. NoahG. Butts, the general puiterintendeut, will be on the fair grounds In flora hall on Moiiday afternoon, Si'pt. 2Gth f rom 2 until live for the purpose of meetIng pmtiet wteblng to make an exhibit at the VVrashtenaw Coimty Fuir to be hch at Ann Arbor, Oct 4-7. AUo mark stalls fcir -toc;k.


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