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The Coming Health Resort

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The future will Uring iulo grcat and still greater prewlnence the grand heaith rcsorts of the northcrn portion of thk State, and wc append a short dcscrlption of onc whioli will Intereat our readers we feel sure: At the head of a hoiutiful península which divides Gruid Traverse l!iy UMO the two long reaelies of water known as Kast and West Bay, Is oíd Mlssion, a little KtUement surroundiug in old cliurcli that was built tifty years ago by the Presbyterlana tor an ludían Silsilon, but now owned by the Methodi.-t Conference, and uscd ii9 a place of worship by people of all denoininations. It Is a spot claimed by all resorters to be one of the healthicst, most ploturesque, and will soon be oue of the most aecessib'e of all the numerous siimmcr resorts of Northern Michigan. This penlnaula is about 20 miles long by f rom one to two miles wlde, and is covered with the llnest of orchards and farms, through which run jrood roadl between Traverse City, Mupleton and Q'.A Mission. Two of the largest pear orehards in the State are at the head of the península, near the latter vil Inge. The Dorlbero terminus of the península is shaped like a parrot's head, with the blll toward the cast, and fon&lns a harbor witbiD a harbor that issheltered frornLakc Michigan's rough waters and breezes by u bluft' on the extreme nortlicru point which is higherthan the university dome, and from the summit of which the rvp mii rauta 30 miles In every directlon. Wiiliin the liitlo bay formed bythe point of the " bill" the water Is always sinootu, and boatinir and flahlog alwaysexcellent, wliile just outside the lake breeze invites to a sail at all times. This little point and the surrounding lands upon the bay have been purchased by an association of enthusiastic resorters, coruprising gentlemen from Ann Arbor, Lansing, and Chicago, all of whoin agIM in pronouncing i[ tne niost "charming epot on earth " to them, " at the season of the year " wlien home, sweet home " loses its charms for a while under scorching sun and the toils and cares of work and study. The snot conslsts of 120 acres of nearly level land under the lee of the high iiill to the north and sloping down to the little bay with a nice beach, except on one point, where, off trom a low blufi the water is 200 feet deep live feet from the shore. Here a dock is to be built, and no vessel on Lake Michigan is too large to touch at thU port and take shelter in the little harbor. Five cottages have already been built upon this beautlful spot, and five or slx more will be erected early next year, when also a complete club house, aud tirst-class hotel will be built and tilted up. A steamer will also be purchased by the association for exeiusions and to ply between their grounda and Elk llapids, lying geven miles across the east bay, to which place the G. ü it I. It. H. are about to build a branca road from Kalkaska. About a year ago Major W. C. Ilansom, of the Railroad Cominissiouer'g orüce, Lansiiir, went north for bis health and being aequaintcd with tliis spot, which hu had ti f ii thought of for a sumiller home, he visited it, secured a cottage and took ln-i family there, enjoyinga rol tul retreat that he is certain cannot be excelled iu the State for salubrious clinnte, beautiful scenery, and the possib lities tor the finest suinmer resort 10 the northwest. With much difflculty he procured the title of the entire tract, determiuing to secure a f unimer home for himsell at least, and if agrceable associate with him some few gentlemen of bltte and culture and sutlieient wealth to develop it as it deserved. Tuis was done without dillieulty, as suveral professional men from Chicago, Aun Arbor, and other cities had visited the spot and knew its desirability. The result was the incorpoiation on April 2ti, 1887, of " The Old Missiou lieach Ue?ort Association," uuder the act of the Leglslature of 18S7, " prOvbUng for the incorpoiatiou of Miburlian homestead, villa, park, and suiumer resort asBOciations." The association comprises the lollowiug gentlemen: Mujor W'yllj-s C. Rnnsom, Lansing ; IIn. ChuH C. Hopklns, Clerkof tlieSapremeCkmri, IjuusIiik; A. Arnoia Clark, Laii8lng; J. P. Lee, Ijiiustag; JoHepb H. Tompklns, Urand HupiiU; Win. K. UlbsoD, Jacknuu; Kvurt U. Scolt, Ann Arbor ; Juhíiis E. Itoal, Ann Arbor; Major Wm. C. Stevens, Anu Arbor, la o Auditor (ieneralj ; Dr. Win. V. Breakcy, Auu Anu Arbor; Col. lienry s. Dean, Anu Arbor; Prof. Víctor C. Vauglin, Anu Arbor; Prof. Uoorge E. Fruthliighain ; Aun Arbor Ür Chas. V. Mul Iram. I .iwminv Kiuisus ; llt'nry B. tebbins, Chicago, IU. The offleers chosen are as follows : President- W. C. Ransora. Vice President- W. K. Uibson. Ni-crelary- t'lias. C. tiopklns. Treasurer- Evart H. Scotl. Trustees- Josepb d RupIds; Wllllam K. Glbson, JaekHun ; WIIIIhiii tiiug, Detroit; Evart H. Scolt. Ann Arlxir; Win. C. stevens, Ann Arbor; Wyllyn C. Kansom, Lanslug ; Charles (.'. Hopklns, Lanslne. The shares are all taken, and each mem ber will have about three acres of land at hls disposal, with plenty of reserve for park, club house, hotel, wliai f, drivlng or stroïling iurposes. Mr. McCrea, the govermnent military landscape engineer, bas been cngajjed to lay out the grounds, and they are being cleared up re ad; for the survey. The personnel of the association and its preeent oondltion will show at once that tliis is not a speculalion of auy sort, but a simple plan on the part of these gentlemen to secure to tliemieWes, their families and friends the most healthful, quiet and pteaainjl resort upon our entire chain of lakeSi without crowdiug or want of ampie accommodatlon, and wliich all tht enjoyments and smitaiy and beneficia] effect! of any siirnmer resort. The 8uccess is certaiu.


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