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i- a- a-- - aajaaaaaaMaaaai - aaaa- f - tUUWEiGZr gfpmcrs CREAM 4KlNg gQST PERFECT Mjg UscU by üieUolted State sovernment. Endorsed by the beada f tbe Oraal Universltlea as thi Si ronsiest, Pu rest, and most llcalt tiful. Dr. l'rlce'8 liieonU Baking Powdorlbal 'l". s not cimlaln Ammonla, Linie or Aluin. s:,i ouly in caris. ' PRICE BAKING I'OWDEIl CO., NEW YOBK. CH1I LGO, 8T, LOUIS. JISK EVER MADE. II XW.Itwlll(lrivotlio Ilnmorfroniymirlll I v c"4L.8v.stom, and mnke jour hkinl II III '-, ': (&blcli:in and Thosolll I '(. Lpiniiil"' and Hloti Iu'nU Q m, } AJWare causetl uy tmpurèW }t 4 'üLliloo'l, and can hcRI ,v'„'l!i' " "u ;iril I KI K Tho Dose lsV.- SA-nm 1 1 small-only a te:i"%; , V0 . ?. II I ï s.oonful. ItUtheNf p 0 "j ■ II jl„-l and ch.-awBÍ%X P , V-V "UI I medicina. Try ft, and' c.% I I yon 111 Iw Kiti.siica. L%, A ' Ml Jj lt of jour Drupglst. %, ( ■" If ynn are nulbrinc from Kiil ■ III lln.-v DtaoMe, and wili to re tok ■ oía age, ase sri.l'lli B BITTKUS:] 111 X bey aerer (all to oor. III Senil 3 2ocnt Btamps to A. P. Onlway A Co., . Ijuat medical work jiublUheilT Lampíhimney h II H s? f 2 aV SEE AT THE O 9 -I O y EXACT LABUE IS OM f Ij I i' EACH CHIHNEY AS g 5 Z O l i: SHOWN IM PICTURE, lt u "■ . g O ■ UTV 1 r - .ivtntoawN. ? = 5 i ' LH MmB o VES fepáF? " 7 ï n L a yLñBBLáJ&Ci' 5 5! E o Qv'PTTÖ H yBa ,y O S " GEO.A.MAEBETHiEa V ;'ITT5BUF?GH P fTJR SALESCRgALER5 jytftY WHERE. TRAVEL VIA InBlBM Ü Throu9h Trains with Dlnlng II 'R lmlf ars' PuHman Paiacê Sleep. llTI 1 1 H 1 1 J '"9 Cars, Modern Coaches. IHÉÉLrflBI II "re connections ín Union I 'linHI OeP's at " terminal po Int 3, M ll'l'l I rHII """' ra'"s m airf to tie KtnaUaflSII L". Wi. ur (A atf Soutfi. H9rarITVBKaB Caeapest, Best and Quickest BanHAauUfia II 'wte f'om Chicago, Peoría il (jf st. Louis to DENVER, ST. PAUL, SAN FRANCISCO, MINNEAPOUS, OMAHA, PORTLAND, ORE. KANSAS CITY, ST. JOSEPH, CITY OF MEXICO, ATCHISON. For Tickets, Rates, Maps, &c, apply to Ticket Agenta o] connecting Unes, or address T. J. POTTER, H. 8. 8T0NE, PAUL HORTON, 's' V. P0. M. G. P. AT.A. Kor lilustrnted Itiirlinprton Koute (iulde Booltieud Ie. PMtnj tu Uw O. 1'. T. A., Chlcsgo, IU. Wm I O MACKINAC Summer Tours. Palace Stoamers. Low Ratea Ponr Trip per Weok Bctween DETROIT, MACKINAC ISLAND St. I(rnace, Chboyffan, Alpena, Harrísvillo. Ocort, Band Bech, Port Hurou, St, Clair, Oskiand House, Marine City, Every Weelc Day Betwcen DETROIT AND CLEVELAND Special Sunday Trips durins July and iaiuit. OUR ILLUSTRATED PAMPHLCTS Katoe and Bxourslon Tickets will be iuraiahed by jour Ticket Agent, or addrM E. B. WHITCOMB, Gn'l Pau. Agsnt, Detroit & Cleveland Steam Nav. Co. DETROIT, MICH. Tuf s Pilis KtltnnlatCN tho (orpid livor. Htronifth i-its fhetflarCfltlVG orrilim. rcnluHt 1 Ho IxiHil'., anii are uiii-uulcl us uu ANTI-BÍÜOÜS MEDICINE. In malnriul ilixtrlctH tlieir vlrlnenare il 1. rero(iilzcl. uslher ivhn clillur ro 'rlies in I r i ut, i In , Ntcm trom t li it i iioison. Elesrantlv hl-ui cuuted. Iomo Hinull. lri'e, 25ots. Sold Lverywhere. OiUcc, 44 MuiTiiy St., Now York. ARBUCKLES' namo on a paokage of COFFEE is a guaxautee of excellence. ARIOSA COFFEE is kept in all flrst-class stores from the Atlantic to the Pacific. COFFEE is never good when exposed to the air. Always buy this brand in hermetically eealed ONE POUND PACKAGES. 1841 "■■TlVrTITT 'o bemade. ('ut thlsout and reI M II U lm h Ui, ik1 we wlll unendyoa 1 II] H 1 rrMt il -tliliiif of irri!t v lat I 1 1 I I I 'nd Inipoiiimre la you, thi will 1U.UXIJJ rUrtjotiin bualncss whlch wlll brlng ynu In more monej i g. t uway than anythlnR elflelnlhl worln. Anyom; "cao do the work nd live at home. Kltlr bi ; all at'ee. Soim-ihlng in-w 1 1mt jiiHt i I mouey fiirall workera. We wlll start yon ; c-ipitnl not needad. Thls If one of Iba prenolne, Important chancea ol a 'fetlina. Thiwe wlio are ■mliltlnu' iid anterprlalDg wlll ooi d'lajs AddrcfaTnuï Co., AaRueta, Maine.


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