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What Mother Says

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Now here's a hand-glass, Iet me try If I oan t hls time aee, .1 u-i one of all thoae runny thtngs My motuer gees In me. 8he 8ys my eyes are violeta- And wlmt 8he saya la truc Bat I thlnk they are jugt two eyes; Pont tuey look so to you ? She sayg my Ups are cherrles roei, And maken b'lleve take a bite ; The never look llke that to me- Uut motbei'H always right. She says each cheek Is llke a rose ; And this I Hurely know. I never would belleve lt- but What mother saya Is so. She sayg my teeth are shilling pearls ; Now Umi's so very quter ; If si, in, ¦ folks sald lt, why. I'd thlnk- But tlieu, 'twas mutlier Uear. 1 only see a llttle glrl, WU h huir t hul 's mtlier wild, Who bas two eyea, a noae, and mouth, Llke any other ctilld.


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