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Mr. VV. II. Brinckerhoff, M. Am. Soc. ('. E , has accepted h posltton on the editor 1 I ftaff of The Engineering and Building Record. Dr. Sargenf, of' the Harvard colle'ee gymnMiam, will contribute to tlic November nuraberof Scribner's Magazine a riclily-illustrated article on the "Physical Char&cterlltid of the Athlete." The History, uses, nnd fashions of the wedding-ring will be pleasantly described in tlie November niimber of "The Popular Seience Montbly,'' in an article on iliat subject by D. K. McAnally. Ign. Fisclier, the Toledo music publisher, lias golten out tliree new pieces or the piano, one of whicli, "Morning ráyer," meditatlon, by Wiegend, has been received by us. The price is 0 ct?. All lovers of muslc nnd drama will lie nterested in llie paper which William F. Lptliorp, the well-known musical critic, will contribute to Scribner's Masrazine or November, on "Wagner and Scenlc rt," wliich is to be fully illustrated from he original BayreutU sketches. MiísOliye Uisley Seward, the adopted aajrbterof the Ex-Secretary, will teil in lie November nuniber of Scribner's [HfHztne a hitlierto unwrltten chapter of lie diplomatic history of our country, renrdlng the abortive treaty witb Deniiirk for the purehase of the island of t. Tilomas. Mr. G. P. Servlss's admirable articles n "Astronomy With au Opera-Glass" will be coniinued in the November iium er of The Popular Science Monthly wlth paper on "The Stars of Autumn," in vhich many of the most interesting contellilions and other celestial objects will e (lascribed Tbe Engineering and Building Hecoid 8 now tiie title of the paper hitlierto irown as The Sanitary Eugiueer, the oíd ajne bein-; retal ned as a bub-title. On íakiiLg this change it saya editorially: Wc huve decided to change tlie name of lis jourunl to the title given in this. It s not intended to clianjíe tbe character of k! puptr. Our object is slmply to coney by the lirat pai t of the name adopted ie scope of tlie matter it regul.irly gives t readers." I nipii rities of Hit1 blood often cause reat annoyance at tliU season; Hood's artaparllla puiltles the blood, and cures II siich aft'ections. "Thev say site (Heil of a broken lieart," aid the first womaii as they carne up tlie ir steps. 'I tlon't bellere t," sliarply replied No. 2. "But wliy?" "Why? Because she lias liad as raany s six new bonnets a year, and iiot one


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