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The Saline Observer has an eye out for big yields. ÜTIiere are se ven in Ballueca senior high school class. Dr. Miner, dentltt, of So. Lyon, bas moved to Kansas. Progressive euchre has already commenced its work progressively. The new station agent at Bridgewatcr is Aurtlo Hhcinfrank, of Saline. C. P. Warner, of Lodi, will atteiul tlie ü. S. court at Bay City as a juror. Wheat is coming up nicely and will doubtless have a good growth before winter sets in. The council of Ypsi. has passed an ordinance forbtddlng people from clinibing the electric light poles. The Milan folks were taken in by a theatrlcal company that troubled their hearers with "broad loudness." Matiy farmers, in York, who invested In the Oliio hedge for f en cc purposes, huve plowed the same up. Dr. F. M. üakley, of Ypsilanti, had n sli;:ht case of tyrotoxicon poisouing lati'ly, frooa wltlcb lus patiënt recovered. - Milan Leader. Mrs. Faiiny Btn of Dexter, died on Friday, Sept. 30th aged, 77 years. She was a natlve of London, and had resided in Dexter since 1835. .T. D. Stevens, Jr. of Wliitmore Lake, has been obliged to givs n bis position in the auditor general's office at Lunsing, because of ill heallh, and lias retiiriied home. Put this In your luit. Show feil In South Lyon on Tuesday, Oct. 4th. 1887. The llakcs rere few umi lar between, hut it was inow jiist the saine. - So. Lyon Picket. Farmers complain that the severc winds of last week (trlpped all the apples remaining on the trees - and as a general thing they kick against Oíd Bóreas picking their fruit. It is ¦ pretty good plan before you put np your stovea for winter to thoroughly examine your chinincys and pipes. It is a very small matter hut niay save vou niany dollars. Mrs. Fred Warner, who lives a mile east of the city, has grown peamits this year which arè fully maturecl. Mr. Coliins has a plant with its fruit attached, dlgpl&yed at hls pcanut stand on llurou street.- Ypsilantian. The follouing studehts from Dexter are in attendance at the University this year : Law, F. W. Hrigg?, M. lloy. Medies, F. Warren, Miss Fleming. HIteopa, It. S. Copeland, E. Plielps. Lit., G. Stannard. - Dexter Leader. The South Lyon Picket man never wrote triier words: "Parenw should visit the schools often, that they in ly observe the workings of our icbool. It Is an encoiiragement to the teachers and [Moves of benelittothe pupils in ïnany ways.1' The Saline ball club has played tb ree [¦mei this season, winning two, and has berefore a percentage of .WK!. Detroit las nnly a pircentage of .030, and the Mople re nearly going crazy over the act that they have won the league chamlionsliip. - Saline Oliservcr. The n'SKlence whicb Wüüuni Stevenson of North Lake is building is to be verylargeas well as elegant. It measires H roda around the wall and the arts are all the snnie beight, two stories. The material used In its constrnction is of be best. - Plnckney Dispatch. A Bbeep Shearer'c Association bas been brmed at Chelsea, to hold a festival next April at that place, with the following otllcers : DpAal ilnnf tl TLC Twva w } . .ir office rs : President -H. M Twamley. Vlce President- BenJ. L,awrence. Secretary- W. B. Colllns. It is reported that M. T. Woodruft" is a candidato for the Cadillac postofflee. Whatever nlluence we may have with tbe admiiiistration can be counted for "Tully." - Ypsilantian. By ill meuns "Tully's" powerful services to hls party should be recognized, and the child be given a public teat to suck. Valentine Bros., of Webster, are rioing paylng business In dealing in Shropliiresheep. Their llock consists of im)ortetl registered and unregistered, and liey nre also breedln theni. It is worth whole days journey to look at tlium. 'hey took all the first premiums on sheep t the Chelsea fair last week and one econd. - Dexter Leader. The Eiistern Mich. Ag. Society, known br short lis the Ypsi. fair has chosen the bllowing offlcers: President, W. II. Lowen ; Vico Presidenta, John VV. Nanry, ohn F. Stafford; Treasurcr, Wm. Camp el; Secretary, Frank Jnslyn; Marshall, Jeorge Palmer; Executive Committee, lenry Stofflet, John. B Berdan, Win. )ansingburg, W. W. Van Duyn, CIihs. l. Roberts aud B, T. Gridley. The Michigan Farmer says: "Clover eed is beginning to arrive, and a uiet and steady market for it at 4.00 per bushei for prime spot, and $4.15 o $4.20 for December delivery. There s a fair yield of seed in some counties of je state, but as a whole the erop will be Klit. It looksas if seed muse be hlgher han it present, as the demand is likely o be largely increaaed from the fact that o many lost thcir seeding this senson. lad we to buy seed we would buy now. W are glad that the Norvell Farmor's i Jlub at their last meeting, as reponed IsewberCi spoke about the payment of 800 to the two womeii who drove horses round the race track at the ttato fair. ' 'he managers expended considerable ïoncy in advertising those women and i we don't believe they drew enough to pny , or it, to say notblttg of the $800. If loy would offer more liberal premiums nd encourage farmers and others to exlibit their product?, they would draw aruer crowds. - Enterpiisc. , Thomas Busby and wife have been ivinft together for many years at Ypaiantl, and were supposed to be exceponally happy. One day this week 'hQinaa begau proceedings for divorce, ' nd when the olt'utr visited the house o serve the papers upou Mrs. Busby, he óund the husband and wife pleasantly ' liattiiiK and learned that they had never ] eparated. In fact they are 6till living in ie same house. Mrs. Busby knew nothn g of the contemplatt'd divorce until tlic aper8 were served upou her. - Kvenlng ournal. C. M. Fellows has taken the followhg )remiums this fall: At the state t'uir, M n 3 ycar-old r.un, and over; 3d on 2ear-old ram; lid on ram lamb; lst on ironze turkeys; .'td on Essex hogs. At Chelsea, lst on 3-year-old ram ; 2d ou 2year-old, and one-year-old ; lst on one and 2-year-old ewes." He sold Iwo rams to Thos. O'Dell, of Cass county, ono ram to A. M. Nogle, of Eaton county, one ram lamb to K. Mallory, Fremont, lnd., one rara to A. R. Marshall, of Dansville and one pen of ewes to E. B. .Lawrence of Sharon.- Sliaron items in Enterprise I.afayette Mead, a young man who lias been making liis home near Hamburg cume to this village on Monda}' and on returning home just at dusk he discovered that hls pocket book containing a note for $7.'.OO and f84.00 in money was missing. After carefully exnmining his pnckets and looking around the barñ he carne back to this village to continue the search but oould find no trace or the lost ireasure. He carne back here Tuesday morning and whlle here the welcome tldingl reached liim that the lost bad been found, partially covered up under the straw in the statjle, by Mr. VanAmberg for whom he was at work - Brhrhton Citizen. 6 Agreat many people visi.el Highland cemetery last Sunday, to see the progresa made on the new chape], and wander among the tombs. At this season the appearance of the gronnds is favorable to serious reflection. The deciduous trees are casting their foliage to the ground, emblematical of death and decay, while the evergreens standing bright and unfaded, symbolize that immortality in the hope of which the dead have been laid to rest. Hlesseil wil] be the dead and the living if the hope shall be realized. And ïf ït shall nor, there is at least comfort in the thought that annihilation and oblivion, will be utterly unconsclous of disappolntment.- Ypsilanti Sentinel. At the state fair the following premiums were awarded to Hamburg'a extensive stock raisers, Messrs. W. and E. W. JJall : On Merino sheep exhibited by theni, clas8 23, thoroughbred American ram - first premium; ewe, two years old - second premium; ewe, one year old - first premium; ewe lamb- lirst premium; class 24, thoroughbred American Merinos, bred and owned in Michigan; ewe, two years old- third premium; ewe, one year old- third premium ; ewe lamb- second premium. These sheep were all bred by Messrs. Hall and with the exception of two, are Star Bisraarck stock. Messrs. BbII received more prizes than any other of the sixteen exhibitors at the fair and we congratúlate them on their success.- Howell liepublican. One can teil by the actlon of the boys, what has been the last sensation in town. If they are all standing n their heads, or turuing cart-wheels, the circus has certainly been along. If they are dancing war dances and yelling like Comanches, some "mediciDe man" with imitation Indians, has been holding forth hls cure alls to nightly crowds. If, as at present, every chap has a string or bit of old rope with a loop on the end, which he isslingIng over every post, or other boy's head, and pla}'ing wild pony with his smaller brothers, be sure the Texis "cow boy1' wit li a drove of brouchos has been exhlbiting in the street. Whether as cow boy or mustang, the small actor enters into the spirit of the sport, and swings his lariat, or prances, kavorts and kicks, as much like the denizens of the prairie as possible. - Ypsilanti Sentinel. During last winter the members of the Ypsilunü Gun Club went to no small expense and much trouble to have sent to this city several dozen Virginia quail, hoping thereby to stock some of our woods and fields with these game birds. They were given the best care and as soon as the weather permitted in the spring, were liberated at various points near the city. The members of the club have been congratulating themselves od the prospects of some good sport this fall. Tliiy have recently learned, howevcr. that "pot hunters1' have been killinr dl' the young birds, although the game laws do uot permit tjiiail shooting until Xov. lst. The club is justly indignant over the matter and are on a stlll htint after partles supected, with good prospect of bagging theui, and if the tuiscreants are caught they will be given the fullest


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