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Lives of poor men oft remind o Hoiu-st toll ilcin'l stmut n ; More we work wp havo bolilnd us Blgger patcheson our pants. - [Qorham Mountaineer. Aid. Herz has a telephonc agaln, No. 13. The a'1-absorbiiig question of tlie day s, the coal questiun, a ml it looks very black. Our readers wil) find a corrected timetable for tlie T., & A. A. R. R. In its regular place. Next Sundiiy eveninjr Rev. Dr. Ramsay will preaeli the first of two sermons upou "Student Life." Wm. B. Everest was quite severely injured by the running awiiy of a horse he was driving last Saturday. Rev. Dr. Eddy will supply the pulpit at the Presbyterian churcli uutil further arrangement shal1 be made. No. 1 white or red wheat is quoted at 72 cents this a, m. Oats 25 @ 30c, atid new com 20 @ 25c in the ear. Samuel Kinne, of this city, met wilh rather a painful accident by being hit in the eye by a base ball on the campus on Siturday last. A large number of our citizens who are lovers of the base ball gaine have gone dowi) to Detroit to-day to fee the Detroits and Browns play. Wm. Dorr and wife have fitted up a spring wagon with au oil stove and other kitchen utensils, and will start in a day or so for Florida, overland. Grand Lecturer Arthur M. Clark will hold a school of iustruction at masonic temple on Friday afternoon, at 1 o'clock, to which all M M's are inited. The report that County Clerk Howlett is offering 25 cents a head as an iuducement for young couples to get married, is a base fabrication, without the least foundation. A Social and Tea under the ausplces of the Lndlcs' Aid So-iety of the M. E. cliurcii will be given in the lecture room of the cburch at 6} o'clock, Thursd .y (to-morrow) eveninjf. In the case of the People vs. Wm. Cole, charged with larceny, the prisoner was arraigned, last Monday, changed hls plea to guilty, and was seutenced to py coste ofsult, $7.91, which hedid. A Manchester divine preaclied a sermón iion "t'nexppoted öoodness," reoent'y. He probably rcferred to the gentleman who paid his pew rent and newslaper subscription in advanco. There is to be a memorial service next Tuesday evenintr, probably in the M. E. church, in memory of the late Hon. John B. Kinch. All of the temperance peoole of the city are requested to join in the service. The following marriage licences have issued since our last report: James C. Steven?, aged 25, and Ella Hangstcrfer, aged 22, both of Ann Arbor. Harvy Harrison, aged 25, (col.) and Anna Dow, 23, col., both of Ypsilanti. Eight members of the Jackson Canoe Club, cune down the Huron river to this place Mmiday n sx canoes, and took the train home. They went by rail on the O. T. R. R. to Base Like, and thence down streain to tfall point. The grand lodge of I. O. G. T. of the state of Michigan h to hold its nnnual session in this city, commencing Tuesday next the 18th and contiuuing through three days. The sessions will be held in the new Nickle's block on State st. The county fair closed Friday, having had a fair attendance on that day and Thursday, and a good show t'ie entire fourdays. Gov. Luce delivered a speech Friday p. m., which was listened to with mucb pleasure by the crowd at the grand stand. There is an Ann St. lady who is in a terrible pickle. She threw a stone at a neighbor's dog that was prowling around her house the other morning and hit one of lier roomers square on the occiput, and he got mad about it and changed rooms. Cyrus Vawkey, of East Saginaw, and Miss Alice Richardson, of this city are to be married, at the residence of the bride's mother on División st., Thursday at noon. The affair is to be one of the most elabórate. The couple will reside in East Saginaw where Mr. Yawkey ;U in business. There are several " non-partisan," " civil service reform," demócrata down at Ypsilanti standing with arms outretchcd grasping for the positlon of Pobtmistres8 Stewnrt, whose commission expires Jan. lst, '88. As Miss Stewart has made one of the best officials the offlee has ever had, how would it do to live up to the civil service rules and reappoint her? Rev. Dr. A. Toomer Porter, of Charleston, S. CL, is to deliver an address at Hobart Gulld Hall, this Wednesday evening, upon "Work Among the Colored Peopld" to commence at 7 o'clock. Dr. Porter has given all of his life to the work of the Episcopal church among the colored people of the South, and will be able to draw a picture of thelr conditlon in iU true light. On this evening, at C o'clock, at the residence of the bride's mother, Mrs. J. Hangsterfer, the lives of Dr. James C. Stevens mul Miss Ella Hangsterfer will be unlted, Kev. 8. Earp performing the ceremony. Mr. Stevens is one of the popular young dentista of this place, and the bride has hosts of frlends in the city, all of wliorn will wish the newly married couple the greatest of the pleasures of life. The Ariius of this city, which is nothIng tfnot iiaitizin, in ilaming head Unes nnnounces the Increase la taxation In this city this jut as the resultof a "rcpublican couocil." The politics of the councll has about as much eftect upon city taxation as the Argus editoi nis do in shaping President Cleveland's policy, just about. Would the Argiis be willing tocmllt sil of the Improvements made to the republicans.also? Too much care can not be exerclsed by our citizens In keeping thclr premises scrupulously clean, for a reign of diphtlifrla, typhoid and scarlet fever is predlcted by nearly all of our physicians, d it ia Urgely filth that these diseaoes feed iiiHin. By all nieans keep your cellar and cipterns clean, and be very careful about the water you drink. Proper ventllatlon of sleeping rooms Is also a "mg too otten neglected.