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BAOS ft ABEL. OUR DRESS QOODS OPESIXG THIS WEEK. Ad opening to whtch wc ask your ut tention, from tlic fact tliut tliis diíplay comprises sorae of tho latcst uoveltlc and most beautiful colorines that hiuuai skill can produce in Dress Fabric. Vi liiivc no hesitation in saying that tlii display is the íinest exhibition of Dres Goods Ever Shown in Aun Arbor. COLOBEÜ DRESS QOODS. Sebastopol, - - 75c to $1.00 Drap IVAlma, - - !X to 1.00 Serges, - - - 50 to 1.2f Carhmeres, ... no to 75 Catncl's Hair, - - SO to 1.00 1 Maonals, - - - 60 to 7Í 'onlunettc Stripec, - l.W Fine Combination and liobcs from $10.00 to $15.00, aniong these are some notable bargnins tliat were bought far below tboir real valué and we have tliem marked very low, Checks, Plaids and Mixtures 50c to $1.00, Ladies' Costume Huitines $100, in all the new shades, índigo Blue, Gobelin Blue, Bronzc Green, Yellowish Brown, Sandlewood Brown, Golden Brown, Heliotrope, Purple and all of the shndes of red. BLACK GOOD8. In nn extraordinary varicty, conslsting of Drup and Alma, Serges, Camcl's Ilair, Henriettas, Kiarritz and Gulpure. Black Cashmerc, an unusual bargain, at least ten per cent. below their value, 50c, 80c, 70c, 75o, 86c, $1.00 and $1.100. Black Henrietta, Silks and Wool $ 1.15 to $2.00 a yard. Nun's Veiling with wovcn border. Wc are also showinjr a large assortment of American Dress Fabrics in Xew Styles at Very Lovo Price. Silks are ready, a rreat many different weaves from the best looms in thü country and France. Where will the silk trade of the town be done? You won't ask tliat question wlicn you sec our assortment and bear our prices: Black Gros Grain Silks for $1.00, $1.25, $1.50 and $2.00- regular prices everywhere $1.25, $1.50 and $1.75. Our Colqred Gros Grain Silks $1.00 equal to most silks sold tor $1.25. Have you seen our display of Black and Colored Surahs In window at $1.00 a yard? They are equal to any Surahs sold at $1.25. Black Failje Francais - won't pull at the seams, a tight weuve and yet a Soft Wavy Silk, f 1.40, $1.75 and $2.00 a yard. You can't find it at the same prices anywhere. Black Moires $1.50 and $2.00 a yard. Black Radziruer at $1.35, $1.50 and $1.75 a yard. Plushes, all fapcy shades for fancy work $1.50 up. Velvets - a large variety of uil the new fffects and two tones for dresses, trlmminM nul waists. Ttiey are marked very close to the cost. The above Is simply a hint of the new thinijs. Look at tliem, examine tliem. We have placed them so you could easily do so. We don't ex'pect you to buy. at lir.-t sight. Go all arouud. Compare. Ttiat is the only safe way. We know you won't find any thinsrs of the kind elscwhere in town that offer so big a dollars wortli. The young winter we liave Just had a touch of you thlnk of Cloaks. K few worüx about Plush Jackete, CoaU and Wraps - 15 styles. Nol merely one of a kind, Full Lines. We have necurel control In thls ïnarUet the best inakts of these gartnents. No "Oerman Plushes" or "Box Plushes" among them, they don't wear well. We sell oDly the best " Kugllsh Seal Plush " of deep rich luster, aiul guarnntee perfectlon In iimterliil, m.'iki' aud ut. In the nnikiiiK every garment is treated as lf of Seal Skin. ( 1.)- the Plush is thoroughly steained. (2.) - the pleces are pasted on the molds and shapns. ( 3.)- the garmont Is dry sieanied whlle being made. All garments sjilin llned. Seat trinimlogs only on our l'oats and Jackets. We cali special attentlon toour 116.00 Jackets, S20.00 Wraps and 8i") 00 Coats. We have a very large assortment of Cloth Jackets Hundreds of them al] made from the very bestofgoods. JSo slip shod shoddy Jackets lu our store. Our 1.5U and Marsetlles QulHs are very cheap. Special price for a short time. Special barbullís in Towels. The Towels weareselllngat 10c, 124c, 15c and 25c can't be dupllcated. 10 doz. Fancy Towels, Very Large 75c, former price $1 2r. Mack & Schmid m Wil HECEI7!HG nu iiiiii! FOR ALL DEPARTMENT8. THE UW SUS ! AND COLORINCS IN ALL WOOL DRESS G00DS, DRESS SILES, NEW VELVETS, NEW PLUSHES, New Dress Trimmings BUTTONS, ETC, ETC. sn sh umus IN BLACK DRESS G00DS GAMELS HAIR, SEBASTAP0L, DRAF DE ALMA, VELOURS, SERGE, BIARRITZ C0RD UE ú HENRIETTA CLOTE Gorded Cashmere, Gorkscrew Diagonals, UWi WEAVES, ETC. New Shades in Colored Suitings, Tricots, Germán and English Plaids and Checks, Robe Dresses, Combination Suitings 1 other Novelties.


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