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pRPRiors CREAM AKlNg fipwoE (Mil by Un [overnnaeotí Kndorxed üy the headsof ttreOrent Irtrlveraltles ms the Strongest, Pnreat,and most Healthfnl. Dr. Prloe'a liicunlv Bakinjc Powder that Uws not sóplala Ammonta, Lime or Aluin. Bolü oniy i n ciins. PKR'K ]1AKIN; POWDER i" ÜÍW YOBK. CHICAGO. ST. l.cilMs. MANY T.A3I P f'IIDI NEYS A RE Ioiol liir s;il icnrcsciitfd M yood sis thc l'iiiiious TOP BIT 'JHI.Y ARE NOT! And lilcc all uní críen s Inris tilo Iteiuarkablc JLAflTIlfG liialiüí s or tuk í;i:xhxe. ASK FOX THE PEARLTOP Pnt.Oct. 3O,lss:?. The PËARÏjTOP is lUunufucMiroil OM,Ï by QIO, A, MACBÊTH & CO,, flTTSBUKGH, PA. SVjlie Best and Purest Medicine [4L EVER MADE. III j5vtWrtwlll(lrivo thc Humor from.vonrljj II '; CLsystoin, and make your kinlll 4" , iKjL.clr:in nml Bmooth. ThoscHI m ''i, r'' '' Vwmi-li mur your beaut) M tli V4O f ty AcvLuo cansea by bnpareeg I%y v' ?'4 VMjIoo'1, aii'l can I.. [TI II,. ' ,' '', . 'rcnuniillnashortlll Ul , V%, ''?'. ' Lblon.tpu Uj llItP M TllO DO8C % 'W%% Ul lïr.p.,.,Uful. "It IS thoV0f 4j, % "'4 " . I III best and choapestk e -í .'vl 1 1 medicine. Try it, amTa, c V I j ' (Jet it uf yonr Drugglst. %fA n IQdoS'TWAIT. GETITATOSCt U If von are eufTVrins trom K'1' " II ney Dlseace, ml wi-h lo Uve '"V olí age, use SULPHUIi BlTl'JiK-ÍV I Tliey uever Lall to cure. ¦II Send 8 2cent sWmps to A. I'. Ordway & Co., m.MubS., for lK.-t meilii-al wo:k publlshedr TRAVEL VIA T5rwSriSSSSS Through Trains tuith Dining II 'ffl HhTíI Cars' '"" Palace SleepIllill IIIJII II ing Cars, Modern Coaches. jMpUBBÉLHflUI Sure connections ín Union I ' mHII ePs n' ;'5 terminal points, H kl'l II r-flBIl with trains f rom and to the UhbEMHII Last' West, Ñorth and South. m9WVlU CheaPest &est ond Quickest K&Mdü II "'9 (rom Chicago, Peoría li vt st. Louis to DENVER, ST. PAUL, SAN FRANCISCO, MINNEAPOLIS, OMAHA, PORTLAND. ORE. KANSAS CITY, ST. JOSEPH, CITY OF MEXICO, ATCHISON. For Tickets, lates, Maps, &c, apply to Ticket Agent of connecting Unes, or address T. J. POTTÈi, H. B. STONE, PAUL MORTON, Ist V. P. 0. 14. 0. P. & T. A. íor hnn!onie Illustratv.l Rmlineton limite Oulde Book end ie. lustige to the O. 1'. & T. A., Chicago. 111. PS? I IJ MACKINAC. Summer Tours. Palace Steamere. Low Ratea Four Tript per Week Botween DETROIT, MACKINAC ISLAND Bt. Ijrnftce, ClieboyfLftn, Alpena. Hiimaville, Oitcoda, Hand Bcach, Port Hurón, St. Ci4ir, Oakl.ind Houso, Marine City, Bvery Weelc Day Botwcon DETROIT AND CLEVELAND Special Sunday Tripa durlnff July and August. OUR ILLUSTRATEO PAMPHLETS Hales and Excursión Tíolceta wíll be furalshed by your Ticket Agent, or addreus E. B. WHITCOMB, Gsn'l Pm. Agsnt, Detroit &. Cleveland Steam Nav. Co. DETROIT, MICH. ÏÉ'S Pilis Ktlmiilaes hc nrpil Itver. s(;lhena iIkmIík .i-i rurnuni. k'Klalo mu uowelN, uml are uiitíquuletl 11 uu ANTI-BILIOUS MEDICINE. I 11 malurlul dUtrteta thclr virtucN are Miilol.i re-OK"tal.iiXtlieypaMHMnuc. Mllnrpri.jniH, s 1.1 Irciiiy thi-s hI.ih Irom tbnt poisou. i:ii 'Kuntly Niiirar COUSCd. Dow Hiiiull. Jr7'f, 25ct. Sold Everyurhere. Office, 44 Murray St., Jíow Yoit ARBUCKLES' name on a paokage oí COFFEE is a guarantee of excellence. ARIOSA COFFEE is kept in all first-class stores írom the AÜantio to the Pacific. COFFEE is nover Rood when exposed to the air. Always buy this brand inhermetically eealed ONE POUND PACKAGES. ] ;ll-13M3 AlfVCIl I lOLílO trm paper, on sdvortising space when n Chicago, wilt find it on file at 45 'O 49 Híndolph St, I ApiN 9 TUnilAC Get your Printing at the Conrier. i


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