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May to Bell. Dear Bell : 111 wrlte you a short letter Tosay l'm wonderfully belter ; How much tliat means you oughlto know, Who buw rae Just une montli ago- Thln, Dervous, fretful, wliltc ns rhalk, AlmoKt too wenk to breulhe or tn'k ; Ilead tlirolililiiK as If llt for br akliiK. A weary, ever-present achlDit. Hut now Ufe si-film a dlrTerenl thlns : I li'rl as kiu1 a a binl un wIiik ! I Buy, umi loar no oontradlctloD, That Plerce'M Favorito Hrescrlplon Is (rand! Why, I'd havo illed without lt ! Mu IMnkH tlirre's no lulstukc uboulll. It's drlven all iny I II h away ; Just come and nee! Yoursever, May. Tlieonly foanUlD in tlie wilderness of Ufe, where man drinka of water totally iiiiinixcd wlth bitlerncss is tlmt wliich fusiles from liim ím tlie calin hiu) nhady recessen of üomestic üt'f . - Williain Penu. Der slnuljro on ileí' bencli vis u pooly Miniaid fullers, Imt efeu dp( m;in dond can five soiiie liniins toder f. ol. - Suni]:iy Níüonal. I n Om-ral liclnliij . Kiiiuclatioii, ('onsiimi)tioii, and Wiistiiitf in Clilldrin, scotIN KiiiuIníoii ol PnreUixl Llyer Ql wiih I ly }lustiites, is a most vuluaMc :ood and niediciiK!. It crenteR an uppe,le lor (ood, irengtliens tlie nervous syetem, umi Inidd up the body. l'lüai-e vad: "I trléd Scott's Einnlslnn on u 'ounjl man wliom l'liicmna ti t limes rnve up liope. Sinoe he bt'gan usinr tlie Smulsinn his Towgli lias ecused, gained k'sh nuil strenglh, and trom all appuarinccR his Mfe wlll be prolongcd mauy ¦ears."- JoiiN Si 'i.i.ivan, Hospital Htewird, Morgfanza, l'a.


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