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Curious Facts About Animals

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The spuli r spins lts ladder out. of itsell'. YVheo it asccnds it eats (lic ladder; w ben t wants to go down it spil" il out njrain. Tliere are sea birds wliicli can loost on the in Ilie worst storm. Tllü QMricr plgeon kunwi tbc way home f let loon miiny a mile iiway. Camela weep. They aro patiënt, hut know b3' sight and smcll hen dangcr is ncar, and show their fear by tears. Animáis have their past'niies too, as well ns liuninii bcings. Doga, tliongh not able to waste thelrtime over newspapers, will spend honr after scated at ;i window, watching all that passes in the strects, r in the evenlnjr reifaidlng the mouse hole - not with the ü;;litot idea of ffain or prolit, hut increly as au agrecable way of passing tlicir tune. Tlien tliere ure the ]on{ continned nijjhts of tame pigeons atiout our liouses, Ilie dniec of the housc-fly across our céílloiíp; the gamOoliog of guate, .nul Ilie lioverin in the sun of thosc brtjiht-colored two-winged flies we loinetimes cali lirones. The joyous monUey, fond of sport, has licen scen to indulge in huntlDg l'igs aiound a barn yard, catching and holding ihcm by the tail iiniil llieir 8(uuls brouglit their owner to the reselle. No boj' out of school gliows bit sensc ui FreMoM or happlucsí moie si rony ly thUB a bon or pony does when firtt turned loiu-etora run at.M.iss, (eiirlug nrylind Üi Beid, now stoppiDfj tor N nioineni to snort añil lili its lunjrs wiih the IVesh air, and then with a kiek of the heelt contjnulpg his gajjop, A immlu'i' of miníate serve tlie pnrI o-e (it liaiometers or weather guides. Among thmean tb snails and siiiders. Sn;.ils do not drink, luit iinbibe mol.-ture duriii}; a rain ai.d exude il aftprward. They ure ncver found nbroad cxej)t bet(.i( rain, when tiiey uiay !e aeoti ollmbing ilie bark of trees and gfttiiiE on the leayes. The tree snail, as it is ealled. two days licfore a rain will cliinb tip the su nis ut planta, añil if the rain is going t" lie u leng and hard one they get on ilie shelteied sidi; of the leiif, but if a short one then on the outgide. Tlien tliere are others[)eeies that bel'ore a rain are yi-llow; alter it, blue. Otlitrs iiulicale rain l3' holes and protubcraiices, whlcli befóte a rin rise up likc little tube?. These will begin to show theinsclvi s ten days before a rain. At the end of ench tube is a pore, or little gate, which opens when the rain couies, to absorb and drtiw in the tuowture. lu other snails dcep hole-, 1h yinniíu; at the hend between the borill and tBOlng with the lolntun of the tail, ai)penr a few dtys before a storm. If the weather s likely to becoine rainy, indv, or in auy tlier respect disRjrreeable, spiders tix the end threads hv wbleh the hole web is sustained unusually fhort. If the terniinatinr threads1, or tilaiuents are made uneoinmonlv Ion;, Ibe weather will be tiue, and continue so for it Kast ten or twolve day. Whrn spidcTi ar totully ind( lent, r.iiu jjenetally suerpeds; tleir aciivity liurinj! rain is .iliinKt ecrtaiii proof (lint it will be of short duMlim and followed by fair and COItatant weather. Spi('ers nsu l!y innkr anine allcaiion ii, ihcir web? ivery tw:nty-lour hour-; if tl g chances take pi ice l)ctw(eii the lioilr 01 t!j , n ' sev n in lüf eveulMj; thi y indieme u and pleasant nljrhl. '¦Tlie cloudfl tritw lieavhT ovi'i tuad - Tiif kplder .sireiiKiiiiMictii nis web.1' Dier aie ileliglitud willi tin m und ol inu-ic. A travcl.-r in Kuy] . nj --aks ! meetiny n heul d' stans ppon roail follouiiiüa liaupipf and Viollll. v Ik n ilie ie pluyi-d they vi nt l'uiwardj wlieii it ir.i.-ed they all stood still. S.-aU are very fond of imisic and have bei-n known lo lollow a boat foi a Ion.' distauve in uliicli xiiiic oue J8 p!aiiiL'. They are .-aid to preter the und t bajfpipes lo that tij aiiy other iiistriinient. Au EnglUli naturallsi says thal onei-veuiiiff a frieinl of hin was pi ying ly liirasel! in i He luid tl . . t pi yed a quarter of all huur when Iip saw Sfvrrnl dc.-ciiid fioni the eeilin, wllich eaine and raiiired theuist-lves abont the tu bli" ÍO heai hilll play, at wllldi h' as greHlly iurppisü' ; ilid tiol intert ii t 't lilin, heilig willing to sce the end ol Mie1: au ,ic( urreiiee. The sjihli-rs reinained on the tab'e un'll souie mie cimie tu ti II tl. e player thit Slipper w..n ready, when, haiiig cea-ed the inii-ic, lic luid me lln-se uiouitfd h iheir wehs, tn wlilch lic wou ld suffer no iiiiurv to be


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