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Real Estate Transfers

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Mary T. Bliss to Lucy A. McOmber, Ann Arbor f sOO Jacob Layer to Trastee E. L. B. Society, Freedora Anna M. Mnrtiu to Enoch R. Yost, Ypsiliiiiti 1J2S Loulsa & A. Laubengayer to 0, A B. Lnubengayer, York 500 Chns. LaubengayertoChristlan Laubengayer, York 2,500 Mary Gage to L. II. A L. E. I'attee Ypsilantl 200 E. L. Merrlman, et nl, to Leonard Bassett, Ann Arbor 2,500 Isaac Taylor to Qeorge Taylor, I.lma and Sylvan 1500 Traman Carpen ter to Rawson Saisbnry, ïork o Rawson Salsbury to W. S. Cofftoan York 1 Wm. S. Coffman to A. Da venport, et al, York i5 Wm. II. Culver to James Qauntlett, Jr., York 3,000 The youngster who wrote thefollowing shoiild gome day be-a reporter: "Boys is men that havo not got as big as ttieir papas, and girls is young women that will be jooag ladies by und bye. Man was made bofore woman. Wheu God looked at Adam he eaid to hitnsclf: "Woll, I guess Ican do better tlian that if 1 try again," and then he made Eve. God liked Evo so mucli better Qua he diil Adam that there has been more women in the world tlian men ever since. lioys are a trouble. They are very weariiiK on evefythlng but soap. If I could have my way half the boys in the WOrld wouUl bc Hule girls and 'the other half would be dolls. My papa is eo nico to me tliat he must have been a rirl when u u n liltle boy.1'