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Song Of The Hats

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Farewell, my bat of straw ; a stranjje vicissttnae rob- thee of all my forraer rtrt'P sollcltude. Yinir luid aside wiili snndry nnmtncr i lliite ; with picnics it'eiifh riden, and such tray frtvolltles, Your f?lory Taded, Ionjf pt(t rfpe mMurity ; Now rett serene ín darknees aud obscurity. Come henee, my w)bor tile of eomber black. Cold weather swiftly comes upon the track of pm m nier, and by an uncbang1Ing law you follow and supplHiit my slimmer straw. Adven tures walt yon. Thoutrh yon may encape tbe moth whlch hovers 'neath yonr band of crape, you may a victim fall ere many days to some fat woraan who three hundred Dl weiifhs. You are my trosted er. ?tick friend; whatthouiib mensmlle tojethto becao-te a little out of style. hang yon you tbrough cverr shoot yon while kind of weather. and wfil not - [Washington Critlc. ¦¦Our lives aresongs. God wrllei the word And we set tbem to muxtG at pleasure; And the oog grows glad or sweet, or sad, Aa weohoose to faslilon tbe mowure. " We must write the rausle, whatever the song, Whatever lts rhyrae or metre ; And if It Is sad, we can make It glad, Or ir sweet we can make It sweeter." Of late thcy have chlmneys Inventad Whlcn all of thelr own smoke consume; Now a music conBumlng piano Is needed to help out the boom. - [Tld-BIU. Wanted: Deeds- Not words winning note, Not thoughtt from Ufe remóle, Not fond rellgious airs, Not sweetly fanguid prnyers, Not loved scent and creeds - Wanted; Deeds.- [Walf. 8he was sweet And petlte; And her sway was complete As we waltied 'neath the ball-room' brlght tapers. But the slght The nextnlght Of ray love oured me quite. As I gased ou the frlght in cnrl papers. - [Boston Budget. "If we cannot cross the ocean, And the heathen land explore. We can flnd the heathen nearer- We can tl ml tbem at the door.'1


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