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Hints For Farmers

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Dou't pasture too late. Have you an iee-house ready? Avoid waste in securinf! crops. Flx up your premises for winter. Save all the cornstalks tor fodder. Now haoten the fatten ing of stock. "liaste mukes waste" oo the farm. It doesn't pay to winter poor stock. Push the fattening pigs and poultry. Protect the sheep f rom cold storm. Holsteiu cattle are gaining in fiivor. Pure water only for cows and horses. Prepare good slieds, etc, for winter. Oood for dull tools - grlndstone musio. Boys, "go for" the squirrels and coons. Separate sick animáis from well ones. Provide good fuel for "ye gudewlfe." Better select and save good seed corn. Nulsances- poor fencesand unruly cattle. Avoid givlng the lion's share of profits to middlemen. The yery best mine for a farmer to invest in is his farm. A good season for ditching, dr diiing and digging wclls. Do not allow your cattle to driuk from a stagnant pool. The Hoeks and herds need weeding, the same asjflelds. You can plant asparagus roots in the fall for a new bed. In preparing producís for market, try to please purchasers. Put dwellings and outbuildings n order for the coming winter. Never smoke in barnyard, barn or house, nor allow others to do so. After eecurinjf your crops see to marketing them profltably. In setting out raspberry planta, doo't bury their roots too deep. Produce not marketed should be well gorted and protected. In transplanting trees be cnreful to preserve the roots moist. All breedlng is founded upon the axlom that "like begets like." Don't permit the engine to stand too near the threshing-machine. Young and growlng animáis are the most profitable for the farmer. The best breed is good care, good water, good feed and good barn. Good care is reckoned to be the farmer' best norse and cow doctor. Breed the fint lor strength and endurance, and tben for style. Sheep and pigs are said to prefer dried pea fodder to the best hay, and both thrive on the food. Sell the old hens if possible. They won't pay for keeping over winter, and will soon be unsalable. Clear out the last remnant of tnanure from barnyard, stable and hog-pens, and put it on the wheat-field. Don't consider your home prepartd for winter until the cellar is cleaued and put in a tidy, healtby state. Have you gathered a supply of road dust for chickeu baths? It will prive useful in the hen-house next winter. Sorehum is said to have stoocl the dronth in the west splendidly, furnishing excellent fodder when all else was wilted. Young turkeys should only be allowed to run In fields where the grass is cut short, os wet pluinage scems to be futal to them. Readers of the Codribr are remin ded that this is the best fall montli to plant such trees as apple, pear, quince, cherry, jiluni, etc. The farmer who sells the best and keeps the poorest seeds and animáis is ou tlie rlght road to the wrong pluce. Better "bout face."


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