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A School Secretary In Name

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In an issue notlong9ince we menHoned the fact ttiat a secretary of the County Board of School Examiners was to be elected. In accordance with a circular lssued by the Supt. of Public Instruction, the appointive board met in the Jude of Probate' office on the 2Gth of September, but immediatcly a legal question sprang uto existence. It wasclaimed that there were too many members on the board, and lience no appointment could take place. After considerable discusston it was agreed by all partios concerned to submit the subject to the Attorney General for his opinión, as to wliom constituted the appointive power. The other day, contrary to the sllpulatlons previously made, and not receiving an opinión from the Altorney General, Judge Harrimun, George S. Wheeler and August Lodeman, the man appointed by Judge Harriinan a few days ugo, in place of JL. O. Warner of Ypsilanti, resigned, in order that he (Warner) might be eligible to the position of Secretary, thus giving Judjre Harrimnn in reality two votes and power of natniiig the Secretary, thought it prudent to meet and desigimte (?) the Secretary in the person of E. C. Warner of Ypsilanti. There is much di&satlsfaction, we understand, throughout the couuty in consequence of tliis procedure, especialiy because .when Mr. Warner resigned, Judge Harriman saw fit to take It upon liimself to appoint a man just 16 days before the new luw came into existence, a man whnm he deemed, through his appointment, better entitled to the office tlian one who was duly elected by the township inspectora of the several townships of the county on the lst Tuesday in August. In lonia, Ingham and other coiintles wlilch we might mention, & member of the board was elected as In Washtenaw, and holds his office for a term of three years, as is provided by law. In none of the nbove named counties did the Judge of Probate grasp at the opportunity of making an appointment, althoujjh similar vacancies existed, just a fortnight before the selecting of Secretary. Washtenaw may be an exception and subject to different law, when taken in connection with other counties in state, although it was the intent of tbe Legislature to have thls opérate alike throughout the state. We wonder at the inconislency of the Judge's position. It must be that our putrician Judge want to pluck a few laurels from the judicial brow 3Í Mluerva, by his iuterpretation of the iaw.


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