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'91 has 91 laches in toe class. L. W. Parker, '79, spent Saturday and Sunday in Toledo. Dr. Lyster, of Detroit, addressed the medica last Monday. C. L. Carter, law. 87, made hla flriendl in the city a short visit Sunday. Jayne won 8econd-clas9 single fust prize in the Tournaineiit, Saturday. The Dramatic Club will present "Le Maitredes Farges" sometime in January. VV. W. Campbell '8G, liolils a professorship in inatheniatlcs at the University of California. Dr. Friese UNm the duties of President durinjr Dr. Ang'iU's absence at Washington. A class social of the junior honieops was held Monday evening at Miss Hlll'i on E. Liberty st. The junior laws effucted the pusgügc of tlieir constitutioii at a stormy meeting on Saturday mornlng. C. V. Nafe has returned fioiu Brunswick, X. J., wliere he has been roprosentin? tlie local chapter of Delta U's in general convention. H. C. St. Clair, '89, has returned'f rom the convention of the Phi Gamma Delta at Bloomington, 111. Prof. Johnson is bothering the junior pliarmics wit h equations, having started off on a thousand of them. Mrs. Stowell, owing to a sliht iudisposition, was not able to meet her classes the latter part of last week. The Board of Regenta have raied the salaries of Profs. Wood and McLachlan of the llouif(i):itliic department. Prof. Qayley bas been confined to bis room for the past few days, and hif classes bave been enjoying sweet repose. li. E Hlerouyinoui, '90, isstill sufferlng f rom injuries received in the foot bill rush of three weeks ago. Two ribs were misplaced. Thos. 1?. Chapin, '85, engajred in the real estáte business at Uoyne City, Micli., was in the city last week the guest of bis mother on State struet. Miases Ilonta Sm.illcy and Faith Helmer will attend the annual coavention of the Gamma Pili Beta sorority, held nex tweek at Madison, Wis. The Chi Psi fraternity enjoyad Zeta hospltality last Saturday evenliip, the occasion being the celebration of thcir victorv over them in base ball. 1V H ¦ T WWV vmws ¦ ¦¦w vhi - B. K. Bruce, the lecturer wlio was to have appeared in University Hall Batorday failed to appeur, owlnz to misconDections at Kalamazoo. lint carne for Tuesday evening. The Unity Club held; its regular meeting Monday nlglit, at which several interesting papers were read, and Miss Nellie Qarrigues gave illiistrations ot' the Delsarte sy stem of c;il i si lic n ie-. Dr. Newton Baldwin, formerly Prof. of Obstetrics and diseases of womcn in the Homeop. dept., is now sick with typhold fever at Dundee, havln; taken the disease from carlnjt for Dr. Sawyer at Monroe. J. M. C. Smith, a gradúate of botli tlic literary and law dcpartiuents, and a Beta Theta Pi frater, was in the city last Tliursday with his bride, Miss Lena Pnrkhurst, to whom he wns raarrled at Charlotte on October 23. Mr. Smith is the present been prosecutlnji attorney of Eaton Co. The Fall Field Diiy contests will take place Saturdar aflernoon noxt, at 2 p. m. The usual contesta will take place nnd eiitricB can now be made with J. L. Duffy, J. Hegeier, A. C. Klskadden, F. Townsend and J. Wilson. The Junior Class olectcd tho followiux ofnVers lust S.iturdiiy : President, C. V. Nafe; President, ;MI;8 Joslyn; Secretary and Treasurer, F. S. Looinis. The cliiMs hat, or silk plug, w is adopted und will be procured Immcdiately. Tlie Fall Tennis Tournamont menced Saturaay morning, on tbo association grounds, wlth a large number of entries. The freezing out system was adopted and the tournament will be dccided somctime during the week. A very pleasant gociul was given to the meinbcrs of the Ilobart Guild at the Hall last Frlday evening. Dancing seemed to make the time pass vcry enjoyably and the social was a grand success. KefreshmentS8erved by the ladies of the Guild were partaken of by the large oumber present. The "Sans Souci" dancing club held its first meeting Monday evening in Nickel's Hall on State st. About 40 couples were in attendancc and danced until a late hour, the music being furnished by the Chequamegons. The next meeting will be the Friday immediatcly before Thanksgiving. The Engineering Society held their regular weekly meeting Frlday nlght, at which the following papers will be presented: "Sewerage at Old Orcuard Beach," P. U. Richardson;" "División Work on Railroad Construction," W. W. Seymour;" "Preliminary Railroad Survey," F. C. Davis. It Is understood that several people who suffered from the destructlon of their property last Monday night, are contemplating joining togetherand bringing the matter before the Unlyersity authorities and the school authorities, and if no satÍ9faction can be obtained, to go Into the courts with the matter. They refuse to believe that it isfun. The fraternity Freshmen, of the lit. department held a caucus at the Beta Theta Pi House last Thursday evening and nominated candidates for class offlcers of '91. Cooley acted as chairman iind the forty present combined on the tollowlng offlcers : For Toast Maeter, JJ A. Jameson; President, Teddy Smitli; Historian, Tom Cooley ; Orator, Neal Dow. The followlng are the contests for which i' n tries will be received for Field Day: 100, 220 and 440 yards Dash, 120 yards Hurdle Race, Three Leg Race, Pole Vault, Throwing Hammer, Putting Shot, Drop Kick, Standing Broad Jump, Running High Jump, Heavy and Light Weight Sparring, Heavy and Llght Welght Wreftling, 1 mile Bicycle Race, Tug of War between '90 and '91. C. B. Cady is using hls best endeavors to secure a guarrantee sufflclently large to increase the efficiency a series of Chamber concerts during the winter. All who are at all interested in this matter should noc hesitate to procure season tickets, as only those who are holders of these sea8on tickets will be admitted to attend and liave the privilege of purchasing single admission tickets for eacu concert. ïue sumenis ïuieresieu in tue orgamzatlon of the gymnasium held a meeting In room A last Friday night and cominittees were appointed in all classes and (lepartments to solicit subscriptions ol $5 each, with i view to obtaining f 1,500, whicli is deemed sufflcient to support the institution for the coming year. Tue soliciting commlttee have met with succeas tli far, and are hopeful of procuring the desired amount. A very pleasant surprise party waa given Prof. Calvin Thomas, at his residence on Packard street, last Friday evening, the occasion belng hia birthday About thirty of his friends appeared at supper laden with baskets Ulied with delicacies of the season. He was made the recipiënt of a beautiful napktn with a flnely executed monogram embroidered ii [n it, while napkin rings and other gifts were testimoníala of the regard in wliich he Is lield by his friends. Tliere will be a political meeting in the hall of the Alpha Nu Literary Society Siiturday evening, November 5, to d8cuss the merits of some of the poasible candidatea for the prejidential office and the merits oí their respective parties. Roacnthal, Dewey, Bracewell, McBride, BhaWi Uunbar, and Powell will support respectively Cleveland, Blaine, Carlisle, Alger, St. John, George, and Belva Lockwood. All interested in politics and in tlie work of literary societiea are invited. Meeting will be called promptly at 8 o'clock. Tlie Senior Class election of the literary department was held in room A, Saturday ; Manning M. Hildren acting as tempoiary clialruian, soon glvlng place to Mr. Moran as permanent chairman. Morgan M. Manu waa the fraternity candidate in opposition to J. H. Powell, independent. The first informal ballot resulted in Powell 57, Mann 52 and ïcuttering 4. For three hours there was a struggle to have the vote declared formal, but resulted in an adjournment at 2 p. in. without anytliing deflnlte havlng been accomplished. The election of offlceraof '91, was held Saturday afternoon, at 2 p. m. Thayer was elccted chairman; the fraternity candidutc was Snntli, the high school faction of the independents supported Warner, the rest holding up Burton. Tlie tirst informal ballot gave Smith 58, Warner 40, and Burton 35, scattering 17. In mucli confusión a motiou to adjourn wa put through and another meeting will be held in two weeks. Thia Is the ílrst time that a fraternity candidate has had such a prospect of success. and if good management be exercised he may be elected. Prof. Taïlor has returned from Chicago where he has been exhibitiug the work of the Engineering Department at the National Éxhibitlon of Architecture. The exbibitlon attracted a gicat deal of attention and comment, especially from the Uhicago Tribune. The display was the most complete of any made. The Professor took with him a twenty-live horae power engine, made by laat year'g stuilents, a lurge pattern-muker'a lutlie, and a ful) display of patterna, castings, forgingj and drawings. The forgings especially attracted attantioo. They included all gra4w ot forging from the most simple lo tlie liiifst tools, thus representing the progress made by the student in practical work. The exhibit will remain there dtiriug the meeting of the National A -oeiuliim of Civil Engiueers, and the inrctiiiL' of the As-ociaLion of Loo.omotive


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