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Peculiar I n lli' combi mitlon, proportion, and prejaraXIou af it ingrediente, Hood's Sarfciparilla accompjigiiea cures wherc otber fir;irtiious etktlrely lai!. Peculiar in ta'jt'-od Hume at home, wlileh sa"tower of strenjrth abroad," peculiar in the phenomenal sales t has attained, Hood's Sarsuparilla íh tlie mu -t succemul medicine for purlfying Ilie blood, givinj strength, and crealing an appetile. WJien lh luicetragediuti cried, "What, lio! Uure," tlic iiew super walkeil on the stage aml acknl what lioe he wantutl. - Texas Siitins. Let no man bonst that lie ia free from color blinltU'M un til nti.r lie has beeD sent to the dry goorte store t match his wileV t)l:iclt silk, aml has come out ot tlie salisfactoril}'. A psrMT once asked - "ís there a wife in the city tn day who makes her hnsbanil's fliirts-" The following answer was received by the return post: "I do but he won't wear tliem." - Otego, O., Witnefs. "It's ftpliamed yez ought to be, sittin' there an' sayin' me son sUmilin' in the watlier, and not liftiü' yer tinger to liilp Muí." "Y aas i but I didn't know it, mum." "Didn't know phat? Sure an' there he was, roijíht before yez oies." "Dliln't know that he was yer son, mum." - Harper's Bazar. bleasantsafe 3S MBy? r pepsioconjTpanorjrierbus oreneral fíebity, headache lassjfuce, císenses of wfcmen, tc.rHee& joutwj? lOCforSot. AthQbhoro% Vrmedíes re sod ty 'alldrugqiiTsS Send ocenfs for 1he beautiïul colorecíf)icTure,')e ,


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