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Mis Allegro KjrjílesíOM, a daujrliter of Dr. Kilesion, will ilUtraie lier l'Mther'g sorel, "The lirayson," in the l'entiiry. Endymiiin ;iiui Olher Poems, by John Keat?; aud Warren Hatting, by Lorü Macaulay, aie the last issues ot OnseU's ten cent library. Illu-trated papers In the forthcomlng November Cenlury will nclude one on Augustus St. Ganden?, tlie sculptor, and li is work. Ab SU üaudeii's sUtue of Jjiiiioln, in Cliiciijjo, was conipleted iicetlie irticle was written. Mr?. Van Rensjelaer ;oii tributes a short supplemcntal paper Jescribing work, wïlli a t'uli page illustration.engraved by Whitney. Mrs. Van Reosselner cnnsiders this statne "iiot only "in lic.-t likeness of Abraham Lincoln, butour fniest work nt' monumental art." Our Little Ones cummenoes a new volume this montli, and the puhlisliers are [uaking extraordinary effort for the 2ouiiujr ye:n', yet liow they will excel wbat lliey have alieady giveu the public Is a mystery. Proin tlie nursery age to tbat of leaviiiK the prinmry cliool conitltutes the truly formative perlod of life. In it the mina and di-position muy be iixialded, the ntTections eultiv&ted, and the tantes developed by attractire and Barefully wlapted literature, that is slnjple wtlhoui belH siliy, and ptctures artNticiilly equal to tinne whlch jtrace the best periodicals for adultf. Whut the inlluenie ut' the bett current literature l to meu and wonen "Our Little Ones," wilb lis Mgfll of e.iprcssly pre pared aud flneljt illustratnl uiliclcï. is to children. Eacli fresli ajipearance biings newjoy.


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