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Abolishing Crime

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Tlie (Tí ini.itioii of the vi.'ilinee roinmittee of San Francisco in l.'iii arouted the most bitter and cktermined oppotltlon froni the office-bolding class principally, wlio styled themselves as the "Law and Order Party." l'nder tb II appellation they poaed M chanipionj of god government and martyrs to its cause. Uut the falsity of the a-smnpilon was ridiculously ipparvnt to every honest observer. To Iticredit the leaders of the imti-viilants with honesty of purpose would be equivalent to charjtlng thcm with Imbeclllty. Dnriiiü the committee's succi'sslul warfiirc atrainst crime in the city of the Golden G.ite, Judge Campliell on one occisión plteoiuly declaimed : "I once thonglit that I was the frce citiz'ii of a frce country.but recent oecurrenci'S luive conviuced metliat 1 am a shive, (centiemen, more a llaTC ttiati any on southern plantiitons for they know thelr miistcr, hut I know pot mine!" , , . " Oh, yes yer do," a voic in heavy liantone was heaid to tay : " You know your master as well as auybody- two of Uiem werc hun-i the other dav;' referring to Casey and Oora, wlio for murder were exicnted hy the vlgilanoe commitUc. W'liile Calhoun Benham was denounclnt the governor and deploiiuji the condilion of the citv, whicli liad been "seized by a mob;" robbed of its "sacred rights and liberties," strlken down by a "band of couspirators;" a lurgc Uolt's revolver in a belt round his walst uuder his coat, wasunwittlngly displayod by liini. ¦ Sec, there Is a prttty law and order man," oried one. "Yes!" Mdalmed another; "he Is violating the laW now." "I carry this weapon," replied tlio speaker, "not as an instrument to overthrow the l;iv, hut U one to Uphold and protect the law." It is donbtful if the orator, nble tlioiigh he was, reallzed the profoundness of bis sophistry. He broke the law to uplml.l the law; of what more could their worst pnpniv have accused tlie visualice


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