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A WOMAN'S LIFK OF OEORÜE WASHINGTON. By Virginia K. Townsend. l'ub llshcd by Worhlngton Compatny; 747 Broadway. N. Y. Illuslrated 1 vol. 12 mo. clotli. íl.2. Among tlie nutucrous "Lives of Washington" tliis volume by Misa Virginia Towiiseiid will occupy a uuique place. It s not ntended t'or tlie seriotis student of li story, although it H as accurate as it can hu, hut is written principally for the yoting. It presenta a woiuan's way of looking at our greatest man, and we are glüd to K.-iy tliut the author has entered some by-paths where she ha8 gaiued some yiews which throw a new light upon the tigure which stands in solitary ïnajcsty in the heart and iiuagination of the American poople. Tiie narratlve is tiii-cinating and altogetlier it U onc of the best biographies written. B A.BYLAND. EdltcU by the editora of Wlde A wake. Boston: D. Lathrop & Company Boards, 75. The twelve bound numbers of this littlc magazine make onc of the handsomest voluiues of the year. For the three and four year olds there is nobook Üke Babyland, with its jolly 8toiies and jinjfles, its pu.le8 and itpictun"-, ts bijj cleur type and its beautiful cover of apple blossoms and babies fairur than apple Llossoms. Blessed Is the household toto wbiob it enters, and UQtold and untellable is the happiness its pages hold for the llttle ones. Price 75 cents. TWELVE TIMES OXE. By Miss M. A. Lathbury, artlst-author of -Seven Mttle Malds," "Rlng-around-a Uosy," etc., etc. Conslstlng of fac-slinlle water-colored drawlngs, ezqul.sltely primea in ia oioro, with descrlptlve verses toeach Ulustratlon, 4to. boards In llthographlc covers of original design In color and gold. f 1 H, Worthlngton Company, N. Y. This new book by Miss Lathbury, althougli on a larger scale, is a charining companlon to the author's ever-popular "Soven Little Malds." Kvery care has Leen taken to make the mechanical part of this work as perfect as the llthographic art can make it, and the exquisite work of Miss Lathbury hac been fiiithfully copled to the most minute details. It is the most dainty and delightful volume ever issued.


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