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The average farmer now talks turkey, ïlicre are Cl pupils la the Clielsea high school. Put away tlic screen door and bank up the cellar. The Chelsea high school is to have a new carpet. J. H. Kingsley is improving bis East Milán water power property. Ilarvey Clemens has returned frora Montana to his hoine In Lima. Ezra Lusk, once a resident of Manchester, died at Marshall on the 19th uit. Elmer Hammond, of Chelsea. takes a position in the express office at Jackson. Wallace'a new hall ut Saline lias the 8cenery and curtaius in position readv for business. The Chelsea Savings Bank contcm;)lates movlng iiito the store on the corner adjoining. The Dexter Baptists wou ld Uke to secure Rev. Mr. Mills, of Rochester, as thelr pastor. The Dexter eider mili runs nlght and day aud then has hard work to keep up with orders. Lewls Freer, of Lima, lost a liorse recently which was ÏO'i years o!d, known as "Old Chick." The Palge school house in Lima has :iad a new coat of ]aiat, and school's commeneed again. M. J. Lehman is laying the foundation for a new dweil ing house on Congdon St. - CheUea Herald. Please note the fact Mr. Gilbert. At Manchester a comruittee of citizens :ias been appointed to investígate the deslrability of bringing a foundry and machine shops to Unit place. The Chelsea Herald says Perry Haner tías just flnished a fine residence north of Ilie railroad in that place. Does Supervisor Gilbert know anythlng about it? Geo. W. Turnbull has resumed his old time place as leader of the Congregational church ohoir, a position he very creditably tilled for many years.- Chelsea Herald. C. II. Wlnes hasbought lotsandls preparing to erect a residence In the quartcr of the town. - Chelsea Herald. Supervisor Gilbert should put this on his Hst. Rev. Fr. J. P. McManus, the mucb beloved pastor of the CHtliolic church of Dexter, has removed to Battle Creek, where he has been appointed pastor of St. Phillips' church. An M. E. social was held at Mr. and Mrs. John Jackson's last Tuesday evening whlch was well attended. The guests had the honor ofdrinking tea from a teapot more than a century old.-Pinckney Dispatch. Erneet Ilill rode around the triangle, 20 miles, in two hours and six minutes, yesterday forenoon, on his bicycle. The start was made from the Lodi Plains school house, and the teacher there, Miss Fannie Caldwell, timed hlm. Rev. Fr. Peter Loughrau for the past three years assistant pastor of the Church of Our Lady of Help, in Detroit, has been appointed to the charge of St. Joscph's church ut Dexter, and already assumed the duties thereof. His Detroit parlshoners gave hlm a purse of f '300 upon leaving. An Ypsilantl dispatch of last Friday evening announced that Malcolm McDousall, of Bridgewater, was found uncon8cious in his room Iu the Neat house, at about 5:80 a. m., with the gas escaplng full head. Mr. McDougdl has bien one of Washtenaw County's most honored pioneer citizens, and this news will be hcard with regret by many of our citizens. In noticlng the death of Wm. II. Trlpp, aged 28'i year?, the South Lyon Excelsior says: "Mr. Trlpp was a carpenter by trade and it was while working in Ann Arbor seven weeks ago last Tuesday that lie received the wound that caused his death. In passing from one room to another he slipped on the floor and struck his temple against a doorkey; this caused blood poisouing and although all that professional skill and loving f riendscould do, was done for hlm, he gradually sank to rest like the going down of the setting sun. Soliloquy of the potato : " Here comes another man toward the wagon, lle'll swear too wlien hehears how highlam - nothing ordlnary about us tubers this year, thank you. We're some potatoes' surc this season, and only the tables of the opuleat can have us; beans are good enough for common folks. Here, stop pinching me so, mister - 'taint my fnult I'm so dear, and you needn't get mad at me because the drouth abbreviated the erop so this Fummer. You appreciate us now because wc're so rare, but walt 'till nest year when everybody will plant u=, and we'U be so nutnerous that you'll allow us to lay around and rot- excuse me - dUintejrrate, and tiien " Here tlie potato was thrown into a peck basket and carried off in tritimnli hv i milimn.


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