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Apropos of the elecllon of yupcrlnteuüent of the poor, it muy be salil thut a number of the demoeraU on the board of supervisors offered to vote for a repubücau superlndent, If hewas Icns ii n olijpctlonable partlsan tlian Mr. Oreeue. Wllh the repuhliiuns, lt wan Greene or nothlug aiul tliey got nothiug.- Ami Arboi Argug. A propos of the election of inpertntendents of the poor, it lboald also be said tliat h number oí the dtmocratt on tbe boaril promistil to vote for Mr. Greene, and tbey probably woold lure fuliilled tbelr promises bad tboy not beeu bubed iiito parttan lines wHU tlie wblp of u ]aity bo88. AVitli thete democreti i'. was to vote for Mr. Greene oí lie, ind tliey lied. - Yjisilaiitian. Tbe admifsion of tbc Argus tbat we "got nothlng" In tbe election il Mr. Holmes s quite frank, tbongb perbaps not very coiiipleoientary to Mr. Holmes, the man elected. "How can it be tbat wc have lncliun slimmer?" saiil a well-known gentleman on tbe street t day or so ago, "since the Indlans are all killed ofl'or driven away?" We referred bim to ex-Mayor Robison ia an expert on Indian lore '


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