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Supervisor Braun's Side Of The Tax Story

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Supervisar Broa, of Aun Albor town in conversiition with a Cuukibb repreMiilative rcccntly wtd Uiat he considerci that bis township was trcated unfairly ir the artlcle of last week. Jn the rirst place tlie township was lowered only $5,000 instend of f55,000 (which is true. i belng un error of tlie type). Iii tlie nexl place the Ann Albor Water Co. is asscsseil ior only $50,000 in tlie township the other $50,000 ííoíii to tb city. Then again tlie townsliip should receive some consideraron for the loss of ts mllling property. The woole milis which were bu raed, a few years since wero never rebullt, but the'flO.000 Insurance paid to the Messrs. Cornwell's went into tlie city. The McMann mili burned a num ber of years ago was never rebuilt; so that the rnillin"; property of Ann Arboi town is not worth near as much as it once was, even with tht' uldition of the new pulp mili. The fanuing property is not wortl what it was iu 1872, and the property o tlie township has not ncreased in valué in any wny. At that time Ypsilatit town was equalized f 45,000 higher than Ann Arbor town. Now, the tables have been turned tfld Ypsilanti is nut f00,000 lower tlian Aun Arbof town, tliis, too ii face of the fset that Vpsilauti has a wliolt lection of land more than Ann Arbor while its miUlng property is greatly Superior. "Theie is an injusticc, sak Sapervtfor Braun, and 1 luppote the rea son thcy "salt" my lown is because it is contiguous to the city; tliere can be n Other rcason." Tliis in effect is the conveisation, ani U m .k.- ui .t very fair case. Mr. Braui diil not vote for the report of the cominit ti i1, not bellevlnx it a just one. Btnce tlic abovc was in type Üupervisoi Braon has handed us the following : Editor CorrtrER: - I notlccd iu the arlicle headed "Salting the Citiee," a number of errora in relution to Ann Arbor township. Iu the iirnt place we nevcr had $100,000 water works aesessment. In the second place the gain of the pulp mil was not as iln, aa we lost one griat mili and one woolen mili which have Dever been rebuilt. Con-(tjUL'nlly we have less valuation to-day along the river, tlian we had in yearu gore by. Third,vcdid not set any bood Ie as you inferred Yut 1 im very thankful to the majority of that commiitee Tor not raisln? us f 50,000 as the membci froru ihi' city was iilvucaiiug tonideourtownthip iiotwIihKtanding the fact that other townships werc lowered trom $a),'.0J to $50,000. Two years ago that samo member euccecdcd in getting Ann Arbor lown nised iiO.OW, when in fact we lost $10,000 on real estale hy flre. whicli went intJ the L'd disnlct of Aun Arbor city. Thts eqnallxloc e nualtte hu ii queer way o liiu ing. Thi' abovearc factn, now let me eive my oploion. The wny it looks to me In regaid to Ann Arbor township i that the cammltttee rcasoned about like thi : (jurxliun -lx a biishel of wueat worth more raieed iu Ann Arbor town than in any otber town An.twer - No, bnt yon have the state univeriity. Question- Is beef on foot worth 1 Anêioer- No, bnt yon have the conrt hou e. QueAtion-1 wool or gheep worth morr I No, bat yoo "ïave got thecounty jail. Besldes all thls, you ralse lots of berries and peaches on iour olherwite barren hills. Yon keep up muid ruad and good ubtantial bridges for us to cjmeto town over. You are good and noble, bnt our decNlon i 1 .w and Ann Arh r township ís the best town In in the onnty. Amen ! As per asessment onr townsbip averages $"9.4" per acre. Some other time I wilt give you the av. era:e of other townshlps. For all the good qualities and advanUje our town has over others accordlng to the committee's report, we will eell our farm of 160 acres for $2,000, less than it cost us. The larm is in a better state of cultivatlon than it was when we bought It. This is no lorced sale, It Is all paid for, and I eimply state this to show that when farm'ng does not pay In adjolning towns it will not pay in our. O course the paying is immaterial, but nevertheless, if any of yoo want to live in the best town ia the conntv, now is your chance. FKED. B. BbAIK. Our brotliereditorof the Sentinel down at Ypsiluuti is terribly bothered over Wbat be dont want. He seeins to be soit of a general objector: essentlally a nega;ive charncter. For instance, from the last issue of liix paper we learn that lie üon't want: AnylhliiK to do wlth any man who lias anythlng todo wlth the K imkIUs of i,nior. The Normal school K"ounds go cooHtantly torn up wlth uew buildings and improvements. Any oneelected toflll Prof. Payne's place In the Unlverslty, but theposltlon to remalu vacant. Anything taught in the university but Dabol Is arllhmelicaud V'ebgter-s speller. Any flsh shutcs put In the Huron rlver dams, pronounclng It all d- ra nonsense. Anythlng todo wlth the marrlai;e llcense law; orlhenaughty paperB that publlsh the licenses Ismieil. Any one to belleve that Col. Fred. Orant In any way resembles hls futher. Any man to even mentlon base-ball In hls presence. Any Thanksglvingproclamatlons-theyare oheatnaU. To see potatoos so high prlced- as It ÍnterfiTfS wlth hls ilit-l. The comraon couucll of Ypsllantl make such stapld work as they do In audltlng bilis. So mach rowdylsm on the streets nlghts- especlally Haliowe'en nlghta. Any more time to elaptte before the city finalices of Ypxlluiul have a thorough overhaullug. On the contrary we learn that he beüeves in the "Faith Cure;" In Ayer's pllls and agüe cure; and in the riglitand duty of the pretest administration to turn every n-publican out of office and fill lm place with a deuiocrat. Miss Conelltu has reduoed the price of her book to 3.3 cents. A matUng pony belonging to YVm. Taylor, who livos just nortli of the city, was stolen last Montlay night, together tli a saddle, goat robe and overcoat. A five ton stone bfing dellvered to James & Barney last Frlday, broke down the wagon, and the nuniber of bosses thnt snnonnded that broken vohicle and SHVe tlieir opinión as to the best wny to get t lie stone to its destination was v.onderful. Tlie residcnts on tlie suutli sido of E. Ann st., between Sute and División sts., will be very happy if they can secure the luying of the walk ordered by the coun(1 lot Monday niglit, before winter tets in. "lt Is a eonsnminition devontly to be deslrcd." A colored individual taped the till of P. Donovan's store in t lie 5th wnrd, yesterday, and being discovered tried to run away, bnt tlie entlre male populatin of the ward gave cbue and linally mu him down, and took him to Billy Walsh's cross-bar hotel. He 18 a sorry ooon, that fellow.


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