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BACH & ABEL'S COLUMN. CO ATS, Wrap?, Jackcts, Newmarkets and whnt not for women's outslde wcar. Sundred of St.ilcs. Ne west Clothes and Shapes, Fresh and briglit. No printed, slip-shod, old style, cotton stufl' in the lot. WHERE UI tbc CloakTradc of the city be done ? You won't ask after you have seen how they are piled up here and and after you havo looked at the price tickets on tliem. Nclthcr the Assortment Nor the Prices Can be Mutched in To wn. DON'T ïake our word for it. Compare. You can't go wrong tlien, if you know money's wortli when you sec it. Judge by these. 100 ASTRACHAN Jackets, all new, perfect goods, $5.50- made to sell at $8.00. 50 ENGLISH Plaid and CUeck, tailormade, bound Jackcts, brown and black, f 1.50- made to sell at $G.OO. 'M BOUCLE and Diagonal ShorUVraps, handsomely trimnied, $10.00. Tliis lot of garments were made to sell for $15.00. and $18.00. We made an offer for the lot and got tliem to run at this low price. NEWMARKETS, Plaids and Stripes, with cape $10.00, $12.00, and $18.00. 50 BLACK and Brown, Beaver Newmarkets, witli capes, $12.00. OUU SPECIAL English Seal Plush long Coats, real Seal trimnnngs $25.00. WRAPS, ball trimming, $16.00. PLAIN JACKETS, $10.00. Beaver trimnied, $25.00. WE OUARANTEE quality, workmaiisliip, 1U and price; as wcll made as any of our $50.00 garnients. We don't tliiuk you can do bettcr in the State. We judge by the sales and wliat wc hear In the store. (We write without specitie informatioD). A heavy plaid cloth carne Tuesday. A dozen different plaids. Suitable for dresses or wrappers 54 inch, worth $1.25 for $1.00. To teil the wliole tale in a few words: You won't find them inany other store. If you should liud tliem in one or two of the quieter stores the price wil! be $1.25. COTTOX COMFORTABLES. No shoddy in the filling - every scrap of it thorouuhly cleaned cotton. Oreat variety of patterns. Double-bed size. Very good one for $1.00. Little better cover for $1.25 and $1.50. Satteen, one side turkey-red, $2.00 and $2.50. "Tuck in" Comfortables 2 yds. square. The good old-fashioned size, Covered with Turkey-red chintz, ornamental border, hand-quilted, $3.00. Blankets.- Not a bit too early to be thinking about them. It is a rare time for blanket buyers, too. 50 PAIIi each 10-1, white Blankets nt 90 ets. and $1.25. Surprising price, isn't it? They are not all wool. You see and feel only the cotton. A grcat deal of blanket for little of money. 50 PAIR 0 lb. 11-1 white blankets $4.50 and $5 00 a pair. These are extra value. They are blankets yon can feel, that you like to snuggle under. A MTTLE FINEK if you clioose, 11-4, $0.00, $8.00, $10.00 and $12.00. COLORED Blaukets l.2fl to $0.00 a pair. Red Blankets $4.00 to $8.00. The PRICES quoted give a fair idea of Ihcmoney value in our blankets, but they no moi e than hint at the assortment and prices. WE KNOW of no seller of Underwear in the city who either keeps so great a variety as we or gathers it with equal care as to quality. We will mention just one price. 1 Case Oenls' Scarlet all wool I 'ndenoear at 96 cents, worth $1.25. JUST A WORD ABOUT YARNS. WE SELL Nothing but the Best. Our Golden Fleece Germán knitting yarn Is the best in the world. Fast and brilliant colors. Selected stock of wool. Even 8pinning. OCR GOLDEN FLEECE SAXONT is the best in the world. Onr Price is the Lowest. OUH GERMANTOWN Yarn Is the best in the world. Ask for Midnight Zephyr. lt is unequaled by any as to quality, elastlcity, evenness of tliread finish and brilliancy of colors and shades. OUU SPACE is limitcd, will teil you s'm'other day about Hosiery, Under wear, Table Linens, Towels, Iliindkerchiefs, Napkins, Skirts and Sklrting. SPECIAL- 50 Sük Umbrellas, $2.75, worth $3.50. Gold Haiidles ! BACH & ABEL. FOB Jams, Confections and Preserves Manufactured by the Anu Arbor Preserving Co., go to WBROWJÏ A OADT, Ml Solo Agenta for Ann Arbor, or to the factory Plttstlelit road, South.


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