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How Scarlet Fever Comes To Michigan

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I In' secrctary of the sia'e Board ol Health Is&ut-K llie fullowing Information, wliicli lel 11 its own story.]- El). The Michigan State Board of Health has receiveil Infonnatioo IVoin Dr. Sifton, hraltb pfficer of Sirttou'd 1! ij towuship, whioh il lustra tea in a suikmg way how thta eountry gets contRfiot dlseases fi-om the old eonatrlea. October M. ist, ¦ lamily airived in Sutton'l I.ay, Leelanau county, direct from Norway ' 'J h tamily eame over in llie S. S.Ohio, oí the lnnian line, reuchliig New Vork Sept. 8Oth. Bcarlet fever ras on board the Btetmier durlng tiie p8age, chlld dying bef'ore the landing, and "everal inore were dek in the laroe way." One child of Ihis fainily was taken blik with scarlet fever the day aftel reuebing New Vork. The faorily, liowever, prwo over the New York Central and the L ike Shore & Michigan Southern to Michigan; then over the' Detroit. Grand Haven & Mihvaukce, and the Grand Rtipldi : Indiana, to Traverse City; tlien to Sutton'f Bay. Anotlier child of the iainily lias .-ii. cc come down vvith the disease. The fuiuily had a certlfloate, Bigned ty the surgeou of the steamer, that they had been protected by vaeeination agalnst email lox; so they passed witliout delention tlie quarantine authoiities at the port oí NmrYork, after Ibeyhad been expoaed to ¦ eontagkraa dltease whlch causes more deaths by far n this country than imall-pox rases. Relativa to the persona who brought scarieJ iever to Sotton's Bay, Mich., and wlio lüimü on the 8. s. oiiio, reaching New Yurk Bept. 30, 1887, Dr. Wm. M. Siuith, healtli offlctr of the port ol .New York, says. " Developed cases of illpbtella and scarlaüiiH airi mi: on vtssfl ui tlils port are removed to N ard's Island. 11 Is lmposstble under the luw lor tbe Ik-h.1 tli Dfltoan or the auihorltit's at CMttoQarden to ciuarantine petsons who have been exposed to the con laglon of thoKe dlaenaes, conaeqoantly the hlck on board vessel durlim me voyage, doubtlees, often lulect tlie relatlves or those wlih whom they come in contact, and who carry the latent contagión to Interior comniunllleí. I would be glad lftne law aliowed those exposed to the contagión Oí these dlseoses to be held for obaarvatloa as Is the case when persons are exposed to the coulaglou of small-pox, The instance meutioned above is au illustration of what Dr. Siniili fays, - the child having been exposed durinjr the voyage and taken sick with seaiiet fever the day after arrival at New York; so the iufected child went on its way to spread scarlet fever. In Michigan ai least, ten tiiues as many deaths occur from scarlet fever or diphtheria as from small-pox. Is it not time that the w hole subject of quarantlne was investigated by the otates and by the United ötates government, with a view to protecting the people of t It Is country from the introduction of the really dangerous dlseases? Jlany ntwipapera, since the marriage license law took effect In Michigan, are publisbing tlie names of persons licensed to marry, adding tliereto the ages of tlie persons licensed. In the opinión of every woman in the state, ineluding marriagable widows, and maidens in various degrees of preservation, the publication of aes is looked tipon as simply barbarous. This is indeed the riglit light in wliich to view it. As well might the ages of tlie newly marned, be stated in tlie marriage announeement. And how long would an editor live after he had publlïhed a marriage notiee, running for instance like lllto : "It gives us pleasure to announce llie marriage, last cvening of John Doe, of this city, aged 63, with Miss Rose Koe, aged 47, also of thta city I" Yerily, the tbe lust end of that editor would be worsc than the lirst ! Yet it is fully as appropriate to publlah the ages of people, in ilieir marriage notices as iu tlie aunouncement of their taking out a license. A general description of the parties would f all with as mach conglttency w itiiin the reportorial province. Accotnpanylng the sge it mlght be added that "Mr. Doe is baldbeaded-welgbt 2001bi., wean No. 10 boots and bis nose is red; and that Miss Koe is a glilliokety old maid wilh a


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