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" #a bet ween xNewYork ClasgoW via Londonderry, Liverpool via Queenstown. Are Strlctly FlrtCla, ami atroné the lurtiOHt, fuNal und InCM In tin; wurM. Balonn. Hecnjitl clus aiul ettHTtwi1 ltjuiMiictr ƒ Acc'ommoliitliifl Vnexcelled. I renard ft ir tlu' OOf&IOrtarM) conviMilence of passengürB studiuusly cuneidertíct and prucLlcty1 Summum evory Saturd.'iy for GlnKgnw. City of Rom salle for Liverpool Octohcr 14. I the lai;ext and flntMt pa¦':llte pleainer aflaat. Kates r passage Tor all cl&MOf a8 low H b any uthcr örgt-clac a Hu.'. Balooa neonlon tlckct at redneai tc. Draltí for uny uniouut at h)wot current ratea. For book oftnnr. tlcketo. orfiirthrlnforfnRtlon, apply to IlKlKitN. Illllinillls, ¦!,-. i-uno, or C "W". MELLOB. ANN ARBOR, ¦ MICH. [hoodsJ COMPOUND EXTRACTS ém wT. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii The lmportance of purlfying the blood eannot be DTtraiUmated, tor without pure bluod jrou caniidt cnjoy good health. At tlils scason ncarly cvery one nceds a good medicine to purify, vltalizp, and enrlch tlie blood, and we ask you to try Uood s Pf illliai Itstrengthens rCUUIIai ami builds up the system, creates an appctiti', aiul tones the digestión, whlle it erad'uati'3 disease. The peculiar combinatiou, proportion, and preparation of the vegetable remedies used glve to Hood's Sursaparilla 'T",. feAf lar curative powors. No O IXS6IT other medicine has sucha record of wondert ui cures. If you have made up your mlnd to buy Hood's Sarsaparllla do not be lnduced to takc any other instcad. It Is a Fecuüar Mediclue, and Is worthy your confldence. Hood's Sarsaparilla Is gold by all ilruggists. Frepued by ft I. Ilood & Co., Lowell, Mass. 100 Doses One Dollar


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