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"The more we leani of the officinl returns, the more rosy the prospect jrrows to the republican view. In New Vork state the average democratie plurality Is Dot over 12,000, i'xcept in case of Col. Fred Orailt who ran about 0,000 votes bflblad li8 ticket, nnd even he in all the state outsido the six counties in wliich the largo cities are located.nade a better run by 1,500 votes th n did Mr. Khiine in 1884. It is easy to divine the eharacter of the influence tliat defeated the republican party when the above facts ire con8ldered. The same influence cannot be wielded with the same effect a yenr henee. "In Pcnnsylvania, the republican plurality is nearly 45,000. the largest In lit yearn, with the single exception of Illaine's in 'S5. "In Oliio Gov. Foraker's plurality is 2 1,353, the largest in seven years. "The republican plurality in Miissachusetts is 17,620, about doublé what it was a yenr ago, wliile they have gained 17 on their previous mujority on joint ballot in the lerislature. ' 'Last year the democrats liad over 8,000 pluralily in New Jersey. This year the rciubliiuns curry it by about tíie lamo ligure and controls the legislature hy t ïHHJority of 19 on joint ballot, thus gnining a U. S. i-enator. lowa doubles her repubücnn plurality ot last year nnd Xt-braska ftill has 20,000 republican votes to spare. "Virginia, too, though the legishiture is stUl democratie by a reduced majority, comes up smilmg on the popularvote with 2,000 republicAD plurality, while MarylamJ gives the least democratie, pluralitv, with a single exception, in IS years- onlv 8,020 "With tliis result bef ore him, what republican in the land is there who does not see cause of congralulation, and - ultatloo in the assurin{ prospect tliat liis party will sweep the earth a year henee ? The nceiit eleclions were a regular republican ground swell, wliich will be prodnclive oí au irresistible tidal wave tliat will carry evurythinj; before it in 1888."


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