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$2 And $4 Sops

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"Do you think the large nuniber of pensions now bcinjr granted at Washington wlll add any to Clcveliind's strength amonjr soldiers in the evcnt of bis candidiicy for re-electlon nextyear? asked one soldier of aimther n one of our Ithaca stores tlie other day. "No, I don't," was the prompt response "for the reuson that I believe the pension business is beinsr run in this wny to ereata votes for the democratie party." "Why do you think so?" "Becimse, ag you have probably dis covered, a large number of these pensions are for small amounts- $'2 and $4 per month. Now, f a soldier is entitled to a pension at all, he should get more than 2 or $4 per month. Sucli a pittance does hlui little or no jjoihI. It s inerely a sop to catch votes, but it won't work. Mincl what I te'l you." "I hadn't thought of that before," reraaiked the other soldier, "but I believe you are about riht. It does look like a pretty email business to give a man $2 per month. In fact nnything less than $10 per month is au insult to a disitbled BOtdlër.1


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